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Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings posts give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

Welcomings will be posted at the start of each week (every Sunday morning). To find the posts, just bookmark this link and Voila! (which is Moose for “I found everyone!!”).

The format is simple: each day, the first moose to arrive on-line will post a comment welcoming the new day and complaining (or bragging!) about their weather. Or mentioning an interesting or thought provoking news item. Or simply checking in.

So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. Good “morning”, Motley Meese! The week begins …

    Morning low of 48 degrees in Madison WI with an expected daytime high of 55. Light rain is in the forecast.

    Have a great day, all y’alls!!

  2. Up early to head to the airport. When I made the reservations, the Monday morning flight wasn’t included in the sale — and was so much more expensive that it came out even with another night at the hotel. So off I go & I’ll have Sunday afternoon in Chicago. I have instructions from the hotel on mass transit to there. Anyway, off I go. Will check in when I’m there.

  3. So shocked NOT shocked, the Texas high school shooting – like the one in Maryland – was a revenge killing of a girl who spurned the shooters advances – and mocked him. Bottom line: it has everything to do with easy access to guns by young males who have never been taught how to accept the word NO and who are pumped full of privilege and hate.

    Margaret Atwood: “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”

  4. Sunday Meese

    58, raining – going up to 79 here in NY.

    After getting my spirits lifted a bit watching the wedding yesterday – it’s back to trying to get folks to pay attention to Puerto Rico

    I’m talking about the proposed cuts by the FCC to the Lifeline phone program, this morning This is not only a problem for Puerto Rico – it will also be a blow to many Vets, and other people here on the mainland

    • I generally don’t follow celebrities and have never been one who has more than a passing interest in royalty but the images from Windsor yesterday were compelling. The hats, the music – it was fun and a pleasant break from the daily suckitude.

      • For me the event was more about its racial significance – given right wing Trumpism here and Brexitism there

      • I believe that is their criteria for choosing what to destroy – that it helps people. The Trump Republican Party is about owning the “libtards” and exacting revenge on those who elected Barack Obama. They will settle for nothing less than the rolling back of everything decent and good.

      • For them – the poor, the disabled, the poc, women – are not “people” or not their kind of people :(

        • Not “people” – you were right the first time. Deplorable is/was a polite word for the Evil Ones.

  5. Good partly cloudy Sunday morning, Moosekind! We can see some (very) pale blue sky between the clouds now! I saw a few rays of weak sunlight a while ago! The current temp. in Ashburn is 63 F., going up to 85 F. Yesterday, owing to the rain, it never got out of the 50s.

    The grass in the courtyard has grown three inches since the rain began days and days and days ago. Monty ate a great deal of it at 5:30 this morning, the little twit. He stole a huge slice of chocolate cake yesterday and ate it ALL. So much for chocolate consumption killing dogs—he’s just fine.

    Watched the wedding, had my interview with the high school kids who provide free tech help with iPhones and iPads (they earn community service creds for this), then came back and had a nap. In the afternoon we watched the Preakness, which was so exciting I nearly fell off the sofa. Justify won again, which is raising hopes for a Triple Crown.

    In a couple of hours, Younger Son and DIL will bring the Littles over, and I’ll take them to the Strawberry Festival at Oatlands. It’ll be fun to pick strawberries and bring them home. There will be hay rides and games as well.

    Next week will be busy again. Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday. Will this be the year we can stop gun violence? Will the “blue tsunami” materialize? Stay tuned.

  6. Good morning, 56 and cloudy in Bellingham today. I visited my favorite garden shops yesterday, but between the realistic limitations of my arthritic joints, choosing plants the deer are less likely to eat, and my budget I wasn’t inspired. So today’s plan is to inventory my pots and the perennials already growing in them, make a sun list and a shade list, and hope that just being organized will stir my creativity.

    I know I have to keep the plantings simple this year, but my mind doesn’t do that very well!

    Best Sunday wishes to all.

  7. 72, 87% humidity, heading for mid 80s & mostly but not totally overcast. We may or may not get rain later. Got 19.3 KWHs yesterday and the m-t-d is 315.8 – but seriously doubt we’re gonna get that much today. Still possible to get the 500 but it’s getting iffier.

