1. Thanks for this, Dee. I did not know her very well but I always enjoyed my interactions with her. I remember her teaching me about how not to use “crazy”. Let me see if I can find her old post on that.

    • sricki’s Author thread in the Archives sricki

      Here is the Post I remember: The Other Closet: Living With the Stigma of Mental Illness from 2013:

      I have touched on the topic of stigma against the mentally ill before, so I’m taking bits and pieces of research from that previous diary. But I’d like to revisit it here in a slightly different way. There was a statement made in another diary the other day that brought this to mind. Someone elsewhere in the blogosphere suggested that the mentally ill should be imprisoned “just like sex offenders” until doctors could determine that they were safe for society. I’m assuming that it was not intended as it was written (I certainly hope not), but unfortunately, there are many out there who do actually think this way.

      Here is the original post she wrote on the subject: Shame & Suffering: The Stigma of Mental Illness (the internal diary links don’t work because it refers to the old Blogger site).

      Stigma is a more complicated concept than one might initially guess upon mere casual consideration. Definitionally relatively simple, the causes, mechanisms, and consequences of social stigma are myriad and complex. You can find stigma, of one sort or another, most anywhere you look. Stigma will thrive in society wherever ignorance or fear or hatred of that which is “different” are acceptable mentalities. The tendency to stigmatize, label, and set certain groups/individuals apart from the rest of society as “other” is, to an extent, human nature. The need to categorize people, places, and things is normal — it’s just a function of how our brains work. We run into problems, however, when we begin allowing categories and labels to exclude and define people. Personal experiences with stigma, in one or multiple forms, are common. One group most affected by social stigma is the mentally ill. The resulting effects are pervasive and painful.

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