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Anthony Kennedy is a terrible human being.

As a public service, here is a running list of some of the articles related to Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Kennedy made it clear from his votes in the last session that he wants to make sure that his seat is filled with a reliable Republican (which means while Mitch McConnell’s Republican Party still has control of the United States Senate.) For that – and for the obvious fact that he is doing this simply so that he will still be invited to the best Washington cocktail parties – he deserves our scorn.

#WeCanFixThis. Get out the vote and get out *and* vote!

Why is Bernie Sanders the most popular politician in America? (Hint: it ain’t his hair)

Now, let me be upfront here; this isn’t going to be a “Oh, if only Bernie had gotten the nomination!” screed, so, if you’re looking for that post, I’m sure you can find plenty of other choices elsewhere.

No, this is solely going to be a commiseration on the fact- fact- that as of the most recent polling, Bernie Sanders is, by far and away, the single most popular politician in the country right now.

Let’s be clear, here, folks; the Democratic party is facing an existential threat far worse than any it’s ever faced before. But let’s not dwell on that just now; let’s get down to answering the question posed in the diary title, because it’s not one with a nebulous answer. In fact, it’s a pretty simple answer, once you think about it.

So, first and foremost, let’s go to the numbers; here’s the last snapshot from the Pollster aggregator at Huffington Post:

Damn. A 22-point aggregate approval rating. Which is impressive, certainly, but… what does that mean?

A “Blue Dog Resurgence” can save the Democratic Party- and the country

Now, hold on a second. I can already tell some of y’alls assholes are clenching just based on my title alone. And I know full well that everyone and their brother’s got an opinion as to why Hillary Clinton lost, and Donald Trump won, the Presidential election, blah blah blah. But I think we all know the old ditty about opinions, and … so howabout we just skip it?

Instead, today, I’d like to opine on why the Democratic Party now holds the least power it’s held in… I dunno, forever? Maybe. And how a resurgence of real Blue Dogs- real ones, not the corporatist folk you saw go extinct around 2010- can save the Democratic party.

But first, I gotta tell you a big reason why I think things have gotten where they have- and it boils down to just one word. And that word, ladies and gentlemen, is “stigginit”.

Call the Whaaambulance!

Call the Whaaambulance! Harvard Republicans refuse to endorse Trump.

Here, I will save you having to click on that link:

“What happened to our beautiful party … the one built on the Southern Strategy, whistled to in Philadelphia MS, powered by the hateful racist rhetoric of Lee Atwater, and dedicated to crushing the poor, women, people of color, and the elderly??? We must reclaim it from the racist misogynist so that we can get back to the noble task of granny-killing, poor-starving, and sick-kicking Ryanism!”

Justice Sotomayor: “Until the voices [of those routinely targeted by police] matter too, our justice system will continue to be anything but.”

Today we are turning the megaphone over to Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued its decision in the case of Utah v Strieff.

The court ruled that the police officer who illegally stopped Edward Strieff could, by virtue of his having an unpaid traffic ticket, search him and arrest him when they discovered drugs on him and use that illegally obtained evidence to convict him.

Justice Sotomayor disagreed.

Trump did not “hijack” the Republican Party

And “movement conservatives” planning a third-party, featuring a conservative candidate to rally around in November, will find that there is actually no single candidate who appeals to the disparate factions that were cobbled together to create the modern Republican Party.

The Modern Republican Party’s Mask RemovedSparing you an image of the hideousness of the visage that lay beneath it.

Both sides DON’T do it!

Once again, the Fair and Balanced Media has declared that “Both Sides Do it” as they analyze the Trumpism phenomenon that is degrading American politics.

Margaret Chase Smith: ‘… I don’t want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny — Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry and Smear’. Sadly, there is no Margaret Chase Smith to bail your bony asses out this time, GOP. You drove all the Reasonable Republicans away.