Dear Democratic Party – Thank you – Signed, Jan

Dear Democratic Party,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you.

We don’t always see eye to eye, Democratic Party. Some of the choices you have made over the years have left me shaking my head.

But in my lifetime you have never once nominated someone completely unsuited, someone who rejects Democratic Party values, someone who I would be unable to vote for over concern that my country, and the world, would be damaged if they were to win the election.

Oh, you flirted with it: Strom Thurmond (actually before my time) and George Wallace come to mind. You sometimes allowed single issues to take priority over electability, leaving us out of power while Republicans hurt us and our causes, but you never nominated someone who I couldn’t vote for.

Today, Republicans are waking up to find that their party, the once proud Party of Lincoln, is now the debased Party of Trump. And that to be a “good Republican” they will have to vote for a man who wants to put a religious test on citizenship, deport 11 million parents and grandparents of American children, leave our European alliances, encourage nuclear proliferation, and repeal Social Security and Medicare. Those Republicans are not entirely blameless; they either missed the clues or willfully ignored them – the pathway to Trumpism was staked out by Nixon, cleared and widened by Reagan, and paved and gilded by the Atwater-Rove Bush family to arrive where it is now. The #NeverTrump’ers claim that they will vote country over party but history suggests they will be unable to resist the chance to gain power by any means necessary … it is in their DNA.

I am proud to be in the Democratic Party, the Party of FDR and LBJ and Barack Obama, the party that remembers and embraces our past and our future. We know that when we celebrate the worth of every human being, when we honor our commitments to equality and justice, we enrich not just our own lives but we make life better for all Americans.

So thanks again, Democratic Party.


p.s. As our standard bearer Tweeted last night:

Okay then, let’s do this!


  1. #ExpectAllOfUs

    Muslim Americans planning a voter registration drive:

    U.S. Muslim leaders hope to register a million voters from within their community to help combat what they say is the anti-Muslim stance of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

    The United States has only about 3.3 million Muslims, but campaign organizers say Muslim voters could have an outsize impact in swing states that are key to the November general election, such as Virginia and Florida.

    “We want the Muslim community to understand that if you give up your rights voluntarily, no one will come and give it back to you,” said Osama Abu Irshaid, a member of the board of the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, which is spearheading the drive

  2. From Hillary’s campaign … they obviously sensed my worry!!

    If you’re feeling isolated or alone in this fight, you’re not.

    I’d like to interrupt this week’s regularly scheduled programming of puffed-up Republican attacks for a special alert: You’re not alone in your disgust, Jan.

    I get it — when you’re listening to the other guys tell lie after lie about our candidate, it’s easy to feel like you’re flying solo. So this is my not-frequent-enough reminder that you are part of a huge team of organizers, volunteers, and grassroots donors (1.5 million strong!), all working for the same goal — to make sure that Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States.

    Whenever you’re feeling a little isolated, remember your fellow supporters in Nevada and Florida and Maine and Nebraska — they’re never going to give up, and you can’t either, Jan.

    And it’s important to remember this, too: Just because this week is wall-to-wall Trump doesn’t mean the other side gets to control the conversation. We can fight back and make sure people hear from us, too — but we need serious resources if we’re going to reach voters online, on TV, and with organizers on the ground doing one-to-one voter contact.

    (Link to donation button)

    Thanks for standing with us — we’re standing with you, too.


    Robby Mook
    Campaign Manager
    Hillary for America

    Thanks, Robby! Signed, Jan :)

  3. I’ll tag on to that.

    BTW – One of the NN managerial staff ordered us to toss the contents of the extra swag bags instead of the “normal” routine of unstuff them and send the contents back to the sponsors. This was after we’d been working an hour on unstuffing, separating, and boxing said contents. (Lost a couple of volunteers and pissed off the rest.) I spoke up and said, “We’re not throwing away those Hillary bumper stickers. I’ll take them.” The final stack is 2-1/2″ thick and the Chair of the Washington County Dem Party Central Committee will be picking them up in a couple of hours. (After I staged my “revolt” several others did, too. The bags and water bottles were saved – not sure who got them. The Credo bumper stickers were saved by a former Credo employee, the DC Vote pens were saved by someone who has a friend on DC Vote, the rest of the pens went with a local activist for a group that has no funding and is always scrounging pens, and the plastic pocket band-aid containers were given to another local who said she’d take them to the homeless shelter. But so much for the low environmental footprint – while we could recycle about half the rest, a whole lot got trashed.)

    • I’m sooooo glad you did that – the waste just reeks of privilege

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