Morning Meese…A little rant to start the day…:)

It seems like it’s something new every time we turn around. It taxes your psyche when you have everyday problems and then see all the flak we have coming from so many directions regarding this farce of a gov’t that is in the WH and the GOP side of the aisle in Congress. They’ve shown us their disdain for citizens not as affluent as them and I for one am sick and fucking tired of it.

I’m sick of the stupid fucking people in this country that were stupid enough to be taken in by a couple of bombastic assholes. Whether or not they listened to and voted for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump is almost besides the point. It’s that they continue to listen to and believe a couple of morons and the people that they would literally kiss their bared ass and be overjoyed about it.

It’s ludicrous that we have to put up with misogynists, bigots and racists in 2017 when I seem to remember the 1970’s as more enlightened than it is now. I’m sure they were there but they weren’t out in the open like they are now. So up in arms becasue they think their white privileged way of life is disappearing. Maybe it is and maybe it’s about time it did.

That’s enough angst out of me for the day…On to what drives us nucking futz.

Take that Donnie boy!

Something we already knew. Nice to see it being reported.

Jilly is going to be sorry she sold the country out.

Real good thread…

Fuckoff Haberman..

Nice thread for the thought!

Miss the both of them…Terribly!


This is your Friday thread…Fire away!




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  1. {{{Batch}}} – good rant and yes, the short-sighted privilege of certain groups who certainly should know better is why we are here resisting destruction of all we hold dear instead of assisting Hillary get a whole lot of progress done on all fronts.

    I’m out of coffee – need to remedy that before I call the Social Security Administration! Since I’ll be home today I’m hoping I can be around more. But then there’s that Social Security Administration call I need to make and some errands it set up because I’d be home and… :) Back when I can. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Good morning, batch. Thanks for the rant. Hello Pond Dwellers…it’s Friday. Did you see where a 2nd lawyer quit last night? Leaving the POS three lawyers but only two who can practice law in D.C. It’s 61 degrees and I haven’t gotten a cuppa yet. I’ll be back.

  3. Whew…finally made it out from under the piles on my desk! Thanks, Batch and good…day…Meese (huh, it’s not morning anymore). I don’t know who Robert Samuel White is, but I do know that his words were like a healing balm. He clearly put some work into becoming a listener; he even managed to hear things that were on my heart without my being fully aware of them. Good read….thank you for sharing it.

    • I just got a chance to read the Robert Samuel White thread – yeah. Like healing balm. And also heave a large sigh of relief – we’ve got another ally, we got somebody else helping handle the part of the fight that is so hard for us – the bros online.

    • It’s always naptime as far as I’m concerned; whether it’s wise to have that opinion is quite another matter!

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