Morning meese…This tweet I posted on Wednesday says all that needs to be said about the Conservatives and their vehicle, the Republicans.


This has been on my mind for decades, the Conservatives and their sanctimonious bullshit they pass off as religion. It’s hard to tell if the Conservatives are using religion as their vehicle to get what they want or if the religious nuts are using conservative money and thinking to push their bullshit.
It’s a big part of why I am an atheist though I guess you could say I’ve been like that since I was forced to go to church when I was a kid and then my parents just all of a sudden dropped church for no apparent reason. I digress though…
Think back to the 1970’s and 1980’s…Pat Robertson, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, and Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart to name a few of the crooked televangelists that prey on peoples faith to enrich themselves. They are all hypocrites when it comes to saving anyone but themselves…Kinda reminds you of Fuckin Bernie…Had to..

Then you take the Council For National Policy mentioned in the above tweet by Ms Cohn. Their “secret membership” is a who’s who of rich
social conservative assholes. CNP was founded in 1981 by fundamental Baptist pastor Tim LaHaye. members include past and present are a list of assholes..Paul Weyrich, co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, Pat Robertson, Phyllis Schlafly,Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway,Elsa Prince the mother of Erik Prince and Betsy DeVos who are both members and others.

The point is that what we are seeing with the Republicans and Trump is a concerted effort of the conservative religious right trying to take over the country and make it into their view of social and economic norms.You can see it in their views towards women and LGBT and the economics they are trying to shove down our throats.

Disclaimer…I in no way am against religion per se…Everyone has faith in something and religion isn’t a bad thing to have faith in if it’s your personal faith.

Here’s another good article along the same lines…


Now for some good Bernie bashing… :)

Short thread..

Great thread by Eric on Fuckin Bernie


Few things on the Health Care fiasco. They don’t know what they are doing so I sure don’t and have given up trying to figure it out.

When I read this tweet I thought how apropos…Seems something the Repukes would do…


Message from AL that seems worthy of mention and probably a good idea.

 WE WON….They failed…


This is your Friday thread…fire away!








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  1. morning meese…

  2. {{{Batch}}} – Take a minute to celebrate – right now all we can do is Resist and Block – and we did it. We blocked the Kill Americans bill. Yeah, 3 Rs had to help and they did and I’m grateful – but 48 Dems/Dem caucusing Indies – including bernie – stood firm. Yeah, they’ll try to bring it back – but they can’t bring this one back because mcconnell doesn’t have enough procedural knowledge to have voted “no” so that he could bring it back. They’ll have to start again – and we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing – Resist and Block. And we’re doing just fine at that.

    The evil ones are still prowling and they they still have the power to hurt us. So we keep the watchers on the walls, and reinforce whichever wall they are attacking at a given moment. We are strong when we work together – we survive when we work together. So. We work together – ignore/isolate those who try to stop us from within. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Good morning, bfitz. I did not know that about the majority leader having to vote no in order to bring it back. So, no zombie bill. They will have to start over. Here’s hoping they do it the right way the next time.

      • They’ll never do it the right way because they aren’t interested in doing ti the right way. But we’ll keep Resisting and blocking until we get strong enough to push them out of office. Then we’ll do it right.

    • Add to that that they really needed to do this under reconciliation rules, and the window for 2017 reconciliation is closing rapidly. They’ll still try to destroy the ACA (HHS not making the CSR payments is likely), but this won’t be the particular vehicle for that. I also suspect that McConnell didn’t forget to vote no; I think he actually caved to reality. McConnell isn’t so much respected by his caucus as he is feared, and it seems likely to me that he realized that for this particular bill, at least, he’d lost his leverage.

      • They needed to do it under reconciliation so it wouldn’t require 60 to pass – and they want the 2018 reconciliation for their tax cuts for the wealthy. But they can’t do the tax cuts under reconciliation unless they have the money from gutting ACA so… They’ll keep trying but if we can keep blocking long enough to run out the clock – 2018 campaigns!

  3. TGIF Pond Dwellers and thanks for the Friday rant, Batch. I stayed up as late as I could last night but didn’t last until the final vote. I found out from an email from PP thanking me for my help and $. The religious right is getting smaller but they’ve gotten wealthier. More millennial voters don’t believe or practice organized religion at all. This is the big push…why they wanted donnie…to get what they want with little political fallout for republicans. They threw both the Orange Shitgibbon and his little shit Pence under the bus. It will be on them. Not the party. Just my lowly opinion.

