It takes a village: Tough sledding


Despite a rough first 100 days the house look poised to pass the ahca out the house. That increases the chances of this bill hitting his desk. We’re gonna take some setbacks…. this may be one of them.











Democrats did the right thing.



This is your Thursday thread.



  1. Thanks, Reese and morning, Meese!

    God bless each and every person who is contributing (calls, emails, letters, visits, petitions, everything!) to our heroic fight for healthcare.

  2. Thank you reesetheone. I have a pre-existing condition – I live in a red state. :(

    Officially Designated Best Tweet Ever…

    Master Wufei left us the little present we were waiting/looking for. Yay Tootsie Roll!

    • My dogs love kitty Tootsie Rolls :( but I’m glad you got what you were waiting for!

      • I like dogs but have never lived with one. Now I know something new! D:


        • Yeah, it’s not one of their more appealing traits…particularly since they see no problem with raiding the kitty box for a “treat” and then running over to give you kisses! I have to use litter boxes with lids, and even then, I still have to block them off in such a way that the pups can’t gain access.

      • Mine do too, and then they come over with poop breath and think I am going to pet them

    • {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – healing energy to everybody in your household and YAY! for Master Wufei!

  3. Good morning Pond Dwellers! Thanks for the thread, Reese. I’m not too optimistic about this morning’s vote. However, I do think it will help us in midterms either way. As far as the Orange Shitgibbon getting another term? Hell, George H W Bush couldn’t. My money is he won’t make it through to the end of his term. Whether is legal or health issues, I think he’s one and done. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    High of 89 today (slightly cooler than yesterday). 70’s back tomorrow.

    • I share your pessimism. I’m also discovering that I have a surprising capacity for desiring revenge; it’s not a particularly good look, but it is what it is. I’m not going to castigate myself too much for being so angry that I’m seeing red. I read this Twitter thread, and it makes sense to me:

  4. I finally have my head above water at work, so morning to all (and thank you, Reese)! My rep is a solid yes for Trumpcare 2.0; no actual surprise since he’s a lock-step, freshman R in a gerrymandered district. He’s also shown no humanity in his limited interactions in district…no town hall, only meets with business groups, and as smug and arrogant as can be. He’s from the western side of the state; ran for rep there and lost, so then proceeded to buy a “farm” in our district so he could run here. He’s a multi-millionaire who flooded the airwaves during the R primaries and just overwhelmed the other Rs (not that any of them were an improvement, but at least they were local). I don’t think I’ve ever had such a visceral dislike of someone I’ve never even met.

    In response to this, our district Dems are holding a town hall next Tuesday. Our rep is invited, but no one believes for a moment that he’ll deign to mingle with the little people of his district. I hope we get good turnout. I don’t think our rep can be shamed, but I do hope for a large enough crowd to attract some media and to show that our district is not as solidly red as some believe.

    Rainy and cold here today with an expected high of 47; this is not the May weather I want!

  5. Thanks reese….hi meeses another day in hell…it hard to believe human beings would vote for such a cruel law but that has be going on for ever…I’ve got mine who cares about you…

  6. Thanks, Reese! I’m waiting for the vote and in the meantime, making a chicken pot pie for tonight. Then hubby can just pop it into the oven while I’m walking home from the house where I’ll be child-minding.

    I’ll see you later on Twitter, brother! And the rest of you too, I hope. Twitter is great for finding out stuff and seeing old friends. :)

  7. {{{rto}}} – don’t know whether we can block this time or not but holding the Good Thought. Made my calls to Womack – not that he cares – and will probably do my Senators either later today or tomorrow. Christo-fascist T. Cotton was swayed on the last round. Hopefully he can be again.

    Do I have faith that we ultimately will get back on track, recover lost ground, and start making progress again? Yes. Do I know people are going to die in the interim until we do? Yes. So I focus on “can” and keep moving. If I focus on “can’t” I will just curl up in a ball of despair – which doesn’t help those already hurt nor help prevent folks in the future from being hurt. {{{Moose Villagers}}}

  8. Thanks bro…I hear the drums beating for the demise of the Repuke party. Their continued aspirations to kill us is going to come back and kill them.

    Hi meese…Hot and humid here…Nothing new though…Death to the Repukes!

    Fuck you to everyone not a Democrat!

    • She’s a woman. Of course “she’s in hysterics” if she’s passionate about anything. And a “cold bitch” if she’s calm and logical in discussing it.

    • …and rolled in cases of beer to celebrate. A victory for them! They better be careful what they hope for. If they really have an “Oh, shit” moment after the CBO is dropped, they’d better hope the Senate kills it. If they kill the filibuster on legislation, we’re going to need 3 senators to defect to our side. I won’t hold my breath. I can’t believe they didn’t consider that healthcare is 1/6 of our economy and people dropping out is bad for business and bad for our economy.

  9. I hope the Senate stands but not counting on it. I qualify for Medicare but I am sure they will be coming for that. Hoping they all get painful long lasting illnesses

  10. Just called my rep’s office – and both my Senators’. Said basically the same thing to all three – that Rep Womack had voted for my 3 currently healthy but “pre-existing condition” grandsons to die. That Jesus said to heal the sick, that those who did were welcomed into the gates of heaven and those who didn’t were condemned to the fires of gehenna and Rep Womack chose the fires of gehenna. That I hoped my Senators would choose the gates of heaven. have no idea if they take their vaunted claims of xtianity seriously enough to pay attention to someone quoting scripture to them. we shall see.

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