It takes a village: The WWGOP


When you elect THIS as president of the u.s, what happened in Montana is not surprising.




Sadly, don’t be surprised if the moron wins in Montana Today….. it is what it is.


This is your Thursday thread.



  1. Thanks, Reese, and morning Meeses. Sadly, I won’t be surprised if Gianforte wins; there are some who will view his assault of a reporter as a good thing. That’s not a comment on MT…that’s just the reality of the Republican Party these days. And yes, from all I’ve read, the bar for felony assault in MT is incredibly high, so the misdemeanor charge is in keeping with MT laws.

    Are the “good” Republicans in existence at all anymore?

    • I’m a Wyoming gal but we share a border so I’ll add my 2 cents worth. In the winter, there are a lot of long days. Drinking is a social event. Bar fights, even among friends, are common. I think they may have that higher bar for aggravated battery because of this. JMO.

  2. HiYa reese and meese lol…

    Are the “good” Republicans in existence at all anymore?

    There is that Evan “Muffin” guy as Michael would say…course he’s not actually in office right now so who knows…

  3. {{{rto}}} – i wish i didn’t think you were right about who is going to win MT today. A “he-man” body-slamming the ‘lying Press’ is just red meat to the Deplorables. If anything was need for them to goosestep to the polls today, that provided it. I’m just hoping it also galvanized our team to get their butts to the polls and try to stop this. not confident of it, but hoping.

    i need to get back to work. I need to try to think of somewhere else to post the urgent fundraiser for Mufftootuff – we’re still $202 short on her rent. sigh.

    • I read that the remaining voters are the ones who aren’t as enthusiastic. If that’s Dems, we should be able to get them out. Over 2/3 have voted early but who says it was for the bully? I’m trying to stay hopeful.

      • Dems are usually the ones who early vote – remember FL – so don’t know. I’d say the early votes are probably mostly Dem, the Rs will march to the polls today as they always do, and the “unenthusiastic” ones are the Dems who generally don’t vote in mid-terms because reasons. So yeah, don’t count on the win – but don’t count it a loss yet. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Hiya Arkansas ceo! Your efforts to help others is always appreciated. We have to turn out in our strongholds and if we are able to flip red districts, great! Montana and georgia have always been long shots as republicans…….fall…………..line.

      Keep your spirits up!

      • {{{rto}}} – tell me about it. AR is just as red as MT – Rs obey orders like good little nazis, whether or not they agree with the leaders or policy (although all too many of them do). But yeah, at this point flipping red districts is like bonus points on a test – you can’t pass with only the bonus points although they might push you from a B to an A. We get our people to the polls, that’s the way to win elections and pass tests. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Good morning Pond Dwellers here at the Moose. Thanks for the diary, Reese. I’m hoping that since there is same day registration, that the assault will motivate some non registered folks to come out. The fact that the guy has been charged, the story has been on all television stations (and the locals like their local news) and they hear the tape, may help us. I’m gonna keep hoping for a flip.

    56 right now with an expected high of 77. Back to the 🍊to monitor my diary.

  5. Joyous dancing on the ceiling in my mind update – Mufftootuff just got the last of the funds needed! W00T!!!

    • That’s great news, bf! I was heading over to throw some money in the pot, but now I may use it for a local family instead. I really need to win the lottery…but I understand you actually have to buy lottery tickets in order for that to happen.

      • {{{DoReMI}}} – bless you – and yes a local family or one of my other folks whose need isn’t as urgent as next Monday. Yeah, winning the lottery first requires buying a ticket. But Publishers Clearinghouse doesn’t so when they tracked me down again, i sent the dang thing in. LOL

        moar {{{HUGS}}}

  6. Cloudy and About 60 degrees in Chicago metro. I expect this bum to winand the press to push a trump is indestructible narrative.

    Ignore it and keep fighting guys!

  7. Hi meese…Thanks bro…Wish they would have had one of the female wrestlers come in, grab Dump by his ferret and slam his empty head into one of the corner posts…

    86 in Tampa with a mere 40% humidity so it’s not killing me today…

    • Wow, we haven’t even hit 60 yet today and probably won’t with all the rain we’re having. The good news is that once the rain finishes, we should be done until Tuesday, so I might actually be able to get some weeding done this weekend.

  8. Oh, FFS. I wrote the other day that the overseas trip had produced few embarrassments. I should have waited a few days…

    • {{{rto}}} – don’t know how to embed those things, but I copied the link over there.

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