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  •  Good to be back again folks, purchase new desktop today and needed a much break for a little traveling.


  • In the latest arguments over President Trump’s travel ban, a three-judge panel of a federal appeals court in Seattle indicated on Monday that it would continue allowing grandparents and other relatives of United States residents to travel here from six predominantly Muslim countries.
  •   The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing President Trump over his decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military.
  • President Donald Trump declined Monday to tag Russia as a security threat, saying he would put “many countries” in that category instead.By Charles P. Pierce
    Aug 25, 2017(Permanent Musical Accompaniment To The Last Post Of The Week From The Blog’s Favourite Living Canadian)
    This will be shorter than the usual shuttering of the shebeen, but I wanted to make note that the Democratic Unity Commission is meeting in Chicago and people are being silly in the face of the ongoing catastrophe that is the current administration. There is an actual fight going on over whether the Democratic Party should change entirely to a system of open primaries or, even more horribly worse, a system of caucuses, to pick its presidential nominee.

    Point The First: Who cares in 2017? The house is burning down and you’re vetting the firemen.

    Point The Second: Don’t do this. A political party that conducts open primaries is a political party just begging to be hijacked by the loudest voice in the room and/or ratfcked by any half-witted operative on the other side. Your party’s nominating process should be kept within your party. And caucuses are completely worthless, both in terms of practical politics and in terms of the basic function of finding a nominee.
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    Point The Third and Final: To go to open primaries and caucuses will work in many states to dilute the influence of minority voters, which is the true Democratic base and has been for several cycles now. I realize that the Sanders campaign was a transformative experience for a lot of people. But there is nothing in its history or its outcome that would lead anyone to believe that it was successful at anything except pushing the platform to the left, which was a very good thing. The 2016 Democratic platform was the most progressive of my lifetime.
    But times and circumstances are different now. There is an existential threat to the Republic unfolding in Washington. Mass marches are fine; everybody should go to one. But the only actual vehicle with which to confront this political disaster is the battered old Democratic Party, which needs to consolidate itself as a force, and not spend all its time handing out participation ribbons to angry people.


Musings On The Vagina Grabber In Chief:

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29 Republican Reps plus the two Texas Senators voted against Sandy Relief Funds.





  1. {{{Philly}}} – good to have you back. That’s a good and succinct roundup for which I thank you as my eyes are bothering me and reading anything long and/or involved is beyond me at the moment. I don’t think the berners even moved the platform left. Hillary’s platform was already the most progressive ever and best I could figure out the changes were rephrasing things that were already in there to sound more bernie-esque. She certainly covered a whole lot more territory (in a whole lot more detail) than anything they came up with.

    I need to check in with about 6 other diaries (2 here and 4 at DK) but I’ll be back. moar {{{Philly}}} and welcome home.

  2. Hey, Philly! Glad to have you back. At the rate that the Orange Shitgibbon is going, I’m surprised how little damage he’s done in the time you’ve been gone. /s

    The best part of your diary is the “good news”. The White Supremacists are almost out of the WH. Just Miller and little donnie to go. Then there’s little jeffie in the cabinet, but we’re getting there.

    Disgustingly hot here so have to go. I’ll check in later when I come back for a cool down.

  3. Hey Philly…Good to see you back in the saddle…Glad you got to take a break…There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to go to a tropical island for 2 weeks…Who am I kidding…If I did that I’d probably not come back… :)

    The “Unity Commission” is falsely named with Konst a few of her kind there…Should have been named the disunity commission. Fuckin Bernie and his deplorables are really pissing me off.

    Anyway…Glad to see you back, buddy!

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