TGIF….Are our weeks getting longer?


Sure seems like our weeks are getting longer with all we are having to put up with…Deplorables, Fuckin Bernie and now Liz getting on the stupid train.

I’ll get my rant out first and move on to a few tweets..

I’m disgusted with some members of the Democratic Party…Liz for her running her mouth and quite a lot of our Democrats for allowing Fuckin Bernie to stay anywhere near our party seeing as how he thinks we are doing everything wrong. Coming from someone that couldn’t articulate anything at all and getting his ass handed to him in the primary is telling us we are doing it all wrong…Bull fucking shit…What is it going to take to get the leaders in the party to wake up to the menace Bernie Sanders is to democracy. I AM FED UP…

OK, rant done…Twitter time!

Good news here…Sounds like a few Democrats have got their shit together…

Bye you worthless moron…

Biggest reason Dump should have never been elected…well other than he’s an asshole.

Totally uncalled for…Liz has gone off her damn rocker…Barack is a private citizen doing what every ex-President has always done. Instead of targeting BHO for making money legally maybe attacking Dump and his deplorable family for making money illegally would be spending her time more productively. This really pisses me off.

Hard for me to get my brain to register this as anything other down right asinine…Are people really this damn stupid?

The damn stupid fools from the last tweet need to have this tweet shoved down their throat.

Yeah, you’re a real freakin saint Bernie…Ya damn crook…Hillary didn’t use this against him and should have while the Republicans would have used it like a cudgel oven his damn head…This sickens me…All the BoBers can go to hell…

Could we get so lucky as to see Fox News go down in flames?


Yeah….Right Sean…You idiot..

And as always…Hillary…


This is your Friday open thread…Fire away!




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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


  1. Hi, Batch.

    Yes, now the weeks are longer…much longer. Each one we get through still resisting and scrapping and yelling and showing grace and compassion through is a victory. We’re going to’ win this!

  2. Hiya Batch, thanks for today’s thread! Couldn’t agree with it more, as in: why is okay for aging, overfed white males to make lotsa cash, but not okay for highly qualified African-American ex-presidents and female ex-Secretaries of State to do so?

    I mean, are women and people of color supposed to donate their time and talent because it’s saintly or sumpin’?

    Fuck patriarchy! Hope it ALL comes crashing down, and well before war with Kim Wrong ‘Un, please. I’m already making a mental checklist for food shortages: oatmeal, lentils, milk powder, coffee, sugar, cooking oil, peanut butter.

    Sigh. It’s a beautiful morning and I have chores to do, so I’ll skip out. Hello, everyone, and if you know why Ugly Jason is in full retreat, please tell me. I can’t believe it’s foot problems.

  3. Thanks Batch for the rant…I’m going to get coffee but I’m right there with you…especially about Bernie…

  4. Good morning, all, and thank you, Batch! I had an interesting night last night. I realized late in the day that our local Indivisible group was meeting at a restaurant less than 10 minutes from work, so I was able to go. The first speaker was from Count MI Vote/People Not Politicians, which is organizing to get a constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot which will create an independent redistricting commission. We need 300,000+ valid signatures, collected within 180 days, for this to go forward, and they will be starting in June. I need to do some more research re the time commitment, but it seems possible that I’ll be able to help out on weekends.

    The second speaker was Abdul El-Sayed, who is one of the Dem candidates for governor. I’ve heard him speak before, and after last night, I continue to be 100% undecided (I will never be able to be an early-adopter, I’m afraid; it just runs counter to my nature). He’s extraordinarily impressive: 32, a medical doctor who was brought in to reestablish the Detroit Department of Public Health after the bankruptcy. He’s a terrific listener who answers questions on the fly with aplomb and insight, and he has an impressive platform. However, (you saw this coming, didn’t you), he gave some answers that caused the hair on the back of my neck to rise a bit, particularly when he talked about his ability to engage the youth vote and not be a money-grubbing politician. When somebody starts sounding like a Berniecrat, I get nervous. Of course, Gretchen Whitmer, one of our other D candidates, has been sounding a little too careful in some of her speeches for my taste, so she’s not a shoo-in for my vote either. At this point, I hope no one else jumps in (there are a few other no-name candidates); Dan Kildee from the Flint area is always part of the rumors, and he, too, is impressive…but I’d prefer he keep his House seat at this point.

  5. Morning meese…Meh to the token thread…lol

    Saint Bernard and Lady Jane sure don’t look too good anymore huh? who knew? We all knew.

    • The fact is that no matter what comes out, it won’t matter to the True Believers. They’ll find a way to blame someone else and position themselves as victims of an unfair Establishment…just like their Dear Leader.

  6. Good morning, Pond Dwellers! Thanks for the thread, batch. I can say, with truth and conviction, that I am not getting tired of winning. Nope. Not tired at all. At the squirrel I saw a link to “Catholic Parishioners Calling for Investigation into Burlington College” from 2016. I wonder if that’s what got the FBI to look into it? I would love to see a finding of fraud levied against her and coercion against BS for using his position to get her a loan. That, would make me almost as happy as the Orange Shitgibbon resigning.

