It takes a village: “I will never stop speaking out”

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is welcomed by Anne Wojcicki for the keynote speech at the Professional Businesswomen of California conference.










A frame for Every year she has spoken out and fought for women, families, children and minorities. Nothing else to prove……. still more to do.



This is your Thursday  thread.




  1. 40 degrees in Chicago metro…. hello everyone. No she should not stop speaking out or go away. She’s not running again folks.

    Josh Barro (who was a Republican) and wants to come in our party and tell us how to be democrats and matthew yglesias from vox media shouldn’t tell her or her daughter to go away.

    If michelle speaks out or Malia and Natasha they will Drool all over them. If Jane or her Daughter speaks out, progressives crown them queens of the revolution… afford someone who risked life and limb exposing discrimination in the george wallace south the same courtesy. Even if folks don’t, she’s gonna do it anyway.

    My two cents.

    • I’m with you on this. The “two cents” part is kind of funny though. In the 1920s U.S. it came to mean “unsolicited opinion” but earlier and for multiple centuries it was a term used by the wealthy elite to indicate an opinion that was not worth much – at a time when 2 cents was actually not chump change to the poor and working classes. You could feed a family of 4 a sustaining if high-carb dinner for two cents in the 1920s and either more meals or more family members in the 19th century. So by the earlier usage you are stating an opinion that is belittled by the elite but quite worthwhile to the real working classes. And being a member of the working classes, I’d say that’s correct. moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • Clarify – when I said 2 cents would feed a family I was speaking of the British twopence or tuppence and whatever it was equivalent to in American money. 2 cents American would have bought a pound of potatoes in the 1920s – so food, but not a full meal. :)

  2. Hi, me again. Hit “post” too soon!

    THANK YOU for this thread, it’s balm to my wounded soul. Perhaps only other older women like me know the depth of disappointment, even devastation, that I felt when she didn’t win the presidency. I don’t expect to ever see such a qualified candidate again in my lifetime, let alone another woman. We’re in for another dreary couple of centuries of tired old white males.

    I love Hillary, admire her, and hope she continues to speak out.

  3. thanks so much reese, it’s so cheerful to check in and see honest appreciation for Hillary. Watching how she has handled the disappointment has made me admire her even more. I am finding it so much easier these days to just ignore the haters and avoid the small-minded hate fests they seem to need to indulge in daily. Perhaps to avoid noticing how bernie never manages to accomplish anything besides whining.

      • I felt bad at first for not supporting the Villagers at the orange until I looked in to do so and saw again how dreadfully folks behave and just how the admins direct that squabbling. If there isn’t a pie fight going kos or one of his front-pagers start one. I don’t enjoy that even as a non-participating observer, it feels as though I have made myself smaller by doing that.

        • Hey words. I hear what you’re saying. I still go there but I stay in the Village and confirmed Hillary supporter author’s diaries (Teacherken, Expat girl, etc) and I seldom read the comments.

  4. {{{rto}}} – this is a wonderful post. It’s a relaxing, let your breath out, we’re safe here, stress-relieving post. She’s still here doing what she’s been doing for 40+ years – caring, speaking out, making things better.

    It is painful and scary to think of what we are facing because a consortium of white, male, racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, authoritarian elitists succeeded in stopping the most qualified person ever from becoming the president of the Unite States. But she’st still here. She’s persisting as she always has. She’s resisting as she always has. To make things better. And we’re still with Her. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • I’m quite bemused when people contend that Hillary was out of touch,stand offish, didn’t listen to people and could not connect when nothing could be further from the truth…just look at those pictures above…you can see the caring, the empathy she had for other people…I can’t recall ever seeing pictures of that with Bernie…in fact I remember reading he rarely stayed after his speeches to talk people one on one…I get the impression he didn’t really like interacting on an intimate level…

      • They got the idea from the years of attacks on her. They kept the idea because it fit their messiah of the moment’s projective meme. It’s an article of faith for them so facts will not be considered.

  5. I trust her and Barack, I trust Michelle and Chelsea and Bill. We must stand up, and as we do, we can have the confidence and comfort of knowing such warriors, as well as our Village, stand and fight beside us.

    Beautiful, wonderful Thursday post. Thank you!

    • My daughter (BS supporter but voted Hillary in GE) still holds to the fact that the hacking of the DNC was good because it showed how the Democratic Party was biased against BS. When I showed her this last night, she said “Well, serves them right.” I told her she really needs to let that go because this story is not about the DNC hacking (nor did I bring up the hacking by BS staffers). I know she will vote for the democrat (whoever it is) but the BS still has her in his grip. I’m hoping the midterms help break the spell.

