Saturday’s Hill Country Ride for AIDS – rain or shine, the people served still need your help


I’m doing the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, weather permitting, on Saturday — there’s a 50% chance of thunderstorms. Right now, they’re saying later in the day Saturday but yesterday they were saying Friday night/Saturday morning, so I’m not sure they have any idea really. As you can see by the picture, I’m not the fittest chick. But I do this ride, because it matters. It literally feeds people, gets them subsidized meds, social workers to help with all the things us healthy people don’t think twice about.

it would be Magnificent to get matched donations for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS

The Hill Country Ride for AIDS is coming up soon, and today, April 13, there is a matching challenge so your donation will be doubled. So I thought I’d share some music & ask for donations. If you want to skip the U2 song & my babbling, you can make a donation at my Hill Country Ride page. And here is an article AIDS Service of Austin put on their site about me doing the AIDS Walk & this ride every year & a picture of me with all those t-shirts:…