Question: This looks like the coolest web site evah! How do I sign up to start commenting?
Answer: Simply submit a comment on the most recent Welcomings Post. Use the name you would like to be known by on the Moose and fill in the email address as requested. Your comment will be put into a moderation queue and you will be added as a Subscriber. If you wish to write posts for the Moose, indicate that in the comment.

After you are set up, you will receive an email from “wordpress at”. Be sure you check your spam folder or put that in your whitelist. We never send any email from that address except signups and help to users in troubleshooting log ins.

Note: If you are a user from the old Soapblox version of the Motley Moose, please include your screen name. If your email address (here) does not match your email address (archived), you may be asked a few challenge questions if you want to continue using your old username.

Question: Why can’t you set up automatic registration? All this dinking around … I have stuff to say!!
Answer: One word: bots. The Internet is filled with bots who sign up for web sites, leave spam and ruin the blogging experience for everyone. So we added the extra step of manually adding new users by request only. It means a small delay (usually not more than 24 hours). Thank you for your patience – we are looking forward to hearing what you have to say!!

Question: I left a message, got the email but still can’t log in. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: Probably nothing. The WordPress Log In screen can be a bit tricky. Here are some things to check:
1. The user name must be entered exactly like you see it, with spaces and capitalization intact. If you are “sherry”, don’t enter “Sherry”, if you are “bad guy”, don’t enter “badguy”.
2. Do NOT click the “Lost your password?” link as a way to get connected to the system. It doesn’t work until you have logged in at least once! If you lose your password – or the one sent does not work – post a comment in the check-in to have it reset. You can change your password from your Dashboard once you get in.
3. If you know you are entering everything right and still can’t get in, you might have log in failures in your browser cache that is confusing the screen. That may require a computer reboot or a clearing of cookies/cache. You can also check the user groups for WordPress and see if there are suggestions there.
4. Go to the FAQ: How to Log In for more tips on Log In issues.

You will continue to be able to post comments as a Guest but all of your comments will be held for moderation – plus you will not be able to Like posts or comments. We recommend you sign up for an account so that your words are seen right away!

Remember: WordPress is free software written by thousands of people on the Internet. As such, there will always be some bugs and gotchas. In general, it is a pretty stable publishing platform and learning it will be well worth your time. Don’t give up!