Good morning meese…

I’ve not got much to say…Can’t get my mind uncluttered enough to write anything, so it’s another tweet filled day!


The shit is getting kind of close to home…All of my kids went to this HS, which is a mile from where I live.


Not a very strong statement from Chuck and she hits the nail…



Great thread by our great reese…Read the pinned tweet from Mangy Jay…


Great thread from Kara..




You’re going down Donnie!!!!


Fuck the berners…They were morons 2 years ago and are still morons…


Really? Fuck the Conservatives!





Fuck you,Bernie!


Fire away!

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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


  1. Hiya, Batch! Thanks much. Love the final tweet of Hillary!

    As usual I am livid about the police dictum of “if a person is breathing while black, shoot him.” We’ve got to get back in power to demilitarize and retrain the police!

    Guess what, where I live now the Democrats and Libs are called “the Progressives Group.” Is the word “Democrat” poisonous or sump’n? The Rethugs are called “the Conservative Caucus.”

    I plan to go to the next Progressives Group meeting, you can be sure.

  2. Morning pond dwellers…58 rising to 72 today with lots of sun… :)

    Waiting impatiently for Bobby to perp walk some scum today…Please.

  3. {{{Batch}}} – a great twitter roundup. Comey can and probably will rot in Hell for sending that letter to Congress. There was no investigative reason to do it, many investigative reasons not to. The only reason to do it was political – to bring Hillary down. well, it did. And people are dead because of it. But what is is what is – we have to deal with the reality. And we will. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Morning everybody. Thank you batch for the wonderful tweets. Today is national puppy day so everybody go out and have a puppy. Besides, it’s good for your blood pressure.

    39° right now in Sacramento with an expected high of 59. Sounds pretty spring like to me. I’m back to the orange to monitor my diary. I hope everybody has a wonderful day.

    • {{{WYgal}}} – just finished reading your diary & comments at DK. I’m sure you’ll have fun finding a woozle/goggie/dog. I haven’t had dogs as an adult although I did help walk my neighbor’s dachshunds for a few years. Not often enough to get them trained to heel unfortunately. (You know when someone brags dachshunds are “virtually untrainable” the dogs haven’t been trained and any training you try to do will be sabotaged.) My solution was to keep them on a short enough leash I could literally get their feet off the ground if they started to lunge at something. They wore harnesses, not collars, so it didn’t hurt them to do so.

      I’ve always had rescues of “mixed breed” LOL – but if choosing I’d go for one of the border collie or mid-sized poodle mixes for your purposes. Small enough for apartment rules, active enough to keep up with you but not so active as to cause you problems (you don’t want a “runner” – my mother had one, she had to take Lady out to a country road every evening to run in front of the car, Momma clocked her at 30-miles per hour, for half an hour or so), and smart enough to train to an indoor course or a treadmill or something when an outside walk isn’t viable. But of course the real test will always be the “there you are! At last I found you!” feeling when you look each other in the eyes. Holding the Good Thought that will happen soon. moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • Good morning, bfitz. Yes, I am hoping to have that “there you are” moment. BTW, you walked the dogs perfectly. We are trained at the shelter to keep them tight and close and a harness is perfect for that.

        I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a poodle or poodle mix. {{{HUGS}}}

        • I kept the leash wrapped around my hand, too. Didn’t want it jerked away if my grip failed. Most folks around here walk dogs on those retractable things pretty much letting the dog wander at will. No way to get/keep a dog under control with one of those things. But then most folks around here don’t train their dogs – half of them run loose and the rest are kept in backyards from which they periodically escape. Darned good thing is street is low traffic – but one block south is a very busy state highway and 3 blocks west is the interstate. (I do have a not-very-good-for-humans neighbor – as in loud music late and partying in his backyard in warm weather – who is doing a lovely job training a black lab to be a duck retriever. Fun to watch that.)

          Your furbaby should be showing up soon – you’re obviously ready so the Word is already going out over the ethers. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Good afternoon, Batch and Meesefolk. Thanks for the roundup; I’ve been continuing my “must get things done at home at night” news embargo, so this is very helpful. Admittedly, I did turn on Rachel at midnight last night, and just about as promptly turned her off. I knew that I would never get to sleep if my last thoughts were about Pornstache Bolton.

    The message of the Mediaite tweet burns me up. If that kid wants a cover on Time magazine, all he has to do is speak up with eloquence and passion, start a movement, put up with unrelenting hate while grieving, and talk about the role of white privilege. Until that happens, no one is owed a cover story. And when you are able to be able to meet the “president” and Skype with Rubio because of the help of Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci, maybe admit that while your opinion may be worth hearing, it’s not exactly an organic, grassroots moment. /end rant

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