Morning Meese…

Lots of stuff happening to give us smiles in the last week or so after so much sorrow with the kids getting killed by a weapon that should be illegal to own.

Bobby Mueller has been breaking bad on Dotard associates and implicating Bozo in his indictments as likely knowing what was going on. Of course Bozo tried unsuccessfully to blame Hillary…Of course he did…Nothing is ever Bozo’s fault, just ask him.

Looks like Manafort and Gates are toast…Here’s hoping Tad’s name comes up soon in Mueller’s investigation as we all know he’s as crooked as Manafort. The added joy that when the investigation turns to Tad it can’t help but embroil Bozo right in the middle. Bad days ahead I suspect for Bozo which make me a happy camper.

Wondering though, what’s going on with Mike Flynn?…We haven’t heard much of anything about Flynn in quite a few weeks.

Here’s hoping for another good week from Bobby…Might even get a new round of indictments today!!!!


Gaining momentum…




This is funny…


Might we get a Friday surprise?






Fire away!

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  1. Oh, MAN, was just writing a long comment on how much I appreciate your Friday post, Batch, and the Moose ate it! Bloody hell.

    Anyway, thanks, and the Onion is very funny today! You get it earlier than I do.

    Here’s hoping Bobby will have a nice Friday news dump for us…


  2. Morning meese…Here’s hoping Bob Mueller gives us another day full of indictments…

  3. Feel the burn, Rubio ….

  4. {{{Batch}}} – thanks for the TGIF & I hope to heaven somebody safe/sane has security detail on these kids. I’ve been afraid for them since they started speaking up and speaking out. So glad Mueller is starting at the bottom and essentially pulling the rug out from under mad king donald. And I want cromwell II to go down first – basically keep grabbing the underlings until we have a Dem House again then nab the top two in one net (President Pelosi?) Won’t hurt my feelings if jsfv gets caught amongst the underlings but as long as he’s gone from any influence on my party – the party he doesn’t belong to but takes funding and data from – I don’t really care.

    moar {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Hey, Meese. My internet just came back and is still slow. Here’s to an indictment Friday (would love another former or current WH employee perp walk). Thanks for the diary, Batch. Nice to see you are not as angry today. Indictments can do that for ones mood.

  6. I was going to say “good morning,” but somehow it became afternoon before I realized it.

    I still continue to be inspired by the Parkland students and find it refreshing and reassuring that they’re still being kids. Whether it’s Emma shaving her head or Cameron talking about memorizing lines for the school play (although dear goddess, how those kids are going to get through Spring Awakening is beyond me), it will help them heal in the long run to have those moments of normalcy.

    There will be divisions, as the “CNN vs the JROTC student” story shows. That the RW embraces it is no surprise, and because the polarization isn’t going away anytime soon, we’re not going to get solutions that most of us would like. But as the saying goes, “This is a movement, not a moment,” and I think more and more young people are realizing that dismantling the NRAs power means voting in politicians who are willing to stand firm on real solutions. That’s going to apply to Dems, as well as Republicans, but I think it’s apparent that the NRA base is most often found in the Republican Party. In the end, it doesn’t matter to me; support for the NRA is a dealbreaker when I’m in the voting booth.

    I also urge you to follow Kurt Eichenwald on twitter if you don’t already. He’s been doing yeoman’s work on the issue of gun control; he actually understands weapons (which I don’t) and has done some stellar tweetstorms re the 2A, weaponry, and gun control.

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