Celebrating the Joyful Warrior’s ground game, staff and volunteers.

'Beaufort, SC volunteers for Kamala Harris'
Marque and Nick - two Veterans who volunteered for the Kamala Harris campaign in South Carolina
Marque and Nick – two Veterans who volunteered for the Kamala Harris campaign in South Carolina

A presidential campaign has many elements. Big speeches, forums, debates, fundraising, handling interviews. The backbone of a campaign is state and local staff and volunteers; they do the getting out the vote, the phone calling and door knocking. They provide the spark and enthusiasm at rallies and campaign stops. They remain in locations where getting the word out is key, after the candidate moves on to the next event.

I’ve been following Senator Harris on twitter, and the folks who are working on her campaign — staff, interns and volunteers. I am really enjoying a look at the reception she’s getting from people in different states, with folks young and old, who are racially, ethnically, and gender diverse. They look like my idea of the Democratic Party. They also look like the America I want as a future — not the one currently being dragged back into the past by Trump and his supporters.

I know quite a few readers here are not on twitter, so while you may see news headlines, or brief stories on cable news, rarely do you get to take a look at the people who are making it all happen — on the ground.

This is not a diary about policies and platforms. We’ve done plenty of them here at Kamala2020, and will continue to do so.

This is a celebration of people joyfully committed to their candidate.

Sometimes we need a break from the insanity of all things ugly which we are being barraged with 24-7. I know I do.

If you are on twitter — give them a follow and/or retweet.

Let’s take a look:

South Carolina


Thought I’d put this in because I’m glad to see Kamala folks working hard to get local Democrats elected:




There will be more to come soon — since Kamala just made new staff hires in CA.





New Hampshire

Denver, Colorado

This was a rally — staff and volunteers got the word out — and it was a success!





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  1. Joyous Warrior is exactly what we need. Especially if she can “bring” the Senate with her. RGB can only hold out so much longer. I think it’s sheer will that’s keeping her here now. I am just glad that, like Hillary, Kamala’s got plans to cover the range of possibilities – from the Rs have Congress and she’s on her own (which we’re mostly hearing now) through we have the whole Congress with 60 in the Senate. And that she knows exactly what she can do with EOs that will stand up to legal scrutiny.

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