A moment we can remember and be proud of.



Morning meese..Too all family and friends we have on the Texas gulf coast, find adequate shelter and be safe.



Pretty telling, the confirmation we got that Bernie’s revolution screwed us and the country. Berners are lumped in with the deplorables Hillary labeled as Trump voters.



This is your Friday open thread…Fire away


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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


    • Hi Batch! We’re as battened as we’re going to get. Corpus will get the worst tonight, then it’s wait and see what kind of flooding we’ll get. We’ve been through many storms so we know what to do. Peace & Love!

  1. Woot! I get to be first. Who would’ve thought that hiding from hpg, would give me this distinction. Happy TGIF Pond Dwellers and thanks for the diary, Batch. So, to those who thought bfitz had run hpg off, he came back last night. Slowly at first. Then picking up steam towards the end. However, he did try to engage (even if some replies weren’t necessary). This morning? With it still being early, he has two of the four comments and they’re his usual way of posting.

    I am glad FEMA has a director who has experience in running emergency services and hope everyone stays safe. I posted a link in last night’s squirrel about a diary JPOK did on the Sanders voters. When I read it, it hadn’t been slammed by Berners yet. I think they’re hoping it will just go away. Your WaPo link tells it all. Take away a few teenagers who were delusional and the majority are Never Dems and we can ignore them. If they want to vote for us…fine. Do we need them? Hell, no.

    So, now that I’ve finished with my book long response, I will get my coffee cup refilled.

    FWIW Moose wouldn’t let me post at first. Had to log off and back in.

    • {{{WYgalinCali}}} – now, now – he’s getting better. He didn’t tweet-spam last night and he isn’t today. He’s grouping his stuff into fewer comments. and he is trying to interact – he just doesn’t seem to know how. And I really wasn’t trying to run him off. I was trying to get him to modify how he presents in the Village diaries to be a part of the community. Maybe that will work and maybe it won’t. But yes, it is good that you can come to MM to avoid him when he’s driving you up the wall.

      I, too, am very glad there’s a FEMA director with some EM experience. But I’m gladder that President Obama restructured FEMA so that the experienced career EM employees are actually doing most of the work. Those are largely Obama people and are quire competent. Thank Ceiling Cat. moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • In light of his attempts, I’m going to hold off on the No-Tweet Tuesday post. As I told MG and WYgal on Twitter, that of course leaves me the dilemma of what to write, but I have some ideas percolating. It sure would be nice if 45* stays on the golf course all weekend and stays away from Twitter; it would be even nicer if Harvey doesn’t wreak havoc and create the need for someone presidential in the WH.

        In the meantime, the Unity Commission is again looking for input:

        • My comment

          I think that the Unity Committee members should be from the Democratic Party, that if you’re supposed to be part of the solution then you shouldn’t be part of the problem. I feel there isn’t any place in our tent if you’re bashing the party (I’m looking at you, Senator Sanders and the folks from Our Revolution)

          I couldn’t remember that female OR person’s name.

          • You’re probably thinking of Nomiki Konst. She is a long-time Dem, BTW (well, long time for her age), but she became a Flamethrower for Bernie, as well as a current employee of TYT. Her background is pretty interesting; there was a time when I would have been on her side 100%. But she turned into someone unrecognizable during the primaries.

          • So I’m right in that she’s bashing the party…glad I didn’t name her since she is a dem but am right about the OR folks and Bernie. Out of our party.

  2. {{{Batch}}} thanks for posting – pretty much we expected with the bros. Not Dems and never were. Basically jsfv draws – as in is still doing it – the covert racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, isolationist authoritarians, the ones who pretend there isn’t an issue, that all we have to do is give them what they want and all the rest will just magically disappear. We can ignore them because they aren’t Dems. We didn’t lose their votes, we never had them in the first place. (Perez, I hope you’re paying attention here.)

    Need to get to work but back when I can. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Hi kids, from Houston. We’re fine, just inundated with predictions of doom from the tv weather folks. I will likely be scarce today and tonight but I will check in tomorrow and let yall know we are okay, if I have power and internet. If you don’t hear from me, don’t assume the worst. V and I have weathered every hurricane and TS to come through this area for the last 40 years so we will be fine.

    Direct good thoughts towards Harvey NOT bouncing back into the Gulf after tonight and restrengthening. Think “Harvey, enjoy your visit to Texas, have some BBQ or tacos and enchiladas, then relax, kick back, and retire. Be at peace.” ;)

    Other Gulf Coasters, stay safe!

    • {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – THANK YOU for checking in. moar {{{HUGS}}} and Safe Energy.

    • I tend to be an assume-the-worst-er, so I will try to take your words to heart. But please, tell us you have a plan in the event you do have to evacuate? (Lie to me, if necessary…)

      • Evacuation isn’t warranted or advised by our local folks, who are smart about these things and have learned some lessons from storms (I’m looking at you, Hurricane Rita). Coastal folks and people more directly in the path are doing the evacuating.

        We are preparing for water and flooding, and have been advised it is not a good time to get on the road. Shelter in place. Which is what we usually do anyway.

        I’ll check in tomorrow but don’t worry. :)

  4. Did everybody see that MB came into the diary and replied to a comment I made? That’s kind of “hinky” isn’t it? How would he know that we discussed his diary? Thank goddess I didn’t bad mouth him, right? I responded, too. I don’t care if he is a moderator. I stand by my comments.

    • I’m not sure but I think there’s a way for someone to tell if their name is posted in a comment. I know Chris Reeves unexpectedly showed up in one of the Village diaries and addressed my comment that included his candidate’s link and that Chris recommended said candidate. So aside from the regular lurkers, if you call somebody by name, they may come to see what you said about them.

    • No, not hinky. MB, AdamB, and quite a few others do regular searches on their own names. It’s a practice that started when they actually were the moderators; they’d search to see if they were being called upon to help. Most of them just haven’t lost the habit. AdamB explained this a few years ago when he showed up after I merely mentioned his name in a comment. And then to further prove his point, he mentioned MB…who came wandering in within the next 30 minutes. So yes, a little unnerving to see MB in a Village diary, but not nefarious in any way.

      • Still seems weird to search out your name if you’re no longer a moderator. Oh, well. Glad my comment was a tame one (and I think it was njm5000 who mentioned his name). Beetlejuice…beetlejuice… 😂

        • Watching MB over the past year or so has been “interesting.” The guy has more receipts than just about anyone I can think of, and between his activism and his brilliant advocacy, he’s really someone to admire. But now, he just comes across as a cranky old man who can’t stand to have his candidate criticized. MB is way too smart to have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the Saint Bernie schtick, so I can’t figure it out. Someone who’s tired of waiting perhaps?

          I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been honestly shocked at his rudeness on a few occasions. He’s never been one to sugarcoat things (as a mod, he sure didn’t/couldn’t), but now he just pulls out his receipts, waves them in your face, and generally makes sure everyone knows he’s a superior human being with superior experiences and superior opinions. My high regard for him has taken a nose-dive, and I just want to stomp on his toes…but now that I know he has feet of clay, I tend to ignore him instead.

          • I fear the mods and those who have been here much longer than me. I was always the student who followed all the rules…the teachers pet, if you will. You can’t do that here because the rules keep changing depending on who broke it and who’s the moderator. He does seem quite sharp and his comment wasn’t rude. Thank goddess.

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