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Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings posts give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

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So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. 40s with fog & thunderstorms. Crazy weather. Re-shared the diary, aiming for getting to 60% of my goal amount. Eating oatmeal, drinking tea. Trying to talk myself into going to the training ride tomorrow. I really need to do more team stuff, but I can’t keep up so I don’t know how “team-y” it’ll be. On yet the other hand there’s a 50% chance of rain. I just don’t know.

    • {{{anotherdemocrat}}} – do what you need to stay safe and healthy, please. Wish I could help with the fundraising. I did tweet out your DK diary when you wrote it. I’ll see about doing it again. moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • Yay! we’re expecting heavy rain in the morning so my training ride was canceled, I can sit on my couch & watch Joy Reid. No having to be social, such a relief.

        Thank you for sharing the diary!

  2. Good Freya’s Day, Meese! It’s a gray, drippy morning here in NoVa and likely to stay that way. I don’t mind, we’ve been in drought for so long. Current temp. is 39 F., going up to 51 F. That’s a far cry from Wednesday, when it was 80 F.! Slow cooker beef stew for dinner, I think, for a coldish, rainy day like this.

    Was finally able to file my income tax returns with TurboTax last night, and both were accepted. This morning’s chore will be to put the paper versions together with all the forms. Have a child-tending job after school but the mom said she’d be home early, so that’s good.

    Feeling pretty encouraged by the kids and some of the grownups. M’daughter and some of her neighbors in the Circle C Ranch section of Austin are organizing themselves to march next month in solidarity with the kids.

    Speaking of kids, all day yesterday I thought of Sophie and Hans Scholl and Christian Probst, who were executed in a particularly horrible way 75 years ago—22 February 1943. Their White Rose activities inspired other resisters, though. We visited the museum dedicated to them in the University of Munich years ago. I think the Parkland students have started something that’s going to be BIG.

    Repair persons are in the house already—did I mention that the icemaker in the refrigerator, the washing machine, and the generator that keeps us supplied with electricity all decided to die at the same time? Bummer. The new washing machine arrived but I haven’t used it yet. Hope the icemaker will be restored today.

    Wishing a good day to all at the Pond and Beyond!

  3. 44 windchill 37 heading for 50 with more rain. Well, the ground isn’t squishy yet, so I’ll happily take it. Got 6 KWHs yesterday, slightly more than the previous 3 combined, and the m-t-d is 151 – that’s pretty much what I use in a month when I’m not running A/C so while I’d love to get 200 we’re golden now.

    I devoutly hope that somebody has got security on the Parkland kids who’re speaking up. Especially Emma. They made themselves targets and while at the moment they’re just being attacked and threatened online that could so easily change. I at least hope the most vocal – and seen on TV/internet – are staying out of sight except when at a secure event like the Town Hall. Any place where an R politician actually shows up will be quite secure indeed. Rs are fine with everybody else being targets, but not them. Holding the Good Thoughts on Mueller’s investigations. And the court cases on Net Neutrality. And the Dreamers. And Puerto Rico, And…

    Gonna tour the internets for a bit – need to track down some folks I’m apparently donating money to. Seems when after I was banned I marked the DK fundraisers as spam I not only didn’t turn off the auto-donations but the receipts don’t come to my inbox so I can do so. LOL. Fortunately I wasn’t giving them much – but I got better places for it. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Good morning, meeses! Saturday …

    It is 27 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 37. Briefly sunny this morning giving way to clouds and rain.

    The rats are jumping ship. That an indicted Trump campaign official decided that spending 10 years in prison, while his kids grow up without him and his savings are drained, was not worth it to protect a guy who is not likely to show any loyalty, should surprise no one. That it might take down a sitting Republican Congressman, Rep. Dana “Russia” Rohrabacher from California, is a bonus. I was reading some of the commentary and the problem that Manafort has is that he is in too deep and the people he would need to turn on would literally kill him. The Rick Wilson pointed out that he will either be killed by the Russian oligarchs, die in prison, or die in his sleep in a Witness Protection Program – not great options. I just hope that some of the money laundering can be tied back to Trump Tower and DonSr and DonJr. I am really sick of the ugliness that that family has visited on our country. After 8 years of the Obama Family, to have this literal crime family in the White House makes me ill.

