Week-long Welcomings from Moosylvania: Oct. 8th through Oct. 14th

Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings posts give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

Welcomings will be posted at the start of each week (every Sunday morning). To find the posts, just bookmark this link and Voila! (which is Moose for “I found everyone!!”).

The format is simple: each day, the first moose to arrive on-line will post a comment welcoming the new day and complaining (or bragging!) about their weather. Or mentioning an interesting or thought provoking news item. Or simply checking in.

So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. My co-worker is getting married today. Their 1st date was to see Cabin In The Woods (a subversive horror movie — he uses all the conventions of horror movies to mislead you; also it is over-the-top bloody). He works in video games, she is my favorite co-worker. She asked for suggestions for visiting San Antonio, I mentioned the famous haunted hotel, but said if you do the ghost tour here they tell you the ghost stories about the Driskill — and she said they’re already signed up for that. (among the many haunted things about it – the elevators are supposed to go in sleep mode at a certain time, but they keep going to the haunted floor, even after the remodel & new elevators)

    So #45 is really, seriously trying to kill us all. Yay. I just hope whoever’s running this video game hits the reset button soon. Brain is playing Spanish Eyes for me. Sweet song, thank you brain.

  2. 65 at dawn, heading for 85. Sunny again which is good. Got almost 11 KWHs yesterday and the m-t-d is 108. Still might make 300 for the month but it will be close. Depends totally on how many more sunny v. cloudy days we get.

    Evil Ones are being evil. Trying to clear myself of some negativity before I go back to being a Channel of Good – one of the berners over on DK invaded the fundraiser diary for Aji after I left and tried to start trouble because I posted a nice music video and good wishes from someone at Squirrel. And then last night sent me a kosmail saying to quit putting the community needs lists in her pootie/woozle diaries. Can’t channel Good for folks like Aji and the rest until i can clear the channel of those negative blocks. The number 13 reduces to 4 (1+3=4) which is the foundation number – so I’m good with it. :)

    I gotta get back to work. Check with the Villages, first if I don’t get interrupted again, but work. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Oh, my gosh, bfitz, I’m sorry that happened to you! What is “Squirrel”?

    There’s so much nastiness emanating from the White House I don’t see why people feel the need to stir things up even more.

    Glad you got the sunshine–I want the rain!

    Have a good rest of the day, dear Moose.

    • {{{Diana}}} – Ono just forgot or she wouldn’t have asked. Others immediately jumped in with the hatefulness. One of them hates the community links/community needs lists and has tried to get them stopped multiple times and has now kosmailed me to not put them in the P&W diaries – claiming that Tricia wouldn’t want them upsetting people and detracting from the “safe” space. We of course will never know what Tricia would have wanted – but I seriously doubt she’d have had problems with the community links needs lists. Oh well. I have referred the matter to Marti and will follow the ruling. But I also will not go into a pootie diary that doesn’t permit the community needs lists.

        • They’re both not just bernie supporters but pretty much bobcats – and they hate Hillary and the Villages with a purple passion. I try to see the good in them, but sometimes it’s harder than others. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Good morning, 44 and raining in Bellingham. Looks like I went for coffee yesterday morning and forgot to check in. Oh well, my life has been so quiet the last few weeks I don’t have much to say anyway. Between managing my tRump angst, keeping my leg elevated, and coping with ongoing dizziness I’ve been preoccupied.

    Reading Nancy LeTourneau’s thoughts re the latest threat to my families health care is somewhat comforting……

    Ending Obamacare Cost-Sharing Subsidies Is Actually a Mixed Bag

    There are times when this president’s impulsivity, ignorance and drive for revenge are completely destructive. I assume that is what he intends by stopping the CSR subsidies. As it turns out, it could be a mixed bag.

    • Ending the CSRs is a mixed bag. For most people, it won’t change anything as long as they take a deep breath and take the time to see the bottom line and not the initial premium hike. The CSR kept the premiums low but there are subsidies available to help pay for them. Cancelling the CSRs will make the individual subsidies higher – to the tune of an additional $200 billion – keeping the costs about the same. EXCEPT, and this is a big one, where insurers decide that the latest sabotage coupled with the introduction of association plans makes offering health insurance too risky and pull out of the markets. We got every county covered about 6 weeks ago but most of those companies have escape clauses. Expect them to escape and leave empty counties and hundreds of thousands of people unable to buy insurance. You can’t force private businesses to offer products that they believe they will lose money on. That is why we needed a public option to offer competition and a failsafe.

