President Obama: “¿Que bolá Cuba?”

Sunday afternoon, President Barack Obama landed in Havana, the first president to visit there since 1928.

He didn’t arrive by battleship, like President Calvin Coolidge did. Here is how he arrived:

Found on the Internets:

Also traveling with the president:

More on the visit from the White House: Here’s What President Obama Will Be Doing in Cuba



  1. It’s yuuge, Jan! And so very cool! Despite the obstruction of the Rethugs, our president has still made his mark on the world.

    Hope the visit goes well and that Americans can one day take their holidays in Cuba, just like the Canadians.

    • Even better news is that since Marco Rubio is out, they will not ask him his opinion of the visit! It is bad enough with Ted Cruz blathering about it but there is no one in the entire world who wants to look at Ted Cruz’s face so he does not get the media attention that Young Marco did.

    • I was watching the plane come in on the live stream and it was so amazing to watch history being made. This represents real change, lasting change.

      I thought the photo of the workers waving from the hotel perfectly captured the day. Those are the people who will benefit from normalized relations.

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