It take a village: I’m not going anywhere.





This is why she ain’t going anywhere folks……….



THIS is your Thursday thread.







  1. Thank you, Reese, my brother! (Sniff) This is balm to my wounded spirit. Loved all the pics of my hera, Hillary.

    You know, it’s more than six months later, but until the end of my life I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. The only thing that would make me feel better would be if the November 8 “election” were declared invalid and we had a do-over.

    Love seeing you on Twitter, bro!

  2. {{{rto}}} – She’s not going anywhere and she’s wonkily researching what the heck happened. She knows she’s got a good program – one our country needs – and she know most Americans voted for her and it. So she’s got the validation/vindication to keep moving – and the worry about our country to get busy figuring out what we’re up against so we can fight it effectively. Bless her.

    And bless you for bringing us this roundup of what she’s doing. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Thanks for the diary, Reese. Hello Pond Dwellers at the Moose. Hope everyone has a great day. The one main thing that keeps pissing me off is the media “she hasn’t accepted responsibility for her loss”. I call bullshit. It was NEVER just on her. There were so many variables, you’d need trig to figure it all out. I’m with her ALWAYS.

    High of 85 today. Slowly inching towards the 90’s. Off to fill the cuppa and enjoy.

  4. Listening to Hillary speak is a balm for a sore heart. Her strength, her intelligence, her wit all set a standard to strive for. I know it’s an impossibly high bar, but for me, it’s not about reaching that level; it’s about continuing to strive.

    Thanks, Reese.

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