The Moose has Landed

On May 3, 2015, the web site was created to become the new home of the Motley Moose and those who gather at the moose pond in Moosylvania. The change was necessary due to the end of support for the SoapBlox hosting platform provided by The Contributor.

Now, 20 days later, major site work has been completed. We won’t declare “Mission Accomplished!” for two reasons: one, because that phrase is forever tainted, and two, no web site is ever really finished … it is a living, breathing thing that adjusts to the needs of those who use it.

Here are the current details. Our WordPress theme is Magazine Premium by cbatova. The default font is Droid Serif with Droid Sans for some of the tags; text is 14pt, title is 18pt. Our default color is Moose Purple #674e85, eyedroppered from fogiv’s original Moose logo.

Please feel free to leave your comments about design issues or broken things here.

The following is the current to-do list which will get to-done as time permits. It will be updated with new issues identified:
– Fix the mobile menu bar which stopped showing after the theme upgrade
– Because tending comments builds community, we need a more streamlined way to review comments. A tool should be available that shows our comments followed by replies to the comments similar to the old Moose but with the replies in-line.
– fogiv is working on making the masthead more attractive. The perspective is not right on the moose pond (it needs to be more in the distance, relative to the moose logo) and will get the attention of an expert.
– Time zone offsets. Currently the moose is at Eastern time which works for the majority of meese. But it would be nice, especially for comments, to see our own time as the post time.

Post Categories, the uppercase header above the post titles, are still in the state of flux. Really, only experience will tell us what we need. The only for sures are Editors’ Choice, for the front page promotions, and Featured Posts, for posts that we don’t want you to miss.

Still to come are the archives, a file containing all the diaries and comments from the old moose. We expect to be able to import that file into this WordPress site but the technical details are still sketchy. When we do the final upload, we will probably turn off site access so that we can recover if there are problems. After the archives are recovered, the will point to the motleymoose. net and the migration will be complete.


  1. The new site looks really good. Thanks for doing an awesome job in putting this together.

    It would be good to have a pointer or a link to the new site posted at the old site for folks who didn’t get the email notice about the change. I had to hunt through the comments to find the link to the new website.

    Again thanks for the great work.

    • I had put a diary up a couple of weeks ago and some of the other meese thought it was a bit premature. I have to agree: this site was changing daily and had more than a few missing floor boards and you needed a hard hat to navigate.

      Good idea, Louis! I will do that right now.

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