Morning meese…Going to be a shorty this morning…Mind is mush…









Fire away!


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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


  1. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and thanks, Batch, for your Friday thread. Here’s hoping for a perp walk or something to appease the resistance. It’s been a long week. We are, however, in a close game…we’ve each won a big victory but we’ve won a lot more smaller ones. Lawsuits are falling our way. Thing might have put more federal judges on the bench so far, but we can just “be like Texas” and choose a favorable jurisdiction to file our lawsuits. The republicans have taught us that.

    34 with a high of 54 expected. Time for coffee.

  2. Morning meese…Bleary overcast day…Says we’re supposed to heat up to 81 but we’re just at 64 now so I don’t believe 81 is really in the offering.

  3. {{{Batch}}} – thanks for the TGIF – now I’m on twitter I can RT your tweets which I just did. :) So far today I’ve been to the grocery stores – mostly picked up “extras” that are on sale this time of year but actually went out to pick up a long delayed order finally in – moved wood from the porch into the house (on the hearth beside the wood stove) and moved wood from outside onto the porch. We started the morning at 44, we’re at 37 now, and will continue dropping til just before dawn in the morning – maybe above freezing, maybe not. We’ll see. Got some laundry to hang before the fire (table linens and stuff from the party last Sunday) once the washer stops. My older son’s youngest son turned 13 today. He’s got a cold, poor boy, but we’re doing a very short cake, sing “Happy Birthday”, open presents celebration around 2 for him. We always do something special on and for his birthday so it never gets wrapped up in Xmas.

    I just checked the DK Village – {{{WYGal}}} you did good! – hope Momentary Grace drops by, I too can still sing all the songs from Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol – and have sung “All Alone in the World” many times in my life. But now there are the Villages. Alone we are victims, together we are victors – and a very blessed community who helps others stop being victims. moar {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy, Building Energy to everybody.

  4. Hiya, Batch, good to see you! Nice to see everyone here. Thanks for the post!

    Just snatched a moment before The Work begins again—it never stoppeth—will catch up with everyone later.

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