    Deplorables being deplorable. No surprise. The stupidity combined with the evil is always fascinating in a nasty sort of way. Killing Lifeline isn’t going to get AT&T more money or more customers – it’s going to take away a government subsidy that helps make their stock look good and reduce the number of customers they have. By killing some of them and making their service unaffordable to the rest. (Our city is trying to get broadband & both AT&T and Cox Cable are attacking our mayor with lies and threats to stop us. Unfortunately they’ve been quite successful at that for years now. But we keep trying.) Meanwhile the needs list at DK is growing – more than the current lot at DK are willing to help with, sigh. But there’s another $300 match for Fineena and that helps. And Aji’s Patreon has met the goal she set (really needs another $100 – she forgot to include the PayPal fees when she calculated the goal) so that’s heartening. We will do what we can for everybody we can – and if not call it good at least call it better. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  8. Monday Meese

    50 degrees here in NY and sunny, going up to 78


    • Dee, has there been any kind of count on how many died because of Maria? I know the Twit tweeted “10,” but of course it was more than that. For one thing, anyone on breathing assistance, deprived of electricity to power the machine, would have passed away.

      Damn all Rethug legislators forever.

      • Figures on deaths have been reported to be about 1000 – the “study” that was contracted is taking way too long to be published – this is being questioned

  9. Good morning, meeses!

    It is 50 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 59. Light rain is in the forecast.

    Hillary at Yale Class Day. She is introduced at around 30:12.


    From today’s headlines: “Paul Ryan’s House in Disarray!” Of course, a discharge petition to force a House vote on DACA does not get a DACA vote in the Senate anymore than a discharge petition to force a vote on Net Neutrality does not get an NN vote in the House. And neither will be signed by the tiny-handed despot. But it will fire up the resistance for the next round.

    See all y’all later!

    • Thank you for the video clip – I listen to her and first think “Goddess, what this country’s lost” – but then I listen to what she’s saying. And she’s saying to keep going, that we will always have setbacks and losses, we’ll always make mistake, but keep going. The goal doesn’t go away because we didn’t make it this time. Keep going. And so I have hope. And I keep going.

        • Yeah. That’s what she’s always done when she’s tried to do the big work and got a door slammed in her face – repurpose the energy and do whatever part of the big work she can get to. So that’s what the rest of us can do, too.

  10. Good morning, Moosekind! It’s a beautiful day here in Ashburn, with bright sunlight and blue skies. The current temp. is 65 F., going up to 78 F. later. I’ve uncovered the fake wicker furniture on the screened porch and it looks nice enough to actually sit in. All I need is a few more plants.

    I took two of the grandchildren to Oatlands Plantation for the Strawberry Festival yesterday. As we drove up the long, beautiful tree-lined avenue, I reminded nine-year-old Miss Pink Cheeks that enslaved people had built that avenue. She then inquired whether they had also built the parking lot. “I don’t think so,” I said, casting my mind back a couple of centuries.

    Anyway, it was very hot, terrifically muddy in the strawberry field, and a lot of work picking the strawberries. Four-year-old Mr. Preschooler asked for my packet of wet wipes (women are required to carry all sorts of things in case someone, in some remote corner of the USA, needs something), and tried to clean off his muddy legs. We were all glad to leave, it was so hot. They both fell asleep in the back of the car.

    A pair of Canada geese has just flapped past, honking that today will be a perfect day to look for appetizers in the long grass.

    I have to get the dog out before the maintenance man comes to hear our complaints about things that don’t work. This afternoon there is yet another “newcomers’ party,” the third since we’ve been here. Dearly is bored by these parties and will stay in our flat.

    As for Thang—oh, dear Goddess, he is precipitating this country’s slide into fascism! Demanding an investigation of the people who are investigating him? How long do we have to put up with this?

  11. 64 with 100% humidity and hazy right now. Sun’s trying to break through and the temps are supposed to get into the mid 80s. Hopefully the humidity will drop. A lot. Got 14.7 KWHs yesterday and the m-t-d is 327 so 500 is still possible but needs more sun than we’ve been getting to do it. Still haven’t turned on the A/C – unlike most of my neighbors – so I’m still generating more than I use.

    Deplorables and Despicables still doing their thing – hurting and killing people. But Aj’s goal is sort of met and Fineena’s fundraising met its goal last night so she’ll be getting the good car shortly, Goddess willing. Take a breath, then think about who next on the list. Meanwhile I’m planning for a nice trip with basket to the Scott Joplin Festival late next week. My eldest grandson will be catsitting/housesitting for me. (Which means if my A/C doesn’t come on for basket, it most certainly will for my grandson.) We keep on keepin’ on. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  12. Good morning, 54 and cloudy in Bellingham. Another sleepy morning but I’m going to the pool regardless. Then I’ll take my pared down list to the garden shop and see if I’m ready to be more minimal :)

    Best Monday wishes to all.