    Turns out that the kid who claimed the CNN Town Hall was “scripted” does not know the difference between “scripted” and “produced” – and that the “script” he refused to “read” was his own words that, after consulting with others, he wanted to turn into a 30 minute pro-gun speech. The right-wing lies, this kid turns out to be a chump, and damage is done to the credibility of the other students – Mission Accomplished! I wish I knew how many people are really swayed by the right-wing media or if it is just preaching to the masses. When truth becomes optional and lies and spin can’t be separated from facts, I am not sure how we can win an argument on the merits. At least the businesses making money off their connection to the NRA are realizing that when 83% of the country hates what the NRA is doing, that they will lose more business if they continue allying with them. Take away the discounts and expose the members of the NRA as people happy to support the massacre business.

    Congress is on recess for the Presidents’ Day Holiday (which feels like 40 years ago) so there is not a lot of news from Nancy Pelosi’s newsroom. There is an address by Rep. Ted Deutch whose district includes Parkland and I will put that up in Fighting Back.

    See all y’all later!

  5. Good morning, Meese! It’s twenty minutes to 7 and outside it looks like Brigadoon, with thick fog everywhere. It’s kind of neat, actually, like a Sherlock Holmes movie. Right now it’s 48 F. in NoVa, going up to 57 F. Vegetarian lasagna for dinner tonight, followed by fresh mango with blueberries and blackberries.

    Following the news with interest. Would hate to be Manafort! It’s disgusting how the right is trying to discredit the surviving students, but somehow I think this time they’ve met their match.

    Slept better last night, so today I think I might actually get a few things done, like packing! The plumber fixed the icemaker, although we have to throw away the first batch of ice, the generator works now—should have mentioned we use it only when a rainstorm or snowstorm blows out the electricity—and this morning I’ll use the new washing machine after I read the instructions. Have lots of washing piled up to do.

    So that’s going to be by day. Wishing all a good Saturday.

  6. Saturday Meese
    36 going up to 49 here in NY.

    As a teacher – I can’t even begin to unpack teh stoopid on arming us. Glad to see immediate pushback

    • Excellent tweet! These NowThis news videos are very well done and very re-tweetable. I don’t know who is doing them but I hope they can continue.

      I was startled to read that a majority of Americans are in favor or arming teachers! I hope that they rethink that after they read the experts who are telling everyone who will listen what a terrible idea that is. Someone on Twitter also pointed out that the likelihood of a black teacher holding a gun and surviving the first wave of police arriving on the scene of a shooting was slim to none. The right-wing has never protected the rights of black men to own guns or use guns – it is another whites-only right.

  7. My training ride canceled (yay!) because it was supposed to be raining so of course it isn’t. Darn. So I’m watching the local news & waiting for Joy Reid’s show. I suppose I should ride this afternoon. I need to buy berries & make oatmeal this weekend.

      • I put oats, berries, flax meal, almond milk, yogurt & nuts in a pan & bake at low temp for an hour. It’s easy & I make breakfast for a month or so, all at once.

  8. 53 heading for 59, very overcast and raining off and on. This year it seems we will get our flooding in February – hopefully instead of rather than in addition to April since we’re dry enough right now that the water has some place to go and the flooding is minimal. Meanwhile I’m generating at about 10 watts at the moment. Yesterday was just under 2 KWHs for the day and the m-t-d is 153. Depending on when/if this spate of rain & cloudiness clears off, may or may not get 200 for the month.

    The expected attacks on the Parkland kids are no less vile for being expected. But they’ve got a lot of support from the rest of us – online and in person – and they’re determined. If we can keep them safe from physical threats these kids are going to lead the way to a new and possibly permanent assault weapons ban. We may not get anything else out of it but I really think the assault weapons ban is within reach – but we have to take Congress back to do it. Which the kids seem to know – so marches now, registration as soon as they’re able, and the ones old enough will be voting in November. We’ve got to back them up there, too.

    Gonna tour the internets and then get on my Saturday stuff. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  9. Good morning, 33 and snowing in Bellingham. I can relax and enjoy watching it fall today knowing rain will return tomorrow. From the looks of the main floor and the basement this week has gotten away from me so I’ve got lots to do today. Hope I can keep my focus!

    Best Saturday wishes to all.

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