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So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. I keep thinking “This will be the thing when people will finally say Trump is obviously mentally ill & we have to do something”. Surely inventing plastic surgery ( & btw, what is it with him & bleeding women??) and going after his dear sycophants Joe & Mika…. but no. Ok, I’m going to be happy about my 4 day weekend & just not care about T. I have a great idea for a lip synch video for the AIDS Walk. Have to figure out how.

    Oh & our weather – triple digits, muggy. Hot, wet blanket draped over you. Time to wear coolmax/drifit fabric head to toe.

  2. Good morning, Moosekind! It’s a lovely Friday with high thin cirrostratus clouds across a pale blue sky. Today will be hot, humid, and horrible. I have to get outside right after breakfast to water the gardens front and back. Current temp. in NoVa is 71 F., going up to 90 F. today.

    Five years ago the derecho, a particularly violent, intense thunderstorm, occurred. Besides doing a lot of property damage and knocking down numerous trees, it caused the power to go out for days and days. That’s when we went out and bought a generator. It’s proven to be a boon during occasional outages since then.

    A callout to bfitz—the year is half over as of midnight tonight! Six months to go until your retirement, isn’t that great?

    Going out to Greenspring to visit my friends today. We will visit the friend in Memory Care first, then my other friend and I will go to lunch and have a chat in her apartment.

    Hoping to get a lot of things done this weekend—happy Saturday, all!

  3. Since I was online to post the DK Village I can check in early :) – started the day at 73 but a storm moved in almost immediately and now it’s 65 – I’ve got the windows as open as is consistent with not getting rain in the house to cool things down. When there gets enough light for the PV system to actually come on, we shall see if it does. got 19 KWHs yesterday – if we get much of anything today we’ll finish the month over 350 – but nowhere near the 550+ we should have for June. Oh well, that’s still over 350 KWHs of clean energy.

    I ignore pvl45 as much as possible – if he starts a war, I’ll do what I can then, otherwise he’s the “squirrel” the Rs are using to distract from all the Evil bills and Evil appointments they’re trying to ram through. A couple of good-hearted Hillary supporters are trying to reach out to the Extreme Left at DK – we’re all on the same team diaries – it’s working about as well as usual. They’re being attacked for it. sigh Good news for my most urgent community needs folks – both Maureen and mufftootuff have gotten their rent covered! They need more to get through the month of course, but the rent’s due today.

    Gotta get out the door to work. I’ll check back when I get logged in there. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Good morning, 64 and sunny in Bellingham. The good news from yesterday is that the new blood thinner is working so I can continue the arthritis med……yay! And we enjoyed being with our grand girls so it was a fun but tiring day.

    I’ve got a busy day ahead with desk work, laundry, and getting ready for next week’s company. Ron’s brother and his wife arrive on Sunday so I need to have my work done so I can focus on entertaining and the meals.

    I was awake in the night with tRump worries, so reading this tweet caused even more concern. The country seems to be increasingly unstable so I hope we can/will cope with whatever eventually happens with the russian/tRump investigations.

    Eric Holder ✔ @EricHolder
    To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned. Be prepared, be strong. Duty. Honor. Country.
    12:17 AM – 30 Jun 2017

    • I don’t know if anyone has explained what worried Eric Holder. I heard that tRump named his nominee for the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ and that it is a longtime opponent of all Civil Rights. It is difficult for me to imagine being a career DOJ employee being required to come up with bullshit reasons to take away people’s rights but if they all quit we are probably in worse shape.

      Glad to hear about your medications! Have a great holiday weekend!!

  5. Good morning, meeses! Saturday …

    It is 63 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 75. Mainly sunny with a chance of thunderstorms. No storms last night, thank goodness!

    The Senate is out of town so for at least the next week nothing will happen on the health care repeal. The latest thing being discussed is to do a “clean repeal” – repeal the ACA and replace it some day. I believe that this was considered back in January and the problem was that you can’t repeal it all under the reconciliation process. So at best there is a partial repeal and the CBO score on that was pretty grim. It would mean the immediate crash of the individual insurance market with premiums doubling and 36 million people left without insurance. Nothing “mean” about that! I suspect that with the sh*tgibbon’s further descent into madness, he may just start destroying everything out of spite. Certainly no one in the Republican Party will stop him.

