It takes a village: Special Counsel

These guys worked together for years… Expect Mueller to FINISH what Comey started.











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  1. {{{rto}}} – Special Prosecutor – and this one is good – is a start. I hope he finds the evidence we all know is there and files charges. But I still don’t understand this focus on impeachment. We all lived through Bill’s kangaroo court impeachment with the Rs determined to find or make up anything to bring him down and we know that impeachment isn’t the same thing as remove from office. Even if pvl45 is impeached, just like with Bill the next step is trial in the Senate and even if the Senate finds him guilty of impeachable offenses just like they did with 2 of the charges against Bill, it takes a 2/3 vote of the Senate to remove from office. Which is why Bill finished his term. There is no way we will get a 2/3 vote of the Senate to remove pvl45 from office. And I’m pretty sure he has to be out of office before the legal charges can be brought against him. So I’m all for a Special Prosecutor investigating and getting all the evidence needed to put this rat bastid and his buddies in prison for the rest of their lives, it’s going to be a while before it can be used. sigh.

    25th amendment has a much better chance of getting him out of office. Then of course we’re stuck with Pence or whichever of the “succession” manages to get there – they’re all evil and don’t even really vary much in their evilness. I don’t have a quick answer – but we’ve got to take back Congress in the 2018 election. That gives us the ability to control what legislation gets on the president’s desk no matter who the president is. That’s where our “All hands on deck, Man your battle stations. This is not a drill.” efforts need to be. {{{Moose Villagers}}}

    • I do agree that as citizens, our focus needs to be 2018 (especially the House; the Senate is a long-shot right now). And I also agree that while impeachment might happen, conviction and removal from office is unlikely. However, given what we’ve seen from him, I think impeachment is a sure path to a 25th Amendment removal. Narcissistic rage is ugly stuff, and I think there are enough people in the WH (including, and maybe especially, Pence) who are just biding their time until 45*s unhinged behavior becomes thoroughly indefensible.

      The problem of Pence is a huge one, of course. Because he is a Dominionist and theocrat, I doubt he can be shamed into resignation as his corruption is revealed. But I can also envision 45*s “allies” in the WH doing everything possible to muddy him up, especially if it starts to look like he’s leaning towards invoking the 25th Amendment.

      We live in interesting times…

      • {{{DoReMI}}} – I’m just afraid impeach and not remove will both delight and energize the Deplorables. 25th Amendment would piss off the Deplorables – against the Rs so that’s not so bad. Pence is bad but what else is new. Name me a living R politician who isn’t.

    • I think impeachment is just sort of short hand for “I want the guy gone”….no matter how…I want the guy gone too but the 2018 mid-terms are just as important if not more so than impeachment…I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes that long so we need to concentrate on the mid-terms….

      • {{{shenagig}}} – in a sense that’s the problem – way too many people do not understand the system and think “impeachment” means he’ll be gone. I’m afraid that if he’s impeached but not removed it will actually recharge his base. They will be delighted that he “got away with it” just as they’ve been delighted that he “got away with” being a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, abusive, isolationist, Puritanical, authoritarian a**hole jerk. I want him gone – with the entire upper echelon of the R party – preferably in prison. I don’t want to make even more of a hero of him to the R base.

      • I agree. I just said in TOS, I want him gone. I will gladly take a resignation. If he really wigs out, I’ll take the 25th amendment. Just. Go. Away.

  2. Good morning, meese. Thanks for the morning thread, Reese. I have faith in Robert Mueller. I read last night he’s bringing two co-workers with him. One who was with him at the FBI and the other a member of the Watergate prosecution. I believe he’s serious about this. I’m hoping that with this going on in the background, that the repugs take this opportunity to do their jobs in the house and senate investigations. If they continue to downplay all this, it will only make them look worse. Also, what other memos did Comey right? I’m looking forward to finding out.

    Heating up today. 85 for the high.

    • {{{WYgalinCali}}} – I’m hoping Mueller can pull off the herculean labor of killing the 9-headed hydra. Time it takes but such a worthwhile result.

  3. Hi Meeses! Thank you reesetheone, excellent post, this is a very fascinating development! I have no idea what will happen next, ha ha no one does… but this appears to me as a positive sign.

    And yes, I’m just that crass, we had a second positive omen as well. The earth was cleansed of a certain former Fox magnate. Hail Eris. Jus’ sayin.

      • Thank you basket! Those purrs are powerful! I am indeed feeling much more human today, hurrah!

    • {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – Healing Energy to you and if you have it handy, want to post the 16 Tower card? That’s what I’m focusing on right now – the “crown” is this evil R administration, all of it; the falling bodies are lies and manipulation that put that crown up there; but the Tower itself is America and the foundation rock is our Constitution both of which are strong and firm. moar {{{HUGS}}}

        • That’s the key, although I wasn’t thinking of your minor photoshop edit when i said the tower itself was sound. LOL. The rock and foundation – our constitution – is very sound and solid indeed.

  4. Good morning and thanks Reese. Didn’t sleep much/well, and I don’t really want to have to go to work, but I do, so…

  5. Jeer Heet seems to think that “Next Up, Pence” might not be as awful as we think. I think it depends on how the vulgar talking yam goes down – if he resigns and doesn’t blame the Republican Party, then the fallout is limited. If he gets pushed out and blames Pence and Ryan, then there is no way it doesn’t damage the Republican Party. His base is 38% of the country and 68% of the Republican Party. They did not hold their noses to vote for him, they voted for him enthusiastically.


    It’s true that Trump’s trainwreck of a presidency has been a boon to the Democrats, as his mounting scandals and wholesale incompetence stall the GOP’s anti-Obamacare, tax-cutting, deregulatory agenda. Thanks to Trump, Democrats have a reasonable shot of winning at least one chamber of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections, and of rebuilding their party in state houses and legislatures across the country.

    But it’s a mistake to think that Pence would be a more competent or popular president, one capable of enacting the right-wing agenda that has eluded Trump. […] Though he’s a more conventional Republican, he will inherit a party that is even more fractured than it is now. Trump has had a hard time governing not only because of his own ignorance and blundering, but because there’s nothing holding the Republican Party together other than hatred of the Democrats. There is no unity of purpose between the House Freedom Caucus, the House moderates, and GOP senators. As president, Pence will have much in common with mainstream Republicans but he will find, as Obama and Trump did before him, that a small number of far-right congressmen can sabotage legislation.

    Essentially, there is no governing coalition in the Republican Party for Pence, or anyone, to tap. And if you can’t govern, you will eventually lose power.

    As Chris Hayes said: “The current GOP can survive a Trump loss. It can’t survive a Trump win.”

    • mebbe so, mebbe no – the only thing the Rs agree on is hatred of us. So anything that really upsets us is unfortunately likely to get the Rs to vote together for it. So much hate. sigh.

    • {{{Batch}}} – be interesting if he’s getting out now in the hopes that the Special Prosecutor’s net won’t catch him if he’s no longer in Congress. How many connections to Russia did that particular little act have? moar {{{HUGS}}}

  6. 77 in Chicago metro….. hi guys!

    I missed the post last week due to tablet issues, but I’m back on line!

    The only true way to change stuff is turnout and vote next year. We broke online fundrasing records for the house and it’s only may. Lets put our money where our mouth is.

    We outnumber those guys, lets use our superior numbers to power us to a more favorable outcome huh?

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