Week-long Welcomings from Moosylvania: February 5th

Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings posts give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

Welcomings will be posted at the start of each week (usually Saturday night with a Sunday date). To find the posts, just bookmark this link and Voila! (which is Moose for “I found everyone!!”).

The format is simple: each day, the first moose to arrive on-line will post a comment welcoming the new day and complaining (or bragging!) about their weather. Or mentioning an interesting or thought provoking news item. Or simply checking in.

So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. {{{Diana}}} Happy birthday to your son! My younger son’s birthday is on the 22nd. He was born Year of the Tiger. I was born Year of the Rabbit. LOL. As to your trans grandchild, you’ll get used to it after a while. It’s kind of like a name change. It takes some time but “practice makes permanent” and all that. Healing Energy as needed to you & your family. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Good morning, 45 and raining in my garden today. I woke up with an unusual feeling of energy so laundry is going and I’ve cleared some shelf space in the pantry for the mugs we seem to collect. Even put the tea in a collectable sugar bowl, imagine that! I think we’ll go somewhere for lunch today and then I’ll be ready for a nap.

    Jan, I plan to listen to the speech tonight because I can’t bear to see certain faces either. I would let it be but old habits and curiosity will get the best of me so I might as well have a plan.

    Diana, your family will be in my thoughts. Given the ages and all the issues you have very full life agendas to navigate. Interesting how families grow together as we all cope with each other.

    I have been trying to sign up for Spoutable but the last message tells me to try again on the 9th, so I will and I assume I’ll eventually be able to do so. Best wishes to all.

    • I will possibly follow it on Twitter – mastodon is still not quite there yet for live blogging. But I will skip over the video clips.

  3. From mastodon:

    jbf1755@mastodon.social – Hey folks!

    A non-partisan grassroots group of K-12, museum, & university educators are providing book lapel pins to members of Congress to wear at Tuesday’s #StateOfTheUnion address to signal their support for education, literacy, & libraries.

    Watch for it!


    Cool idea!

  4. Good Wednesday moaning, Moosekind! The Rethugs are moaning because POTUS owned them last night. I’m moaning because I didn’t get enough sleep. Younger Son is coming by in an hour to pick up Dearly and drive him to the doctor’s office in far-away Woodbridge. Dearly will take him to lunch afterwards. Oh, and it’s cloudy and 41 F. in Ashburn.

    I certainly did not fall asleep during the SOTU last night! Biden was on fire! He received massive standing ovations and clapping from the Democrats in the audience. Kirsten Sinema wore an outfit that made her look like a monarch butterfly, so yellow it hurt the eyes to look at it, and Horseface was got up like Cruella deVille. A herd of wild marabous must have been slaughtered to make that trim on her jacket.

    The Squeaker of the House looked bored or irritated or sleepy by turns. Our Vice President looked stunning in a red “sit-up-and-pay-attention-because you’re-not-erasing-ME” outfit. Besides being talented and hardworking, she’s gorgeous to look at. Dougie was in the audience, of course, beaming proudly.

    I’m going to come out and say it: Biden is the best president of my lifetime. Better than Truman, LBJ, Kennedy, Ike, Ticky Dick, Clinton, and of course better than the Bushies and Ray-Gun. FDR died when I was a year old so I can’t count him.

    Biden ROCKED last night! He simply looked amused when the peasants in the back started shouting. He gave as good as he got, and BETTER than he got! He forced the Rethugs to say they wouldn’t touch Social Security and Medicare! I’ll proudly vote for him in 2024, thank you.

    Well, having got that off my chest, I’d better get dressed and whatnot. Got to walk Dearly down the hall in 45 minutes.

    Wishing a beatific day to all at the Pond. My blood pressure is way down, this Morning After the Night Before.

  5. Good morning. Rainy morning, so I’ll walk this afternoon instead. It’s much cooler — yesterday was sandals & capris, today it’s in the 40s. Yes, I know for some of y’all that’s warm. But I’ll need a jacket for this afternoon’s walk. Getting ready for work, at least there’s astronomy to watch.

  6. Good Wednesday Meese – 31 going up to 51! Yay! Headed out for some doc visits.
    Puerto Rico

  7. Good morning, meeses! Wednesday …

    It is 37 degrees in Tucson with an expected daytime high of 66. Sunny skies are in the forecast.

    I did not watch the SOTU but will look around for articles that promise to give me “just the facts.” I tried to follow it on both Mastodon and Twitter but the posters assumed I was watching it and their toots and tweets were just reactions. One headline I just saw said that Dark Brandon showed up and gave the Republicans the What For and I will read that one first. The actual words of the speech mean nothing – Republicans will not do what is best for the country, they have not since their brains exploded when the first Black President was elected and there is no incentive for them to do so. May the universe reward them with a plague on their literal House.

