It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Violence of Summer

The Village News & Views June 28, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 160 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread. 

Well it appears we have been offered a reprieve of sorts in the form of the delay of this week’s vote on the BCRA, the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, A.K.A. Trumpcare, Deathcare, GOPdontCare, GimmeMyTaxCuts4theRichLetThePoorDieOfAHangnailCare, or whatever name you prefer. (Whole diaries and articles have been written on folks’ favorite names, they circulate as Twitter hashtags. We get our grim chuckles where we can, folks.)

The message of the moment is, DeathCare is delayed but NOT dead. We are called on the keep the pressure on through the break.

However, make time for your own break. Do whatever gives you pleasure, and look around. Summer is upon us!

In my neck of the woods, summer means heat, humidity, and rare breaks from either or both. It means Hurricane Season! Also “feels-like” temps in three digits.

But summer still retains some of the magic it has always possessed. Adults may not get summer vacation but we remember the feeling, and we can have a hot dog, or summer fresh fruit, or beer, or wine, or ice cream, or whatever treat we like, and enjoy roadside wildflowers, a cool breeze, summer rain.

#RESIST… but take a moment to celebrate summer.

WTFJH yesterday… Day 159: Delayed

Shakesville… Senate “Healthcare” Vote Delayed

Wonkette…. WONKETTE EXCLUSIVE! A Conversation With Lizz Winstead About Lady Parts Justice And Vagical Mysteries!



From the Twitter-verse…

Hillary’s speech courtesy of MVgal92691…

Those glasses make him look so smart!!!

The Divine Miss M…


Someone’s had all they can stands and they can’t stands no more…

And that was who, again???

Love this Hamilton shout-out by the ACLU:

You did this…

Kill it dead….

We owe them…

Stop and look around.

Thank you for your patience. Love and peace, Village! Enjoy your Wednesday gathering.

We are #StrongerTogether

We are #TheResistance and #WePersist

All are welcome!

Post title taken from duran duran’s 1990 track of the same name, which, as a fan of the band I happen to love. I think the reason I chose it for the title of this post has do to with the opening words: Hey! …pick it up… This’ll get you out.. of your head! Because sometimes we all just need to get out of our own heads! Warning, video lacks any socially redeeming value. :)


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  1. {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – thank you so much for doing the double duty. Nice to have a place where we can make remarks about stopping this DeathBill and never mind the Extreme Left’s effen single payer shtick until we do. (And where we can vent about the entitlement berners who think bringing down ACA is the first step to getting single payer. Extreme Left is as evil as Extreme Right when it comes to not caring what happens to people killed in their ideological battles.)

    Not sure how much time I’ll have today to spend at any Village (well, I can’t do Squirrel from work anyway) – but I’ll keep the tabs up and try. We definitely need to keep up the pressure – even if there’s no hope of changing their minds, we need to make sure they can’t claim a ‘mandate’ because nobody called against it. (That’s why I keep calling.) And while the Evil Ones have no problem killing people and their primary goal is to enrage Libruls, they might pay attention to the corporate losses from having to shut down regional hospitals. Maybe. The joy of pissing off Libruls may even override that – it did for Steve Womack in the house – but we shall see.

    Gotta get to work. {{{Moose Villagers}}}

    • Thank you, bfitzinAR!

      I just posted a tweet link to an article that is right on time with your comment, below.

      Hope your day at work is as stress free as is possible. <3

  2. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and a big thanks to MG for double posting. Today is the perfect day to relax and recharge. Take this reprieve and treat it as a luxury mini vacation at a five star hotel. The, when you get up tomorrow, it’s back to reality. I just posted a story on TOS that Ryan thinks we’re running out of steam. Think again.

    I’m having to change my workout plans a little today. My kitty is getting groomed. She’s a long hair Himalayan/calico cross an this past week was hell for her. Now that she’s older, she doesn’t handle the heat as well. The mobile groomer will be here soon. Now, to get her in the carrier without her knowing. Back after the battle.

    • Good luck with the kitteh! :)

      Re: Ryan? He hopes. No such luck.


      • Kitty treats and a “swoop when occupied” provided success. I posted pic at 🍊. No can post here.

    • I’m more in the “do tell” or “well duh” mindset on this. Sort of a ‘so you just now noticed’ rather than feeling any vindication. Partly because they’ll never acknowledge that we’ve been saying this all along. When you got berniebots and trumpanistas both screaming “lock her up” it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice – but it does take someone who’s willing to notice.

    • From the article…

      Here’s the rub. Neither the alt-left nor the alt-right is actually representative of the two main parties of the American system. The traditional values of the Republican party don’t necessitate racism and sexism the way that one would believe given the current climate. Fiscal conservatism isn’t antithetical to minority rights. And the politician the alt-left rallies around isn’t even a registered Democrat. Which would be completely fine, were it not the Democratic party they were trying to restructure.

      Both wings are destructive to our current political system — and it’s clear this destruction is what they are trying to accomplish. Their calls for a specific form of revolution advocate for the type of chaos that leads to the overhaul of a political system. Steve Bannon himself has argued in support of Leninist thinking — essentially the full destruction of the state.

      This is not how change happens in a democratic system. And while it’s well known and accepted that our system is flawed — you don’t burn down the house because it needs some fixing up. That doesn’t help those who are already disenfranchised and certainly doesn’t create economic stability. The extreme sects of the right and left have created a kinship based on delusion and the capitalization of real Americans’ anger and subjugation.

  3. Thank you, MG! Your blast-from-the-past photos brought a huge smile to my face; I may have resembled one of those girls back in the day, complete with bubble romper and “kindergarten bangs.”

    Instead of relaxing over the next week, I’m working extra hours to cover for people who are relaxing. It works out well, since I’m taking extra time off in October for my daughter’s wedding. Instead of using vacation time for that, I’ll just be using the hours I’m banking this next week.

    Other than that, I have no big plans in the works…just work and relax, and relax and work.

    • Those photos are gold. I found them on the net on a blog post where someone was specifically posting vintage photos. So nostalgic, some some of us! :)

      Your plans sound remarkably like my plans….. <3

  4. Good morning MG, and thank you! This is a diary that helps when you are up the whole night unable to sleep and rethinking your dietary choices.

  5. Okay, late as ever…(U know why) Anyways, loved the darling cats. Couldn’t help hearing “Hot town, summer in the city…” in my head. Thank you for the fun stuff! CATS!

    I did pause to watch the wreck that was our former Gov. taking on climate change. OF course it had to be in a football context with team Red and Team Blue, and I applaud Senator Franken for beautifully and masterfully and patiently explaining to Good Hair the complexities of Climate Change. For anyone who is within the shine of my screen words, I swear to the heavens that Most People In Texas, had the same expression as I did on my face when R started to speak. First, you listen, hoping for logic that, like Gadot, NEVER shows up. Then, you get that little pinch in your forehead as you lean away, the eyes shuttering to slits and finally fluttering as your mind begs and pleads to make his lips stop moving. You plead to the gods, ALL of them, to end the torture as you make promises to never try and get an answer from him again.

    Sen. Franken’s eloquence was amazing as he explained everything to Hair Ball. In the end, people from other States need to know…He’s never going to remember a work Franken said or better still, he brain most likely froze over after the Senator’s first three words.

    Thank you for preparing me for summer. May we all get to the air conditioner before the sun can fry us!

    Happy days!


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