TGIF….The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

I was going to use the original but ya know, since Clint turned out to be an ass I’m going with this version..

There is 66,000,000+ as the Good..62,000,000 + Republicans and Dump hanger ons which is shrinking daily as the Bad and of course
Donald J “fuckwad” Trump as the Ugly.

Donnie has shown us daily through either his demeanor, tweets or stupidity that he’s ill equipped to be our President, or even a ditch digger for that matter. Even if he’s great at digging holes, for himself and his band of deplorable conservatives, and jumping head first in them. Now it seems even his stamina is lagging…Something Hillary would never have had a problem with…

I’m not going to go over all his bullshit, as you all already know everything, and becasue I don’t have the stamina to type for a decade or two.

Dump as always, and something we all expected, bared his ass and showed it to the world in Brussels. He has found out he can’t bully his way around here in America so he figured he’d make a fool out of himself by playing the bully in Europe where he seems to think they are inferior to his majestic lunacy. All the while as he was acting the fool the world was laughing at his foolishness. Can’t import those German BMW’s Dump stated…They are manufactured here you idiot…

One thing I find almost funny if it wasn’t so embarrassing to the country is “His Assness” calling Germany evil when if he would look in the mirror he’d see true evil.


This is your TGIF thread…Fire away!





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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


    • {{{Batch}}} – Holding the Good Thought. We have to take down that entire vipers nest at once. Taking down one or two will just get us bit by the stirred-up vipers. And i mean the R leadership not just pvl45 and his family. The entire R leadership knew about the Russian connection and were totally delighted for the help. So the ones who were not actively engaged in treason enabled it.

      Glad you’re getting a respite from the heat – we’re heading back to the upper 80s today, but the humidity is down, so I’m good with it. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  1. {{{Batch}}} – I think it’s the contrast between what we got and what we should have had that makes it hurt so much – and makes us so angry.

    Channel the anger into Resisting, blocking, pushing back – and if you have the physical stamina (and coordinated with the local Dem party) walking your precinct. Right now it’s get to know who’s there, who might join the party or even run for local office, and get both contact information and issues information. Later go back, make sure they’re still there, update contact and issues information, and make sure they’re registered. And later again, to GOTV – for all elections. That’s what grassroots means – organizing at the precinct level. And that’s what will take back local, state, and federal government – organizing, registering, and GOTV at the precinct level. (And yeah, easy for me to say – i don’t have the stamina to do it so I’m basically asking other people to do a lot of work.)

    Wish I could think of a way to re-introduce Dem party “block parties” and precinct parties – social gatherings of “like-minded people” – that and a “community needs” group to spread The Word about new neighbors, new babies, recent deaths, etc – that would go a long way towards reintroducing our Big Tent residents to each other. But even that depends on a small group of somebodies in each precinct walking the blocks and getting information. We have to get our grassroots back to the grassroots – too dang many WM 75K folks living in gated communities think they’re the grassroots and demand grooming. When they don’t get it from us real grassroots people they go off in a snit and vote R. Tells you a lot about their values. But working folks of all “demographic” groups – the 40-week, under median income, making it from paycheck to paycheck if nothing goes wrong – we’re grassroots.

    OK – stepping off my soapbox and getting back to work. moar {{{HUGS}}} and also {{{Moose Villagers}}}

    • {{{bfitz}}} You can preach all you want because it makes complete sense. When I march, I take with me the thoughts and support of those who can’t attend. Therefore, you and I march together a lot. Hope your work day flies by fast. {{{HUGS}}}

    • {{{{fitz}}} don’t you dare get off that soapbox…I love reading what you have to say. You’re always spot on fitz …

      moar {{{[Hugs}}}}

  2. Thanks for the diary, Batch. You did good. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and TGIF (and a three day weekend for some). I love that Russian proverb (think I may steal it to share on TOS). Those Quist supporters bitching about lack of DCCC support can kiss my ass. Both candidates raised/spent almost equal amounts. If the body slam had happened before early voting ended, it may or may not have changed the outcome. WTH people? We came within 6% in a state that the Orange Shitgibbon won by 21 (I think). That’s HUGE. That’s a win.

    76 for our high today. Absolutely perfect.

  3. Good morning Batch and Meeses! Batch, you have totally enriched my life today! I LOVE the video/music! Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain??!!! FABULOUS!!! OMG and the lady with the totally hot and sexy white instrument…!!! I am now quested with an internet search to find that magical object!

    Little known fact – ukulele was my first instrument! It was actually a hand me down from older sister when she got her guitar. I started playing when I was like five or six. I played and sang a solo in a first grade school program, wearing a red flapper dress…. glory days! :D

    I love your commentary/perspective as always and agree most emphatically.

    Now I need coffee. And a ukulele. I definitely need a ukulele. My old one was lost over the years, now all I have is my baby The Goddess, black and white telecaster electric guitar. :)

    • A Fender huh…That’s kewl Gracie…I can play the chorus of “Smoke On the Water”…LOL

      You ought to check out some of their other videos on youtube…Ukulele heaven…

      • Yeah, I’m a rhythm player, no smokin lead riffs from your truly. Singer/songwriter. My hands are really too small and I’m a lazy musician, but I love my Goddess.

        Trivia – the Vonster and I formed a 3 girl band with another person and played out in the early 90’s. Ran out of money and got tired of schlepping our own equipment including PA. Like I said, glory days. ;P

        I will certainly check out more ukulele on youtube!


  4. Thanks, Batch and morning, Meeses! File this under “naïve and Pollyanna-ish” if you will, but I continue to be dismayed at the levels of sheer unkindness that people are willing to embrace. The people in MT who were quoted as being all for Gianforte’s assault. The people on social media (left and right) who go on the attack rather than respond to sincere questions. The people (some in my own family) who think 45*s shoving of the prime minister of Montenegro was funny, rather than rude and embarrassing. The people who believe the scrutiny of the Republican administration is some sort of media conspiracy, rather than the result of corruption and illegal acts. The people who have no interest in the feelings and desires of a grieving family and will promote CTs if it brings more attention/clicks.

    I don’t know how we shove this stuff back into the bottle now that it’s been released. I don’t know how you shame people that have no shame. I don’t know how you make kindness and compassion and love values to be acted upon, rather than scorned. But I think we have to find ways or no change of administration will matter…it will just be more of the same.

    • I don’t think we’re going to be able to change much of anything until the midterms , unless of course the Russian connections and the RICO cases blowup in their faces. I agree with you though that there are a lot out there that aren’t going to change their outlook no matter what we do.

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