I know 2021 has been….eventful, but I’m still raising money for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS

Me, in a sparkleskirt (they really are awesome) with then Ride Director Prentiss Douthat after the 2019 Ride


Hey, so I have no way of knowing what natural disaster or horrific act of violence will happen between me writing this & y’all seeing it. But the agencies that benefit from the Hill Country Ride for AIDS still need funding — they actually need more than ever, since they have had to purchase PPE & other things to do what they do safely. Here’s some information on what your donation does:

Below are just some of the many services your donation dollars do for thousands in our Central Texas community. Please donate at my HCRA page.



  • Covers one rapid HIV test – we know that 40% of people who are HIV+ don’t know it yet. Through testing, we can get them into life saving care, and further reduce the spread of the HIV virus.
  • Food voucher for emergency needs – many of those living with HIV are also living in poverty, and can’t afford their medication and nutritious food. This makes sure they get the food they need.
  • Medical co-payment for one patient – keeping people in consistent medical care keeps them healthy and connected to services. We know this saves lives.


  • Buys someone nutritious food for one month – A month of nutritious food allows someone living with HIV to focus on staying healthy without worrying about the basic need of having enough to eat.
  • Pays for a one month supply of medical prescription co-pays – Medications can reduce the patients viral load and keep them undetectable.
  • Provides a counseling and support group session for someone newly diagnosed – We know that many feel isolated when first diagnosed, and that staying social and connected gets people into care earlier, allowing them to stay healthy.


  • Provides prevention education for 440 people – 20% of Americans still believe you can catch HIV from drinking after someone. 60% say they are unsure what safe sex is. Education is one of the most important tools in reducing new infections.
  • Pays for a specialty medical appointment – Many people with HIV/AIDS have unique medical complications. Access to specialty medical providers is a critical part of holistic care.
  • Provides life skills training – This helps people who are well to learn to present themselves in a job interview, find housing, learn to read, gain computer training, learn nutrition, and discover their self esteem.


  • Keeps someone healthy with one month of medications – Medications can reduce the patients viral load and keep them undetectable.
  • Provides 7 hours of outreach to find people and get them into care – If you are homeless or unemployed, your HIV may not be at the top of list of your priorities. By finding people and making sure they get the care they need, lives are saved.
  • Provides 3 family counseling sessions – It can be devastating for a family when a member is diagnosed, and we know that an intact family unit promotes health and provides a built in support network.


  • Pays for a month of rent for one family in supportive housing – Assistance with food, daily chores, trips to medical appointments, and social support create a foundation for continued health and a step toward independence.


  • Gives 450 home cooked meals for hospice patients – When in hospice, there are often unique food needs. You can make sure that final days are spent with favorite, delicious meals that don’t upset someone’s stomach.
  • Pays for an outpatient procedure for an uninsured client – many with HIV/AIDS do not have insurance. You can cover the expenses related to a needed procedure.
  • Provides four months of medication – Medications can reduce the HIV virus so much that it keeps someone healthy and also reduces the risk of passing it along.

Please donate at my HCRA page.  And because I’m me, here’s a U2 song. This one has maybe my favorite words in any U2 song ever, and if you know me, you know that’s saying a lot:

Write a world where we can belong
to each other and sing it like no other

I always use this one, because at the beginning, Bono says to some kids hanging a Pride banner “be safe, be brave”, and that makes me so happy


  1. Thanks, Becky! What a wonderful organization you’ve described. Had no idea they provided so many different services. Will go to your page and donate right now.

  2. Thank you some more for all you do. And keep doing. I wish I could have given more. & hope things work out so I can give again. {{{anotherdemocrat}}} & Healing Energy.

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