  6. Reese, this was a delight to open this morning…thank you! And now for important questions: is that a new leather jacket? I loved her black one from the campaign, but this one looks blue to me. Or is it just the lighting? At any rate, Hillary in leather = badass illustrated.

    • Some purists will say it cost too much and shows she’s out of touch… I have three leather jackets, a leather and wool cubs jacket and carry a union card. The way you dress doesnt make you out of touch.

      • quite true…our favorite bus driver had mention that this was a “paid” speech…brought on some very snarky comments in response…

      • Meh. Look, I cringe as much as the next person when I hear that ANYONE is wearing a jacket that costs $12,000 or more. But I also recognized that being a public figure comes with a whole bunch of different expectations, so I don’t spend a lot of time in outrage. And while I’m preaching to the choir, I would also point out that it’s a lot easier to figure out the maker and expense of women’s wear than it is for men and their usual blue, grey, or black suit. If women’s clothing was as much of a uniform as men’s wear, there might be less focus on what they’re wearing and how much was paid.

        And I’ll take badass over “slept in my suit and ran my fingers through my hair” any day.

  7. Good morning, Reese and thank you for the awesome photo diary. 55 today and cooling down from yesterday’s high of 75. Only 66 projected for today. More coffee. More blogs to visit. Carry on, Pond Dwellers. Carry on.

    • Hmmm…Uber, Lyft, and taxis are generally not available in rural areas. Now why is it that urban public schools should face defunding/loss of students in favor of vouchers for charter schools? Is there something about “urban” schools that makes them the enemy of DeVos? /s

      • The problem for the reactionaries is that the cheap manual, unskilled, uneducated labor jobs they want to push all poor and working-class people into no longer exist and haven’t for a couple of generations now. People keep saying these folks are stuck in the 1950s but really they’re much further back – 1920s at the latest and more like 1880s. Neither do the cheap outdoor-plumbing, no electricity boarding house lodgings for those poor and working-classes.

        They are collectively trying to create a white male supremist/elitest “everyone knew their place and was content” and “men were men and women were glad of it” past that never existed and depends on the conditions and technology of that past still being present to even come close to what were really bad times for the poor and working classes no matter how lovely they were for the elitsts.

    • The clip is great – and soooo Hillary. The comments are predictable. Not a single word on what she actually said. Dissing her hair style, her clothing, talking about billions spent on “focus groups” to come up with what she said, and of course the obligatory “shut up already” – standard elitist Extreme Left inability to accept what they want when delivered by someone other than their messiah of the moment. sigh.

    • Well, the comments showed there are a whole lot of folks out there who don’t know the difference between illegal and legal – just the difference between brown and white. sigh.

    • Unless the people yelling “Trump must go!” now were yelling “Vote for Hillary” then, I have no sympathy or respect for them. However, I will accept anybody as a temporary ally to bring down the R administration – lock, stock, and barrel – especially if they don’t realize that’s what they are helping to do. :)

    • It sounds like the Senate Intel Committee is making headlines today too, so expect an unhinged tweetstorm in 3, 2, 1…

  8. Well, two dems are voting for the scotus pick. I’m not that upset as up to seven can bail and we can still hold our filibuster.

    We have to stop being so rigid and give red state dems room to take tough votes. You already have folks pouting and threatening to stay home and primary Heidi…. that’s how our asses wound up here. The goal is to MAINTAIN seats in 18 not lose them.

    Jason Kander nearly beat Roy Blunt in Missouri running to the right of Hillary. He’s an up and comer in a red state and we need to embrace those types more.

    80/20…. if you’re a dem that line-up with me 80 pct of the time, I can work with you.

    • You got it – Hell, I’ll take 70/30 as long as you don’t bail on the “social safety net” with all its pieces parts. (Didn’t say I’d like it, but I grew up in TX and live in AR – I’ll take it.)

        • Oh yeah. Molly Ivins called it “lesser evilism” – Mark Pryor was nothing to write home about (not nearly as progressive as his daddy) but he beats Tom Cotton by a country mile as far as who I want as my senator. Unfortunately while we don’t have as many purists as elsewhere, which isn’t to say we don’t have them (almost as many Bernie bumperstickers as Trump bumperstickers here in Fayetteville), but we’ve got a lot of voter apathy when it comes to Dems in AR. sigh.

          • We just gotta keep working hard and maybe it will break through. Turning our noses up at the pryor and Manchins and Bel Edwards of the world won’t get us there.

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