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Welcome, MotleyMoose Dot Commers!

Today the and the web sites are as one.

(Pardon me while I grab a Kleenex to dry the tear I shed … okay … back.)

In early May, we were informed that the Soapblox blogging platform would be retired “later this year”. We built the web site in WordPress (what you see here) and kept the old site active to allow for an orderly transition.

October 15th was the day Soapblox asked us to go out with the old and in with the new; so if you typed “” into your web browser address bar (or used an old link), just like magic (aka “web page redirect”) you are here at

Thanks for making the trip and please, follow me below the fold …


The Moose has Landed

The Moose Pond is Open

On May 3, 2015, the web site was created to become the new home of the Motley Moose and those who gather at the moose pond in Moosylvania. The change was necessary due to the end of support for the SoapBlox hosting platform provided by The Contributor.

Now, 20 days later, major site work has been completed. We won’t declare “Mission Accomplished!” for two reasons: one, because that phrase is forever tainted, and two, no web site is ever really finished … it is a living, breathing thing that adjusts to the needs of those who use it.