    It was heartening to see that 25 states refused to accept the legitimacy of the Kris Kobach Kommission and won’t simply hand over people’s personal information. Wisconsin told the Grand Wizard that he can buy the voter list like anyone else for $13,000 but that it does not, and will never, contain social security number pieces or birth dates. The Republican Secretary of State of Mississippi told him to “jump in the Gulf”! The more we can do to discredit the work being done by the Presidential Popular Vote Butthurt Commission, the better. Protecting the franchise is the only hope we have to regain power. The Republicans are emboldened after successfully blocking hundreds of thousands from voting in 2016 – and being rewarded with the presidency.

    Rep. Joe Kennedy from Massachusetts gave the Democratic Party Weekly Address and the video and transcript will be in this week’s Fighting Back.

    See all y’all later!

  6. Good Saturday Meese

    Have been watching states dig in and refuse to send data to the faux elections commission

    On another note – I don’t read the Intercept – normally, I don’t follow David Dayen either – however since the leftier than thou folks are outraged – thought I’d give this a read when it popped up in my mentions:

    He opens with

    In the days since California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon shelved for the year SB562, which intends to establish a state single-payer health care system, he’s been subject to mass protests and even death threats. The bill’s chief backers, including the California Nurses Association and the Bernie Sanders-affiliated Our Revolution, angrily point to Rendon as the main roadblock to truly universal health care.

    They’re completely wrong. What’s more, they know they’re wrong. They’re perfectly aware that SB562 is a shell bill that cannot become law without a ballot measure approved by voters. Rather than committing to raising the millions of dollars that would be needed to overcome special interests and pass that initiative, they would, apparently, rather deceive their supporters, hiding the realities of California’s woeful political structure in favor of a morality play designed to advance careers and aggrandize power.

    That may sound harsh. It’s gentle.

    Give it a read.

    • I saw the Intercept link tweeted into my timeline about a half dozen times yesterday and I couldn’t click on it. The idea of even 1/20th of one cent ending up in Glenn Greenwald’s pocket was a bridge too far.

      Thanks for posting some of it here. By the way, I am not surprised by “death threats” – life is meaningless to them. Their plan is to unleash untold horrors on America so that people come around to their way of thinking – if people die, it is the “price we pay for revolution”. They are no different than the NRA gun-humpers who say that 20 first-graders shot in the face is the “price we pay for freedom.”

      By the way, I would love to see Alison Grimes take another crack at a Senate seat. I can’t help but think that the pendulum might start swinging the other way now that the Republicans have exposed themselves as the Death Party. Kentucky is going to be a tough nut to crack but maybe some day. She is young.

    • {{{Denise}}} – I said over in DK Village that none of the Old South would hand over that info. The Rs may be in charge right now but the former Confederacy (and sympathizers) still have a burning paranoid hate for the Union aka federal government. “Not enough bourbon…” and “jump in the Gulf” kind of bears me out. :) – and I really hope Grimes takes another shot at Senate – IF somebody her caliber is ready to step up for the KY SoS slot. State governments are as important as the feds, just different roles.

        • {{{another}}} TX has always has to be the “-st” state – if they can’t be the best then they’ll go for being the worst. The most painful thing that ever happened to TX was AK being admitted into the Union. The minute they lost biggest status, TX went on a rampage it’s still doing to become the most something or other to make up for not being biggest any longer. And the descent into Hell that was W -> Perry -> Abbott is right in line with that.

          But I think this one with backfire on him. t-fans are the most paranoid people in the world, especially about the federal government – and Perry wants to the the federal government their private information? I’m pretty sure they will care about that.

  7. Good Saturn’s Day, Meese! Cloudy this morning with a 60% chance of thunderstorms. However, I can remember days when there was an 80% chance and we still didn’t get any rain. Hoping for heavy rain so I won’t have to go out and water. Current temp. in NoVa is 75 F., going up to 88 F. Even if the electricity goes out we’re having a cold dinner anyway, so no big deal.

    Very tired after my day yesterday and hoping for an easy couple of days. This morning I’ll do errands and grocery shopping; this afternoon I’ll rest before doing some writing and compiling lists.

    When I arrived home after visiting my friend I noticed that the groundhog had got one of the two ripening tomatoes. I snatched the other one and put it in the kitchen. Hubby likes a grilled tomato with his Sunday breakfast.

    Now that the Rethugs are out for “recess” (is this grade school?), I hope their constits meet them with torches and pitchforks. Like everyone else, I’m furious about the Deathcare bill.