    59 and a northerly wind that makes you shiver. Perfect conditions for my walk.

  7. {{{Batch}}} – Thanks for the diary and yes, it is infuriating. But we knew this during the election season – and the number of DK Village folks banned or otherwise chased off and the DK Village still being attacked by the Extreme Left is just more evidence that the Extreme left does not care. They have their racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, isolationist, Puritanical, WM authoritarian Messiah of the Moment. That’s all that matters. Verifiable facts do not matter. Personal lived experience does not matter. And that is why we waste our time – time needed to block the Rs, push back the Rs – trying to work with them at all. Or talk to them at all. Drown their yelling with our chants, block visibility of their negative signs with our positive ones, isolate them as much as possible – and get on with the real job at hand.

    Gotta get back to work. {{{Moose Village}}}

  8. Hi Meeses. Thank you Batch, I concur with your rant 100 x 100%.

    I just posted this to the daily DK Village thread:

    I have to get this off my chest.

    A certain faction has taken ownership of the term “progressive” to the point where they have purity tests and use them constantly.

    Same faction is now claiming exclusive ownership of the Resistance.

    I just want to state it: the Resistance belongs to no group exclusively. Anyone can and should resist Trump and the GOP agenda.


    Here’s what I didn’t post: I joined DK Joined: Oct 8, 2014, and then basically left shortly thereafter because of the stupid, spiteful, idiotic, juvenile and possibly latent racist criticism of President Barack Obama.

    I endured through the open season on HRC mainly because I found the Village Under the Bus. I remain up to now because of the Village. But they are going after Obama again and I may need to take a vacay.


    • {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – That lot started on President Obama in 2009 when he didn’t nationalize the banks – and they drove multiple bunches of really good people off DK over the years. And they are doing nothing but getting worse with every “win” of driving pragmatic progressives away from the DK site. MM was started by people driven off DK. That’s why I suggested we build a new Village here. We are both welcome and defended here. With #sob you now have 3 Villages with overlapping population. If DK gets too bad, you aren’t going to lose touch with friends as has happened in previous “purges” moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • Yep, I will always check in here. Next week I may do my Wednesday posts and be otherwise absent everywhere, but I’ve said that before and I end up commenting anyway.


    • I joined DK in June of 2008; mostly because of what I heard about the site on Olbermann’s show. The Obama hatefest that started in 2009 stunned me, although I remember most of it from the healthcare policy wars. Co-inky-slinky-dink (whatever…I can’t even remember her correct name now!) was a leader of the single-payer or nothing faction, and as bfitz has said, they are many of the same folks who are leading the Purity charge now. I really have no way of knowing, but my gut tells me that a lot of these people are keyboard warriors and nothing more. I run into very few of the type face-to-face, and those few that I have had conversations with are much less shout-y when talking without any anonymity. They’re not any more flexible, but they are less mean. At any rate, this round of hatefulness will subside until the next shiny object floats by. But I’ve come to believe that the meanness will always exist, because they’ve set an unachievable standard so will always be frustrated and angry.

      • {{{DoReMI}}} I lurked in late 2007 and joined in Feb 2008 – Kos had a speaking engagement (and he was paid, too!) here that my department sponsored and I was just checking out his site. I did C&J, Pootie diaries, and fundraisers – stayed completely away from the political diaries after a couple of “we’re all Dems together” type diaries that sank like rocks after the obligatory visit by a Hillary Hater – until 2 years ago when Hillary declared. Yes they will always be mean and angry because they’ve set a goal that doesn’t exist. The only reason jsfv is still their Messiah of the Moment is because he lost. All of his totally impossible and not always even desirable plans can still be/are their goals because they cannot be tried. That’s what all the “bernie woulda…” crap is about. The myth lives because he lost. They’d have turned on jsfv if he’d won and had to actually work within the limitations of the office. And found another Messiah of the Moment spouting totally unworkable plans.

        • Ha! If Bernie woulda won, his first 100 days would resemble 45*s in terms of accomplishments. There was no evidence that he had the coattails at any point to flip the House or Senate, so he would have been working with a hostile Congress. (As Hillary would have…but she, at least, has a track record of being able to find that small slice of common ground that allows something to happen.) The yelling and angst we’re hearing now would be nothing compared to what we would have heard if Bernie didn’t make unicorns and rainbows happen.

          • Oh yeah – he’d have accomplished nothing except maybe veto a few things we’re having to block getting to the White House – and I doubt ANY of his appointments would have been confirmed so we wouldn’t have any Cabinet posts filled at all. Hillary on the other hand not only would have brought at least one and maybe two more Senators with her, her veep would have the tie-breaker vote. And there are a fair number of lower-level executive branch appointments that don’t need ratifying – those aren’t filled right now but they would have been with Hillary at the helm. I doubt jsfv would have filled them by now either since he really doesn’t know – or care – how our government works. sigh.

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