My first AIDS Walk diary for 2018

Hi. So if you look at my posting history, it’s 99% AIDS Walk & AIDS Ride diaries. Yeah, back in May I posted about going to the U2 concert in Chicago. But really — it’s about the Walk & the Ride; and heading into the fall season, it’s #AIDSWalkATX. This year, it’s in early November:

In its 31st year, AIDS Walk Austin returns to Republic Square on Saturday, November 3, 2018. Benefiting ten sharing agencies including AIDS Services of Austin, this event brings together people (and pets) from all walks of life!

AIDS Walk Austin attracts 1,000+ people annually for an afternoon of celebration and remembrance of those affected by HIV. This year, the Walk will partner with the Farmer’s Market to create an amazing festival atmosphere that will be fun for the families, friends, and pets.

Together, we can add up the steps to equal Zero new infections.

My goal is $5,000. It’s a big goal, but the need is big. If you want to skip all the why’s & what’s and just donate, you can do that here. Here are some examples of what your donations do:

$35 covers one rapid HIV rest – we know that 40% of HIV+ people don’t know it yet. Through testing, we can get them into life saving care, and further reduce the spread of the virus.

$60 pays for a one month supply of medical prescriptions. Medications can reduce the virus so much that it keeps someone healthy and also reduces the risk of passing it along. I think we can help with that, so here’s my AIDS Walk Austin page.

$120 provides education for 440 people. Education is one of the most important tools in reducing new infections.

$250 provides 3 family counseling sessions. It can be devastating for a family when a member is diagnosed, and we know that an intact family unit promotes health and provides a built in support.

$500 provides a month of rent for one family in supportive housing. Assistance with food, daily chores, trips to medical appointments and social support create a foundation for continued health and a step toward independence.

$1,000 gives 450 home cooked meals for hospice patients. When in hospice, there are often unique food needs. You can make sure that final days are spent with delicious food that doesn’t upset someone’s stomach. This is the thing that gets me. People helping people — the home cooked meals that can help a person feel better.

One of the fundraising tools they have is a lip sync video. I did one to Snow Patrol’s Empress (…And on the street you can see for what seems miles, and in your heart, you know they feel like you do)

And because I’m me, there must be a U2 song. There is no them, there’s only us. We’re the only ones who can do the helping:



  1. Yes I know $5,000 is crazy high, especially in an election year. But ya gotta aim high, right?

  2. {{{Becky}}} – I’m in. Not for much but “many a mickle makes…” and all that. moar {{{HUGS}}}

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