Morning pond dwellers!

Lots of highs and some lows …So many coming at us so fast it’s hard to keep up. Dotard has been rather quiet lately giving us a little respite from his stupidity on Twitter..Most of what we’ve seen lately with his name attached is not the blowhard. Too coherent and no misspells. Seems ever since Stormy hit he’s either had his phone confiscated or he’s actually listening to someone. Figuring that someone has to be Jarvanka.

The present day Peyton Place, alias the WH, is like SNL with Belushi, with out the comedy. Kinda like a food fight without the food. With Dotard doing all he can to fuck over everyone the deplorable moniker Hillary gave out fits all of them like a leather glove.

What will today show? It sure would be nice to see Bobby pull out some subpoenas today.

I expect next week to be a doozy as a lot of stuff is coming to a head and has to pop sooner rather than later.

Food Fight…


How true is this?

Excellent video about PR and the deplorable response of the Federal gov’t.

Another excellent take from Steve Schmidt…


Love this…Great for McCabe!


Heartbreaking poem!


Fuck you Laura! We hope you lose them all..


Daddy Batch..kittens are 3 days old..Momma cat is being a good momma so far.


Gonna finish with Hillary…


Have a great Friday and weekend!!!

Fire away!

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  1. Thanks, Batch, vairy een-tar-esting! My sympathy for McCabe is tempered by that investigation of Hillary’s emails, which is the biggest nonstory of my lifetime.

    So…it’s about to break, eh? We’ve all been hoping for it forever, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas. Remember how disappointed we all were in that?

    I think a certain marine animal should have Laura Ingraham for dinner,

    See you later, Batch!

    • You made me look…W is a Methodist, so I had to check to see if my denomination was going to be rocked by this. But Caldwell was more of a “spiritual advisor”, so my denomination can go back to rocking its own self with the ongoing division over gay clergy and same-sex marriage.

      And details please re your babies. Some of us mostly lurk at Moose, and even that is sporadic. Who’s the mama? Who’s the daddy? Is it just two kitties? Enquiring minds want to know…(and yes, of all that info you provided, that is what I’m focused on!)

      • I shall reply as I was at squirrel the other night so I’m an expert.

        Two kittehs (three total but one was born stillborn). Mother is a semi-feral trailer park cat that seems not too wild. So far she’s being a good nursing mother.

  2. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and thanks, Batch, firvour TGIF wrap up. I, too, hope we have a little samplevfrom Mueller today. Knock me over with a feather! A pastor from a mega church doing something illegal? Good.

    High of 80 today. Too warm too soon. Coffee.

  3. {{{Batch}}} – very good round up. Actually I think Russia Today is bernie’s version of Faux Noise – It certainly is for all the Stein supporters/Hillary-Haters on the Left I know and used to talk to. Putin is the manipulator, not the manipulated.

    I’d like to know more about the kittens, too. I’ve managed to miss that saga – and I love kittens.

    Having problems with my eyes – thank Ceiling Cat there’re at least 2 sites I can visit and actually read stuff without too much pain. Hoping today’s sunshine will help. Have the good day wherever you might be. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Hey, Batch, check with your local SPCA and see if they do a catch, fix and release program for feral cats and if they will take the kitties when they’re old enough. We’ve even fixed nursing feral cats. Bring them in first thing in the morning and back to nursing that afternoon.

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