GOP Primary Primacy – NBC/WSJ Poll

Jeb!mentum and Trumpmania were the watchwords last week as the clown car swelled by two. Word was that Bobby Jindal, dictator of Louisiana, was to have announced on Saturday but probably held up as he went looking for a Confederate flag to hang in the capitol in Baton Rouge so that someone … anyone! … would notice that he can be a world class racist as well as the next guy.

National polls show that Jeb Bush got a bump and now leads all Republican candidates.

Jeb Bush 22%
Scott Walker 17%
Marco Rubio 14%
Ben Carson 11%
Mike Huckabee 9%
Rand Paul 7%
Rick Perry 5%
Ted Cruz 4%
Chris Christie 4%
Carly Fiorina 2%

Donald Trump 1%
Lindsey Graham 1%
John Kasich 1%
Bobby Jindal 0%
Rick Santorum 0%
George Pataki 0%

(The top ten will be invited to the Fox News debate. Carly Fiorina says that she needs to be invited so that she can “throw punches” at Hillary Clinton. Stay classy, Carly!!.)

I am sure that Rick Santorum has more than 0 actual supporters … well, on second thought, maybe not.

For what it is worth, none of these candidates believe that global warming is caused by human activity and most are quite peeved that the Pope stuck his nose where it was did not belong!

WASHINGTON—In response to a 184-page papal encyclical that urges immediate action to address the environmental and social consequences of global warming, a coalition of frustrated Republican leaders issued statements Thursday arguing that Pope Francis should leave scientific matters to scientists who deny climate change. “Frankly, it’s not really anyone’s place to make declarations about climate science or global temperature changes unless they’re a scientific expert who has spent years rejecting the concept of climate change,” said former Florida governor Jeb Bush, … “The pope should just stick to theology and let the several dozen scientists who support the scientifically disproven point of view on global warming do the talking.” Bush also told reporters that Pope Francis was unqualified to issue policy recommendations of any kind unless he had personally accepted money from the fossil fuel industry.



  1. Room for one more clown? You betcha:

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a one-time rising star in the Republican Party now struggling to become one again, announced Wednesday that he is running for president in 2016.

    Ed Kilgore: Jindal Launches His Doomed Candidacy:

    You can expect a fair amount of the obligatory one-day media coverage given to elected officials who run for president to dwell on the irony that the Smartest Man In Every Room is running on a yahoo platform of religious demagoguery and redneck defiance of elites. Having made such a thorough mess of his tenure as governor of Louisiana, however, it’s not like he can run on his wonky accomplishments, though there is a hammerheaded constituency for anyone who just comes out and admits he’s wrecked state government and the education system for the sheer destructive hell of it.

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