      Several states are suing to get the CSRs put back including Kentucky where the governor ran and got elected on repealing the ACA. Turns out that when it is free words with no real life consequences it is easy to be against health care for your constituents. Reality bites.

  5. Good morning, meese! Saturday …

    It is 57 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 64. The forecast calls for rain all day with storms in the evening.

    Don’t miss RonK’s great post with photos from his recent hike:

    Fall Colors and Mountain Goats in the Mt. Baker Wilderness Area

    The Weekly Democratic Party Address is being delivered by a non-Democrat, and one who hates Democrats and thinks that Hillary=Trump, so I am going to skip that and post Nancy Pelosi’s press conference on the ACA sabotage from yesterday as the headline speaker in my Fighting Back post. I can’t look at the Scolding One’s face and his voice makes me want to punch something. Plus DEMOCRATS, dammit!!

    You can’t make this stuff up: they are pumping water out of a well in a hazardous waste site, labeling it “potable water” and giving it to Puerto Ricans who are literally dying of thirst. And I am sure that in a few years when they develop cancers from the chemicals in the water, the federal government will rush to help them deal with their health care needs!! JHC. I saw that Paul Ryan was in the islands, nodding his sincere head and dismissing talk of leaving the hurricane victims to fend for themselves. He knows that when Republicans let their thought bubbles get verbalized, as the Dotard does, it becomes a public relations problem and so he carefully keeps his disgust for those not as fortunate as him under wraps.

    I spent 30 minutes trying to log in today which is obviously related to the FireFox upgrade I did. I have to decide if I can go back to the old one or if this will be a permanent malady (they said the old one was not secure, so that is not a good thing). I now have the Motley Moose up in a separate window but even that took clearing cache and cookies. I wish I knew if it is fixable or not – I hate to spend time troubleshooting only to discover that there is no fix! And I really I hate when my perfect online world goes haywire!!!

    See all y’all later!

  6. Good morning, Meese. It’s cloudy here at 7:30 a.m., but sunshine will peep through this afternoon. Gad. Sometimes I feel that it will never rain again in our accursed spot. Current temperature is 61 F., going up to 74 F. Tomorrow will be even warmer. :(

    Feel heartsick about the sabotage of the ACA, California, and Puerto Rico. There are days when I feel I’d just like to take a news break. But then I’d feel irresponsible: it’s the duty of a citizen to be well informed. If only being well informed weren’t quite so depressing.

    A full day of garage clearing and cookie baking lies ahead. I’d love to have some writing time but alas, that is not to be. Wishing all a good day.

  7. Another lazy Saturday for me. Hit the snooze several times, watching the news. Joy Reid said this weekend she’ll show us her trip to ComicCon. Need to make lunch — think I’ll do the sweet potato & black bean dish, it’s easy — and maybe lentil artichoke soup for dinner. And once again I plan to go to the gym — my iPod is charged, so that should help.

  8. 67 just before dawn heading for 87 – sunny but hazy so far. Got just barely 10 KWHs yesterday and the m-t-d is 118. 300 is still possible but iffy. Need to get on the road and run some errands – I forgot it’s craft fair weekend and the said roads will be crowded as all get out in about an hour.

    The evil ones being evil – that’s no longer news. We don’t need to read that – just what we can do to resist, block, push back, or circumvent to help. That’s what we need to know. pale cold’s house sold! She and the girl’s are gonna be all right – once the money changes hands she’ll get a mobile home for the family (rents in their area are way too high for them) and get a fresh start. I’d like to slap the crews Aji is working with – get her a functioning bathing facility, you dipwads! She can’t move into the house until she can bathe there. And a utility sink for clean up so they can eat there. Even without a stove yet she’s got a crock pot for heaven’s sake!

    Anyway, I’ll check back in a bit. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  9. Good morning, 46 and cloudy in Bellingham. I seem to have a news allergy this morning so I’m going to stop trying to reading around the internets, find some more coffee, listen to music, and play the daily Solitaire challenge games. I feel very indulgent, but as my kids keep reminding me, I’m old enough to do so!

    Best Saturday wishes to all.

  10. Hi all, it’s 98 freaking degrees in Los Angeles and I’m going to try to join this site again. Can you add me as a user here?

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