    Mitt Romney, who currently passes as “adult Republican”, calls out George Santos as a fraud, tRump, who currently passes as Republican Leadership, goes after Ron DeSantis as a pedophile, and Sarah Hucksterbee, who currently passes as Republican rising star, claims that the left is who started the culture war. Holee sheet, sad useless woman with bad progeny, the war was ginned up by your party’s Texas and Florida culture warriors. And if parents can get their heads out of their asses and realize just what Republicans are doing to education, they will send them packing. I saw that someone planned to pass out book lapel pins for our congresscritters to wear as a counterbalance to the AR-15 pins that the deranged Congressman from Georgia passed out. I hope that people were wearing them.

    See all y’all later!

  8. It’s 44 heading for 53 but damp, clammy, overcast. So of course the windchill is lower. Not a lot lower, thank heavens, but lower. We generated 1.6 KWHs yesterday. The m-t-d at 35.7 is not only not on track for my desired goal, it’s not on track to do the 147 the 2.5K system did in 2015. We’ve got 3 weeks to go, but today isn’t going to help much. sigh.

    I heard from Fineena. Things are not good. She’s not only got health issues that don’t seem to be responding to meds/treatment, her landlord jacked her rent (she’s getting all that govt money, don’t you know) to more than her Social Security check actually is. And so far she hasn’t be able to find a cheaper place to move to. So she’s worried and depressed. Everybody else seems to be holding steady. Not great but not getting any worse either.

    My hands are not happy which is making typing slow and difficult. sigh. I’m late because I had a couple of emails I needed to answer as soon as I got online. So. Off to twitter. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

    • Fineena needs more help than we’re able to give her, that is, a savvy social worker in NC who knows how to get affordable housing for her and the other things she needs. I’m sure it can be done, it just needs someone knowledgeable to do it.

  9. Good morning, 38 and mostly sunny in my garden today, and I may be rested enough to start clipping the ivy retaining the slope by the back entrance. I can stand on level ground there so it’s easier on my legs. I like to do this one early so the new growth will not be disturbed. The back entrance is really our main entrance so I try to keep that planting looking as good as possible.

    I was very relieved re the SOTU speech last night. So good to see President Biden and VP Harris looking strong and capable and to see the R’s looking and sounding terrible. Gives me some much needed hope. Best wishes to all.

  10. Thursday Meese. Weird weather – 25 degrees going up to 40 with snow.
    I’m dealing with a horrid issue – we have a rat invasion in the basement (EEEK!). Exterminator thinks they come from the KFC garbage bins on the main street that is behind our house. Exterminators are sealing up our house around the foundation, placing traps/bait and have been here every other day. This is costing around 6K (Argh!)

    Was interesting watching the testimony of Anika Collier Navaroli

    Got curious – wanted to find out something about her. Wow

    Anika Collier Navaroli’s areas of research include the laws governing technology and First Amendment jurisprudence, the intersection of intellectual property law and the freelance journalism industry. Anika also explores the expansion of traditional constitutional principles governing civil rights protesting to technology and social media, as well as the policy implications stemming from that expansion. Anika works to further open the lines of communication between the technological and civil rights communities and help translate the needs of each. She holds a BS in journalism from the University of Florida, a MS from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and a JD from the University of North Carolina School of Law.

    • {{{Denise}}} – seriously EEEEEEK! about the rats. (Send the bill to KFC maybe?) Cats can’t handle rats, they’re too big. For rats one needs one of the terrier breeds of dogs. That’s what they were bred for, after all. Holding the Good Thoughts. Healing Energy & moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • So sorry about the rats Dee. We had a house invasion 21 years ago and I still shiver remembering how creepy it was. It took a long time to get them gone and then to keep them gone! We still have to be very vigilant about keeping the garage as rat proof as we can but that’s ongoing as they live in the alley behind us, and unfortunately for me they also like to nest in ivy. So that’s another reason I’m pruning the ivy hard this year. I haven seen signs of them yet but if I do I’ll call the exterminator to set another round of traps.

        • Clearing all the ivy and other vegetation from around the garage has helped control the pests. We also filled every crack we could see with a caulk that is supposed to be “rat prof” and added a layer of sharp gravel around the foundation. Every step helps but it does take time to get rid of them.

  11. Puerto Rico
    Erasing Roberto Clemente

    Waste to energy
    This option was named as one of the possibilities to supplement energy production, taking into consideration the problem with the accumulation of garbage that Puerto Rico has been experiencing for decades.

    • For pete’s sake! Talk about erasing people, the stupids are the ones doing the erasing! And during Black History month, at that!

      Anyone with a measurable IQ who lives in Florida should get out of there fast.

