It takes a village: SHOWTIME!!









Sorry, the American people can’t let this go.




This is your Thursday thread .



  1. Morning meese…Thanks for the double duty bro…

    Looks like today might be the first day of the rest of our lives as we are all hoping this moves towards getting Trump out of the WH…Not going to hold my breath but still have faith in the rule of law.

    • Good morning, Batch! Yesterday was, in my opinion, a win for us. The republicans can spin it all they want. Today their talking points are to question him about emails. Somebody released the Republicans talking points last night, but not the Democrats. We should have the upper hand.

      I don’t know if it will move him out, but I’m hoping it keeps the momentum on our side and the pressure on him to keep imploding.

  2. Hiya, Reese, love your piece! Looking forward to the testimony. Showtime in 45 minutes EDT. Got a great big bag of white cheddar popcorn that we never got around to opening on Memorial Day.

    Got to finish mah chores before I can watch, though. See you on Twitter, Reese and Batch!

    • Hey, Diana. No popcorn for me 😟. Went to the dentist yesterday and three crowns need replacing. No need to speed their demise along with a popcorn kernel.

  3. {{{rto}}} – at work and won’t be watching. I’m hoping this will breech a wall but don’t expect it to actually take one down. Preventing messes (Hillary in the White House) is always cleaner, clearer, and easier than cleaning them up – and the hardest part of this mess is stopping/getting rid of the mess makers so we can start. Hope I can check back here – or maybe El Mito will be live blogging it and I can check in there – periodically to see what’s going on.

    Anyway, gotta get to work. {{{Moose Villagers}}}

  4. 60 degrees in Chicago metro. Hear we go…. my expectations are low. We’ll see what happens.

  5. Good morning, Reese and Meese. Hope everybody has a great day. People seemed upset that Rogers and Coats deflected the question (going so far as to suggest, as in a previous committee, they’d answer in closed session). Can’t say that I blame them since the POUTS was probably watching and the purpose of this meeting was supposed to be FISA. Let’s put them behind closed doors and ask. Hell, if the answer was “NO” they would’ve shouted it from the rooftops. Their refusal speaks volumes.

    High of 67 today and it’s RAINING!

  6. Good morning, Reese and Meese! I’m also at work, so I won’t be watching, but I’m sure I can glean what’s happening from Twitter. I, too, have low expectations; instead I view this as another reminder to the broader American public that the rule of law matters. There will always be the 27% who are so partisan that they don’t care, but 2018 will be built on the independents, moderate Rs, and casual voters who might wake up to the fact that a renegade president is a BFD. Today may be a baby step or it may be a leap, but it can only help move us closer to taking the House in 2018.

  7. No bombshells….. gop not gonna help out…. we gotta go vote in 18. Poc dont have the votes to swing the house Alone. Need white vote to shift against Trump.

    • You got this white vote – but nothing new. I was voting Dem before you were born. LOL

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