Morning Meese…

The investigation seems to be moving along quite nicely.Seems like everyone and his brothers mother is being investigated for a lot of different offenses. How Mueller is keeping it all in order and moving along smoothly is very impressive.

I’ve been thinking Tad has already been questioned or we would have seen his name come up before now seeing as how he and Manafort and Gates were in cahoots together in Ukraine. I hope Bozo is tossing and turning in the wind worrying about what Tad knows and what he’s done becasue we all suspect by now that Manafort was using Tad to use Bozo.

I’ve been thinking that this whole mess was started by Putin years ago. Maybe as far back as 2011 when Trump started talking about running in 2016 and he’s been Putins stooge ever since..What happened was the perfect storm for them when Hillary won the nomination. IF you really think about it the Republicans are so afraid of Hillary they have been demonizing her since the 90’s because they saw the day she would run for President. We knew how impressive she was back then and still is.

If a lot of people in the country weren’t so goddamned stupid Hillary would be President and nothing that has happened in the last 13 months would have.

Fuck the Conservatives and all the faux Christians…



You know something is really wrong with Huck when the Country Music Association says he’s too conservative..


Dumbest asshole ever born…Hard to fathom that the other idiots in the WH are as stupid.


Fuck this fool…He can take the NRA and shove it up his ass. We knew Trump was lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, the moral to this is don’t vote for damn Republicans!


100% should say he’s racist…Even the racist’s know he’s racist…



Another sick demented conservative…


Yes please…Perp walks galore…Lock them up…


Smile to start your Friday off…


Fuckoff Bernie!

Fire away!

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  1. Good morning, Meese and thanks for your wonderful assortment of news this morning, Batch. Just like Spicer’s notebooks, I can’t wait for Hope’s diaries to be read by Mueller. It’s a good think I’m planning on getting my next car this fall. Before the new tariffs go into effect. There’s a theory that he shouted that out to change the headlines. If so, he can cancel them.

    37 and clear right now. Rain expected to return mid morning. 5-7 feet of new snow expected with this next system. Inches of rain. Coffee.

  2. {{{Batch}}} – good roundup – thank you for putting them together. I’ve got a clear and bright sunny day today (30s but heading for low 60s) and as soon as it warms up a bit I’m going to go out in it. :) and moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Morning meese…73 right now warming up to 81 but a little cooling off for the next few days with lows overnight into the 40’s…

    Here’s hoping we see some perp walks later today…

  4. Thank you, Batch for the round up of news (although I have to admit, I spent more time watching the horse and pup than anything!)

    For those who haven’t been following this, the DNC Rules Committee is meeting (yesterday and today) to go over the URC recommendations. Chris Reeves, @tmservo433 on Twitter, has been live-tweeting the whole thing. This is the role of the Rules Committee as it pertains to the recommendations:

    Those recommendations are then passed on to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) for their consideration. This step can entail a simple up or down vote on the package of recommended reforms, but more often, the RBC deliberations are more in-depth. Usually, the depth of consideration is conditioned by a number of parallel factors operating concurrently alongside the substance of the recommendations. Was there consensus behind some or all of the recommended changes on the commission feeding into the RBC? Are individual components in package of proposed tweaks doable, advisable and/or a priority? Are they specific or has the commission passed on an ambiguous task that creates more work for the RBC? Recommendations that meet those criteria — near unanimous support, specific, doable, advisable, a priority — are the ones that tend to pass muster with the RBC. In most cycles, by extension, some recommendations get the green light from the committee while others do not.

    I’ve read all of Chris’s tweets, and while it’s hard for me to set aside my bias, I’ve been getting the sense that the Rules Committee has been underwhelmed by the URC report. In general, it seems like the report suffers from poor and/or rushed drafting, as well as recommendations which didn’t fully consider unintended consequences. And per Chris, more than one RBC member has expressed concern that these are solutions in search of a problem. And remember, whatever the RBC approves, it still has to be voted on by the entire DNC:

    Finally, full DNC votes on — in whole or in part — the original or amended package of recommended changes out of the RBC. The first step runs through the year following a presidential election year, while step two tends to occur during the first half of the midterm election year before the DNC finalizes the rules for the next cycle by the end of summer of the midterm year.

    So don’t get your knickers in too much of a twist; these RBC folks seem a lot smarter than the URC folks.

    *Source for quotes:

    • {{{DoReMI}}} – Chris Reeves tries to report what’s going on as factually as possible. That’s doesn’t always come across – especially in tweets where you’ve got to keep it short. What I know of him is that he’s a solid Dem who has a special needs kid and is living in KS. He’d love comprehensive universal healthcare but he’s a strong ACA supporter because he’ll take what he can get to help his kid. So when he says something that “doesn’t look right” I always try to find a way to “drill down” and see what he actually meant. Thanks for the report. I’ve only seen outraged tweets over caucuses – not where we actually were in the process.
      moar {{{HUGS}}}

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