  12. Cold enough that I was glad of my warm fleece but I didn’t need hat & gloves — will tomorrow, though. Just 1.09 this morning. I fell in the middle of walking, glad I was in the parking garage, easier to pick myself back up. Anyway, working in the office. The Walmart mass murderer pled guilty, so at least the families are spared a trial. Hoping Sen. Fetterman is okay.

  13. Good gray Thursday morning, Meese. There will be no rain, what a pain, as we are already more than 2 inches under normal for the year. Global warming sucks. Right now in Nowheresville it’s 46 F. and cloudy, going up to 67 F., or so they say.

    Feeling disgruntled that Thing is not in jail. Waiting for Dominion Resources to send us the 1099-DIV. We sold that stock because they were just too hateful to deal with. I can’t even start doing the income tax until next week, I have so few of the proper documents. With those I could download and print out myself, I have done so. It’s a big bore. (Cue tiny violin, most people have real problems.)

    My Writers’ Group meets this afternoon. In order not to be heartless, I’m bringing a red Valentine heart of Belgian chocolates to share. Those who don’t like Belgian chocolates can still find plenty of truffles to get into, because I’m bringing white chocolate strawberry truffles as well. I hope it will be a good session. We’re going to discuss “LUH-uv,” so it will be sweet.

    Wishing a good day to all at the Pond, hope the survivors of the horrible earthquake can be helped, and why did all those buildings collapse? Was it shoddy construction?

  14. It’s 40 heading for 56 and sunny today. Yesterday we generated 1.75 KWHs and the m-t-d is 37.63 – on track would be 72. sigh.

    Twitter’s meltdown yesterday afternoon is unfortunately a sign that the end really is coming. Apparently EM’s remaining servers couldn’t handle the expanded character count that would turn a social media site into a blog site. Which of course can’t be the reason. According to EM. I’m going to try to get onto Spoutible today. Once I’m there I’ll at least be able to connect with my friends. But I’ll lose the “2nd edition” of my crowdfunding “job” – DK having been the 1st edition. But Twitter’s back up so I’m heading over to get caught up from last night and start today’s chores. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  15. Good morning, meeses! Thursday …

    It is 50 and sunny in Tucson – high expected to be 59.

    Only time for a quick check-in, see all y’all later!

  16. Good morning, 41 and raining in my garden today. I’m slowly accepting I can do about half of what I plan to do now, so the ivy clipping I started yesterday is not finished, but oh well. We want to buy some flower and veggie seeds to start this morning and this afternoon I’ll be back in the ivy patch. Best wishes to all.

  17. Good morning, meeses! Friday …

    It is 41 degrees in Tucson with an expected daytime high of 63. Sunny skies but windy. The weekend will be nice but then, as the weatherman says, we “plunge into the abyss” (he did smirk when he said it) with two days of below freezing overnights and a slight chance of snow flurries. I will be taking a road trip this weekend so my weather will be slightly different – higher overnight lows, similar daytime highs, one day with rain chances but mostly sunny.

    The news is ghastly! More criming revealed about George Santos – while Marj’s Kevin gives him access to classified briefings. Kevin’s Marj continues to show herself unfit for the leadership role she has been given with her every utterance. If this were a normal Republican Party takeover of the House it would be more palatable but these people are awful. My only hope is that the elevation of garbage people to leadership and important committees shines a bright light on how unfit the Republicans are to rule. Sad that people wouldn’t just take our word for it.

    “Justice” Alito claimed that the states should control access to abortion yet he is poised to put the power to ban it nationwide in the hands of a crackpot judge in Texas. The lies they tell – watch for the Supreme Court’s approval to drop into the teens. They no longer have the consent of the governed and neither does the House – do we even have a Constitutional government any longer?

    I am trying to adjust to my post-Twitter life. Spoutible ain’t it, Mastodon is closer but missing too many news feeds that I want. Musk shutting down the Twitter third-party apps means that the only way to read it is via a web site. Too dangerous with his unblockable ads and promoted deplorables – goddess only knows what kind of tracking cookies they leave. I am going to spend some time locating some promising news feed bots on mastodon. There were some rumblings about the Washington Post building and maintaining its own server instance – if they do that, it will open the floodgates for others to do so. Several people have set up their own servers instances (I think it can be done for about $5 a month) which is an interesting idea. In any event, the Fediverse is in flux and it may be months before we know what it will become.

    See all y’all later!

  18. Good morning. Got my walk in — knees are bruised but they feel okay. Got a brace for the troublesome one, I think it helped. I’m glad Pence got a subpoena, but the news shows last night talked about nothing else. There is a whole world out there, folks.

  19. Friday Meese. 39 here in Kingston- going up to 52. The temp fluctuations here have been really weird for February.

    Puerto Rico

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