Sunday Morning Roundup!




Morning meese…I’m subbing for Michael this morning as he’s canvassing in England for the elections they are getting ready to have. Sorry to say this won’t be a Euro edition this morning as I know as much about European politics as Trump knows about governing…In other words,nothing.

So I’ll just do my normal thing…A few tweets that I find interesting and my normal twisted commentary!

Can’t say I’m surprised about this…Once a crook always a crook. He can add traitor to his resume, that is until he goes to prison.

Continuing with the Russian connection but this time tying Fuckin Bernie in to the mess…Fantastic thread showing why I’ve said before Bernie is one of Putin’s puppets.

Another great thread by Peter Daou…

Yeah, I say fuck the media. Together with that fuckin Bernie we now have Trump.

There’s our lady….Thank you Hillary!

And to close it out this morning I leave it to my brother!


This is your Sunday open thread…Fire away!




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    • OMG! Hurray for the female shark!

      Thanks for the roundup, Batch, much appreciated. I liked everything except the eggs. Three eggs, amigo? Cholesterol City, here we come!

      Bernie. Didn’t we think we, ah, had heard the last of Bernie the morning after the world ended—November 9, 2016? And yet, here he is. Who were those cats in The Iliad? As soon as you whacked ten of them, ten more would spring up in their place. So tiring. Bernie’s like that.

      Off to compensate for that 3:30 wakeup time this morning!

  1. I probably shouldn’t have read the last tweet while drinking coffee. I almost made a mess. Yes, she should have.

    Good morning, Pond Dwellers and thanks to the Batch for providing a nice (although a bit large for me) breakfast. My feet are starting to protest my protests, so will not me doing Monday’s May Day celebration. There’s a new march coming in June (morning foggy brain as to the name right now) that I will attend. Until then, my feet will rest up.

    Let’s celebrate that we survived the first 100 and pray he’s on his way out by the second 100. Now off to replenish the cuppa.

  2. {{{Batch}}} – Thanks for the Sunday breakfast at the Moose Village. It’s a bit more than I could manage even if I could eat all the stuff there which I can’t. LOL. Part of the problem with jsfv is that Hillary, being a woman, wasn’t allowed to do what needed to be done to him. And Barack Obama, being the sitting president, wasn’t allowed to do what needed to be done to him. But the real problem with jsfv is that the media – ordered by the 6 RW corporations who own it (who both hate Hillary and werre suckered by the Russians) – paid any g.d. attention to him at all. And the second half of that was they glorified the supposed “outsider” and didn’t treat him like a candidate at all. They didn’t demand his tax returns which allowed pvl45 to get away with not showing his. They didn’t air his votes on things like guns or nuclear waste being dumped in a poor Hispanic area in TX or for the Crime Bill that Hillary – who couldn’t vote on it being FLOTUS at the time – was trashed on. They didn’t go into his finances at all. Everything they pounded Hillary on they gave a pass to both jsfv and pvl45. We are always going to come back to the root and foundation problem – until we get a truly free press, one that isn’t controlled by either the government (that part’s covered in the 1st Amendment) or a corporate consortium (that part’s not), this kind of crap will keep happening. The Consortium will allow us to win only when they need us to clean up the mess that threatens their ill-gotten gains from putting Rs in power. sigh.

    Hope everybody is safe and comfortably warm. Need to visit the DK Village and read Denise’s FP diary but I’ll be back later. {{{Moose Villagers}}}

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