    Wishing all a peaceful, calm Saturday with no Trumpeting. I can’t believe the year’s half over today!

  8. started the day at 66 – it’s damp enough for that to feel chilly – heading for 90. Rain seems to be moving off so maybe I can get a decent start on July for electricity production. Ended June with 358 KWHs – slightly less than April’s production and a tad more than my 2.5K system did in August 2014. sigh. Skipping the Market this week – most grocery shopping in fact since I eat “fresh” this time of year and if I don’t eat what I got it’s going to spoil. But I do need some meat/protein.

    War conditions – I check the news (usually via one or more of the Villages) once or twice a day, then go about my life’s business with whatever “war effort” I’ve added to my life’s business for the duration. That’s the only way I can handle it. Kudos to my mother and grandmother for telling me about daily life in WWII. I have a template. The Evil Ones are out there doing as much evil as they can. Anything I can to do block or at least stall it, I do. And spend the rest of my energy trying to help the victims.

    I’ll be back to read the Fighting Back in a bit. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  9. Slept in, watching the news. Pathetic “America First” march today. I hope there are no counter protesters, it’d be awesome if they marched to complete silence. And there’s a Dr Who marathon today…..going to be hard to leave the house, but I’m going to the gym. No, really.

  10. Good morning, 59 breezy and partly sunny in Bellingham. Our sons will be here soon to help us empty Ron’s basement study so we can put the new carpet in place. The study adjoins my sewing room so the rug and curtains are the same. Repairing the walls and woodwork will be a winter project so the rug might as well be stored on the floor. None of us want to do this, but the rest of the summer will be busy with visiting friends and family so today is our last chance. The rug is a tripping hazard in the garage and the chance of critters nesting inside the roll increases the longer it’s out there!

    This article is encouraging ……

    Trump has succeeded where Obama failed – spawning a new wave of liberal activism

    It turns out Trump, a president loathed by Democrats, is a far greater spur to liberal activism than the revered Barack Obama, a former community organizer who hoped to inspire a wave of officeholders and Democratic idealists. Instead, he presided over the hollowing-out of his party.

    “In November last year, being a politician was the last thing I would have ever, ever, ever intended to do,” said Kellen Squire, a 32-year-old emergency room nurse in central Virginia, who, helped by Litman’s group, is waging an uphill fight for a seat in the state House of Delegates. “But I saw whatever was going to come down the pike was going to be so jacked up, I wasn’t going to just take it. I had to stand up, yell, scream and holler.”

    • It is great to see young people getting engaged electorally rather than just “Like”ing things on Facebook or yelling at people on Twitter. People who live in the districts and understand the needs of the districts and who understand that you can’t nationalize a House of Delegates race are the balm to soothe our fractured psyche.

  11. Good evening! Going through thunderstorms here in NJ at the moment, but they’re supposed to move out in a half hour or so. Haven’t been on much because work firewall doesn’t like word press apparently (and I’ve been so busy at work I don’t have much time to hang out on other sites anyway), and the mobile site on a small tablet (what I mainly use when I’m home on the evening) is challenging to navigate. However, assuming Dell ever ships it, I should be getting a new laptop I can use which will make hanging out easier. 😊

    Hope everyone is doing as well as they can, and that the second half of 2017 is better than the first.

    • Looking forward to seeing you more often! I use my smartphone from my couch in the evenings and it is definitely not easy to find new comments or locate a post.

      I don’t think that WordPress itself is firewalled – we use the WordPress web language but have our own Internet address. If your firewall blocks politics, that would do it. We might also look dangerous because we “resist” and “fight back”. :)

      • It’s not politics, it’s the wordpress login that trips it every time. Sometimes I can load the main page, but trying to click on a story or login gets blocked. It’s weird. The usual message is that it’s “not been categorized” so I’m hoping that if I load it often enough it’ll get through one day. It’s not like tumblr where they just block it wholesale as inappropriate for work. So maybe eventually during the days, but at least in the evenings I should be around. :-)

        • “Not been categorized” sounds like the firewall software has not assessed who or what we are. I suspect that could be a problem with any small web site and, unless someone were to specifically ask for an evaluation, it will probably never be checked out. For example, on networks I manage, the default firewall software blocks certain sites that my clients need. I have to manually go into the software settings and tell it that it is okay for them to go there.

          We will watch for your words when we wake up the next morning! :)

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