Holiday Messages from the Incoming Biden-Harris Administration

A reminder that decency, kindness, and caring will return – the awful people who are in the White House now will soon be leaving.

Joe and Jill

Kamala and Doug

And Champ and Major, soon to be First Dogs …


  1. Thank you, Jan, thoroughly enjoyed viewing the messages and listening to all of them speak. I was tickled when Kamala addressed her husband as “Dougie.” The dogs drew forth my first laugh of the day, so thanks for that.

    Shared it on Twitter, will attempt to share it on Facebark. FB keeps wanting my password and I’m not sure I remember it.

  2. Such decency and caring. Lights to take into the new year that will be starting where this one leaves off. But we do have Light to see the path and avoid the pitfalls. The work is ours to do, but we this year we have Light to see by. Blessed Be.

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