  13. Good morning, meeses! Tuesday …

    It is 52 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 68. Mostly cloudy skies all day.

    I must say I found it a little disconcerting to see Eric Holder tweet out photos of Elliot Richardson, the Attorney General who chose to resign rather than obey Nixon’s orders! People are trying to figure out if the meeting yesterday between Trump, Rosenstein, Wray and Coats was related to the Sunday tweet or something else (the Nunes demands?) Either way, there is some concern that information from an ongoing investigation into Trump campaign wrongdoing will be handed over to Congress which essentially means handed over to Trump’s lawyers. It would certainly give him an unfair advantage but if Mueller is close enough to the indictments, it might not matter – it is information that would have to be made available to anyone charged. It would however, give them time to discredit the investigation insofar as it is tried in the court of public opinion. Right now that is simply Fox News and the Wall Street Journal – one is a joke and the other is paywalled, preaching to the choir. I have not set my hair on fire yet.

    Today is primary day in Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, and Kentucky. I will be watching Georgia and pulling for Stacey Abrams and watching Kentucky to see if last minute negative ads are rewarded. I hope not. Texas features the run off between the berner and the Democrat and may tell us a little about how well “whiney and butthurt” plays. I was not thrilled to see the DNC and DCCC get involved at the primary level but “I was treated badly by Democrats” should never be a campaign position and is it NOT how you win the general election – we need a candidate focused on the Republican, not past insults.

    Yesterday’s 5*-4 Supreme Court ruling rolling back part of the New Deal can be fixed legislatively. But it starts with taking back Congress and, goddess help us, winning the Senate before one of the 4 can no longer serve. My feeling on the Epic Systems ruling is that I hope it hurts their recruiting – that the talented people who are already in short supply in the Madison area right now (2% unemployment) choose to take their skills elsewhere and work for companies that value their employees.

    See all y’all later!

  14. Tuesday Meese

    55 going up to 63 here in NYS
    Sitting here pissed off at students who waited till the last minute to mail me their final exam papers – grades are due at 2PM and I got frantic calls – yesterday – grrr


  15. Good gray Tuesday morning, Meese! When I took the dog out to the courtyard shortly before 7, it was starting to rain. Evidently the rain has changed its mind. It’s warm, though: 68 F. right now in Ashburn, going up to 77 F. Rain is expected.

    Unpacked a box of photos yesterday but unfortunately could not find the one of my late father in his Army uniform. Here at AP, we each have a little shelf outside the front door of our flats, which people use to display photos, objets d’art, and cute little toy animals. I bought some Memorial Day decorations, but the photo of my father would have completed the display. I don’t think one of my hubby in his Royal Air Force uniform would do, even if we could find it.

    That said, I’m depressed by the constitutional crisis. Spent a lot of time reading a front-page article in the WaPo about a 16-year-old girl in Gillette, Wyoming, who is single-handedly trying to change the gun death culture and earning a lot of vituperation for her pains. I can’t believe anyone could be as stupid as her father and his cronies. Hope she can leave town in two years and go to a place more in tune with her beliefs. “Place of residence” does have a lot to do with one’s personal happiness, says One Who Knows.

    The tech guy is coming, so I have a lot of tidying to do. Two ladies in the courtyard yesterday afternoon advised me that white vinegar might get rid of The Smell. I’ll try it. As bfitz says, we shall see.

    Wishing a good day to all at the Pond, and please, Goddess—can’t you arrange a few setbacks for The Occupant and his administration, instead of letting them have their own way all the time?

  16. Good morning, Meesefolk; 55 this morning with an expected high of 66 and grey clouds for as far as I can see. I’m on my second cup of coffee in an attempt to jump start my day, but since I was up until 4am, I’m probably kidding myself.

    I was a “victim” of my own obsessiveness last night/this morning. I started the evening by dyeing the overalls for Uncle, the not-so-pretty pig and thought I was done by 8pm. But as the evening progressed and the light in my house faded and changed, I realized there was no way the overalls were going to read as dirty pink under stage lighting. So at 2am, I started another dye bath with yet another mix of dyes. I’m now happy with the results, and the overalls are ready for the next step, which is painting grey pig spots on them. Somehow, despite my initial plans, I don’t think I’m going to tackle that today; there’s enough brainless sewing left to do that I’ll concentrate (to the extent I can) on that instead.

