Motley Moose is a community blog focused primarily on American Politics. The original site was a joint effort by twenty-five active political bloggers (a healthy mix of long-time Obama supporters, ‘Clintonistas’, centrists, libertarians, and non-partisan moderates) who had become tired of the trolling and flame wars found on many political sites. The idea was to build a post-partisan site that could move forward instead of looking back. The Motley Moose springs from the rich history of Progressive Blogs including MyDD (aka “The Blogfather”) and DailyKos.

The Moose grew far beyond those original 25 bloggers by becoming a ‘home base’ for many long-time as well as new political bloggers. In separating from the political blog herd, Moose set out to build a new place to gather that had clear lines of moderation, fostered a strong community, promoted reasoned discourse and well-researched diaries, and included a healthy dose of snark and dry wit. While trending to the Left, the Moose focused on political pragmatism because of a belief that without a dialogue from across the political spectrum, we’ll never be able to move forward, beyond partisanship and rhetoric, and make progress on the challenges we face. To that end, a strong community was built upon which the success of the blog rested, and the belief that one blog and one blogger can make a difference in the world.

The Moose wholeheartedly believe that there can be progress through politics and invite others to join the discussion!

Motley: Having elements of great variety or incongruity.
Moose: A reference to the Bull Moose Party (the first Progressive Party) and a nod to our Progressive beliefs.

The Moose was born on Wednesday, September 10, 2008.


In May 2015, due to the anticipated shut down of the SoapBlox hosting that had powered for 7 years, a new blog was spawned and set up using WordPress, the open source standard for web sites. What you see here is the result of our efforts to continue the moose tradition. Many of the names are the same and the goals are the same, progress through politics, but the open posting model is no longer sustainable. (Note: There are still sites which host the open blogging concept. One such site is Progress Pond which runs on BuddyPress, a WordPress social networking structure.)

Our format may be different, we are more a publishing platform, a place to post and Tweet or post and Facebook or post and email, but we still have an underlying community of people promoting progressive politics and causes.

The Motley Moose Archives, posts and comments ported from the SoapBlox platform, can be viewed here:

Motley Moose Archives – 2008 through 2015

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