Tuesday in Mooseville – Election 2020: My/MI Junior Senator, Gary Peters 8/27/19

US Senator Gary Peters in 2018
I’ve been saying for a few months now that my focus is not on the presidential primary race but on the U.S. Senate race in my own state. Gary Peters is one of two incumbent Democratic senators who is running in a state won by tRump in 2016 (we’re really, really sorry); Doug Jones is the other. Peters, who was described as “about as exciting as a bowl of cold oatmeal” by the head of a Republican super PAC (The low-key, Harley-riding senator Democrats are leaning on to win the majority), is not an attention-grabbing senator and will rarely be seen on the cable new shows. Even in Michigan he’s not a household name or readily recognized; one estimate is that 30% of Michiganders don’t know who he is. What follows are five things you didn’t know about Sen. Gary Peters (but don’t feel badly, because you’re not the only one).

This year was his third annual motorcycle tour of Michigan; he really does ride his Harley around the state during the August recess.

There’s a reason he’s considered a worker bee. He’s the tortoise, not the hare.

Peters’ opponent is being touted as the man with three degrees. Did somebody forget to check Peters’ educational background? Here goes: B.A., Alma College, Alma, Mich., 1980; M.B.A., finance, University of Detroit, Detroit, Mich., 1984; J.D., Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich., 1989; M.A., philosophy, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich., 2007; diploma, Naval Command and Staff, U.S. Naval War College, Newport, R.I., 2018 (Oh look, another 3-degree Senator)

Like it or not, Sen. Peters is a centrists’ centrist. Despite that, Republicans are trying to brand him as something…or someone…else.

We can laugh…

…because in 2014 he did this.

Take nothing for granted.

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  1. Your Gary Peters has a better chance of winning than my Josh Maloney (against Tom Cotton) but here’s hoping the both win. Getting all of Congress is damned important.

    • You’re probably right, but the value of having a Josh Mahoney is in the contacts and networks his campaign will help create. Deep Red state Democratic candidates are in many ways the sacrificial virgin or the canary in the coal mine; they may not survive the run, but they’re doing a great service in the meantime. It’s one of the reasons one of my key criteria for donations is not “can they win?”, it’s “can they organize?”

      • Yeah. I used to think – unfortunately the state Dem party mostly still does think – we should only put our energy in “winnable” races. Now I know we should put our energy in every race.

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