    I’m not sure what to make of the Rosenstein/Wray meeting yesterday. On one hand, I think Rosenstein did the best he could to distract the Occupant with the shiny object of an IG investigation. On the other hand, it’s one more degradation of the rule of law with no guarantees that we’ll ever be able to go back. And the release from the administration re John Kelly working with the DOJ to get information was so vaguely worded that I don’t know what to think; it’s not even clear if Kelly is going to be part of the meeting. One thing that is apparent to me is that waiting for The Constitutional Crisis a la Watergate isn’t going to happen; we’re already in the middle of it, drip by slow drip.

    • {{{DoReMI}}} – hopefully there is a nap in your near future. :) Equally hopefully you are having fun doing all this work to costume the play.

      I wish people would quit using that “constitutional crisis” term – it’s scary without being helpful. The Constitution was written under the assumption that no branch of the government would willingly give up its power to another branch. Especially not the Executive branch. So to the extent that both other branches have been ceding power to the Executive, and that’s been happening since W, the Founders miscalculated. They never had any rosy ideas about honor, justice, or any other “good” reason for maintaining the constitutional democratic-republican form of government. There is nothing that cannot be fixed as long as we have at least close to honest elections and peaceful transfer of power after those elections. If/when we have actual attempts – not just hints and conspiracy theory – to delay or shut down elections, to not transfer power at the appropriate time, THEN we’ll have a constitutional crisis. W. suggested delaying elections. The fascists/KKK said via all its social and other media outlets that Obama was going to find a way to stay in office. Twitler has already said the media would be fine with him having a 3rd term – as they probably would be but it’s not up to them. But unless/until some actual moves to stop regular elections occur, we can and will get through this. We can and will repair this. We can and will move forward in the future.

      Meanwhile, try for that nap. moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • Absolutely I’m having fun, but part of the fun is never losing sight of the absurdity that comes with the process!

      • Absolutely I’m having fun, but part of the fun is never losing sight of the absurdity that comes with the process!

    • The drip became a torrent yesterday as more jumped on the Constitutional Crisis bandwagon. I found this Adam Sewrer article instructive:

      “There Is Only One Trump Scandal”

      The myriad Trump scandals can obscure the fact that they’re all elements of one massive tale of corruption.

      There are not many Trump scandals. There is one Trump scandal. Singular: the corruption of the American government by the president and his associates, who are using their official power for personal and financial gain rather than for the welfare of the American people, and their attempts to shield that corruption from political consequences, public scrutiny, or legal accountability.

      I think if we focus on that, it will help clear away the waters being muddied by the various participants in the drama. The corruption of the American government – being allowed and at times assisted by the Republican Party.

  17. 67, 100% humidity, heading for mid 80s again – but so far the sun is shining. Hope it does all day. Here anyway. A nice long steady soaking rain over in NM would be nice. Got 19 KWHs yesterday and the m-t-d is 346 so we’re still in the “500 possible” range. Including today we’ve got 10 days left in the month to get there and need 154 KWHs to do it, so as long as we get over 15.4 per day, we’ll make it. We shall see what we shall see.

    Ignoring as much as I can of the “news” and concentrating on individuals – mostly their physical and financial health – is what gets me through the days. When I see something I can do at the political/national level – like voting – I do it (I voted early for our primaries so just waiting for the results today). Otherwise, well, the best way for me at least to deal with seriously scary and overwhelming situations is to find something I can do and do it. And so it goes. Aji’s patreon goal is met, Fineena’s car goal is met – step by step (& always sending Healing Energy, holding the Good Thought for their health improving). Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  18. Good morning, 59 and sunny in Bellingham. I’ve had to change my blood thinner med, so I’m back to coumadin which means weekly testing and sadly, no more anti inflammatory meds so my arthritis is in full flare. I’ve got a new arthritis management program so I hope it kicks in gear soon!

    I had to bow to reality yesterday and just keep my legs up so I worked at my desk, but I hope to be in the garden today if I can be.

    Best wishes to all for a sunny day.

  19. Good morning, meeses! Wednesday …

    It is 50 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 77. Mainly sunny skies are in the forecast.

    Stacey Abrams won the Democratic gubernatorial primary in Georgia! I am going to enjoy that and ignore the rest of the news this morning.

    See all y’all later!

    • I was glad to see the win in TX for Lupe Valdez as well
      She may not have a shot at winning – I think however that she will help mobilize the Tejano vote – which will be the only way TX turns blue

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