    Still, I’m celebrating bigly today. High of 100 today. Need to get rolling.

    • I find your opinion spot on rather than lowly. ;)

      It feels so nice to have such Good News. It helps.

  4. Good morning, Batch and Meese. Soooo tired…I got home from work last night, did a load of laundry, cooked dinner, worked 2+ hours in the yard, did some sewing, and went to bed at midnight. By 1:00 am, I realized sleep wasn’t happening, so I got up to check on the vote and stayed up until well after the high drama. Going to bed at 3:00 on a work day is not a recommended course of action!

    After work today, I’m driving the 4+ hours for a whirlwind visit with my daughter; I need to do a fitting with her matron of honor (making jackets for the bridal party) tomorrow morning and then turn around and come home. I don’t usually drink coffee during the workday, but I’m making an exception today.

    • I remember my daughter’s wedding. The venue was in Oregon at Timberline Resort. Snowed in April. All the stuff we had to bring with us. The flowers. The gifts. Big mess. I feel your pain.

      • My daughter and her fiancé are both freelance stage managers, in addition to their day jobs, so this wedding is planned to the tiniest detail (and with multiple contingency plans for those “what if…” situations). But somewhere along the way, a [dumb and/or masochistic] part of me decided I wasn’t doing enough, so now I’m making jackets for the bridal party, a quilted tablecover/family tree out of vintage state hankies, and a dress for my daughter for the small, private, after-reception party she’s holding for out-of-town guests.

        All of this is doable except…two of the bridesmaids live in OR, so I have to make their jackets out of muslin, mail them off for fitting, and then do them out of the real fabric. And then the matron of honor found out she was pregnant…with twins. Meanwhile, the tablecover was turning into a full-size quilt, so I had to redesign it into a table runner if I wanted to retain any semblance of sanity. I haven’t even started the party dress; I may be sewing it the day before the wedding!

        (Lest anyone think I’ve lost my mind, the groom’s mother has had a similar reaction. She’s making the cords for the handfasting and a crocheted tablecloth for the family memorial table. There’s no bridezilla with this wedding, but there are certainly two Momzillas!)

        • Oh, my goodness… That sounds like quite the wedding for the ages! I hope everything goes smoothly and you don’t get too Momzilla-ish!


          • It’s really not, which is why all my stress-inducing extras are so laughable. Sunday morning wedding, brunch reception (dry), and while they have a DJ, the focus is going to be less on dancing and more on board games. The centerpieces are dollar store vases filled with either Legos or toy dinosaurs. The theme (because weddings have themes now…who knew?) is “The Play’s the Thing”…an homage to meeting through theatre and their love of games (they don’t have dinner parties; they have game nights).

        • That is awesome and wonderful, as are you.

          What do they stage manage? (Full disclosure, I SMed in high school and college, theatre ;))

          • They’ve both stage managed (he professionally in regional theatre; she semi-pro for operas) for years, but now they just stage manage for community theatres in the Columbus OH area. Columbus has one of the strongest, best-supported, and quality community theatre scenes I’ve ever seen, so there are always gigs being offered to them.

            She actually started as an actor in community theatre (first role when she was 7 as the Ace of Spades in Alice in Wonderland!), but in high school, got a job as a techie at a local auditorium and discovered her love of tech and wearing black. They actually met when he was stage managing “Picnic”, and she took a very small role the director had been unable to cast through auditions. It was his first time SMing at that particular theatre, and when the floor of the green room collapsed during a show, he didn’t know who to call. She had SMed there before so had the numbers of the people to call. After the run was completed, he asked her out to dinner as a “thank you” for helping him out, and they’ve been together ever since.

          • (And thank you for allowing me to blather on. I don’t get to much…as should be obvious!)

          • No thanks needed! That is a wonderful story! It makes me homesick for the theatre a bit.

            V and I were both drama geeks in HS, and drama majors in college. At UH, I stage managed the production of Sleeping Beauty we did one year where she was the Wicked Fairy! :D One of the fun things I got to do was provide sound effects with the inner guts of an old piano someone got hold of and propped up in the wings. ZIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGG!!!! ;D

            SM is very cool my fav tech job, though I also loved doing make-up design.

  5. Thank you for the TGIF post, Batch! Many hugs for you and scritches for Miss Hillary.

    Master Wufei is sleeping. All is quiet and peaceful.

    Space to breathe.

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