Week-long Welcomings from Moosylvania: Mar. 29th through Apr. 4th

Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings posts give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

Welcomings will be posted at the start of each week (usually Saturday night with a Sunday date). To find the posts, just bookmark this link and Voila! (which is Moose for “I found everyone!!”).

The format is simple: each day, the first moose to arrive on-line will post a comment welcoming the new day and complaining (or bragging!) about their weather. Or mentioning an interesting or thought provoking news item. Or simply checking in.

So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. I got in a 1 mile walk before the rain started yesterday, will have to walk earlier to do that today. Big thunderstorms expected today & tomorrow. And tomorrow it’s supposed to be cold — won’t get out of the 50s. Got to get in exercise while I can. I’ve got beans cooking, might as well since I’ll be here to monitor them. Will add a bag of greens to them later on & that will make a good dinner for several days.

  2. It’s 57 and raining right now. It might make it to 60. It might not. I didn’t have a fire last night because it didn’t get cool enough to build one until after it was too late to build one. Today I can build a fire any old time I want to. I won’t of course until this afternoon. But I could. We got 13.5 KWHs yesterday and the m-t-d is 26.5 – that’s still not quite on track for 400 much less 477. Today sure isn’t gonna help. sigh.

    I haven’t gotten any more funds from friends of Amelia since that first $200. I hope more folks step up. Delaying the due date until the 6th means her own SSI check will be there to contribute – but even if she put her whole check in it wouldn’t be enough (& then she wouldn’t have eating, gas, or co-pays money). She gets about as much as I do per month. And even if we combined our checks and paid her “rent” neither of us would have enough to live on the rest of the month. So yeah, need some more folks/of her friends to step up. None of them know me so we’re not sure how many are going to be willing to send me money to collect and spend for her. We shall see. Aji got another sale. Not enough of course. The only single sale she could get that would cover what she foresees needing right now would be one of those butterfly concha belts. So prayers and invocations to those two especially – but really for everybody.

    It’s so frustrating about not being able to give blood yesterday. That’s the only reason I went out yesterday rather than waiting until next week. And while my first impulse was to get my iron up then go back immediately – like today or Monday – wisdom is prevailing. I was in 3 grocery stores, a gas station/convenience store, PetSmart, and the blood bank yesterday. There were a few others wearing gloves and face coverings in the grocery stores. There were none in the convenience store, PetSmart, or the blood bank. (In fact one of the blood bank techies said she’d been told nobody needs masks if they “feel OK” – smh.) So I’m not going out again until after the 17th. I’ll eat half the liver I got yesterday this evening and Sunday just for my own health’s sake. The other half pound is in the freezer. I’ll get it out and have it a few days before I try the blood bank again. I’m not very low – 11.6 when the minimum is 12 – but I still need to get it up. Anyway my son will get my CO2 cartridge refills tomorrow (we hope) and probably milk then too. The various stores don’t have their seasonal gardening shops open yet but I know they will by the 17th. Spring is not a good time to start one’s gardening from scratch. Especially container gardening. Oh well. Healing/Helping Energy to everybody. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Good morning, 38 and raining in Bellingham. The buds on my old maple trees are a lovely color of green with a touch of red. So nice to see this morning, and a needed reminder that spring is coming and this hard time will pass. The walls of this old house seem a bit close today so I may bundle up and work in the garden.

    Best wishes to all.

  4. Good morning, meeses! Saturday …

    It is 30 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 50. Sunny skies are in the forecast. A cold front moved through that brought snow overnight – yesterday afternoon it was 72 in the sun on the back deck! The sun will be nice today but 50 might be too cold to sit in – I will definitely try; the warmth of the sun is healing.

    Wisconsin Governor Evers called for a special legislative session to give the Republicans one last chance to postpone next Tuesday’s election. They refused, not because they don’t understand that they are going to get people sick and possibly kill them, but because they can’t give our Democratic governor anything that might look like a win. Bastids.

    Another day, another set of horrors resulting from Trump “administration” incompetence and willful neglect. The things that are wonderful about urban living – the vibrant life, the multitude of things to do, the mingling and meandering of the people – makes it a vector for an uncontrolled disease. That the Southern tRump states are twiddling their thumbs as they imagine it to be only an urban disease are going to be in for a shock. The governor of Alabama issued a “stay-at-home” order that exempts family visits, restaurants and bars. Yikes!! Why bother? I have been reading some of the second wave stories about what smart scientists and medical people are planning to do to help stop a re-emergence after we peak and some people might return to a semblance of normalcy. We have to be glad that 3 years into the tRump reign of error that we still have a scientific community – in waiting – who are thinking about how to rebuild. If this were 3 years into a second tRump administration, we would be reduced to ordering toe tags from Amazon, putting them on and laying in our front yard to be picked up.

    Nancy Pelosi wants a CARES 2 (4th wave of Congressional support) and, of course Mitch McConnell want to stop everything and hurry up and confirm judges while his guy is hanging onto power. And, of course, anything new he wants “paid for” so watch the knives come out for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Bastids.

    There is a Weekly Democratic Party Address by Nita Lowey that I will put up in a Fighting Back post later this morning. Nancy Pelosi did her Thursday presser via a conference call so there is that as well.

    I want to get my to-do list reorganized so I that have a plan for next week and the rest of April that reflects reality. I put off a bunch of project work in order to help clients set up work-from-home and have to get back to that but I need to organize the scraps of paper that have landed on the to-do stack over the past two weeks.

    See all y’all later!

  5. Saturday Meese. 48 going up to 60 here in the Catskills

    Puerto Rico

    • Dear Goddess, but I hate Trump! Why doesn’t something happen to him? He seems to be a robot. Never gets coronavirus or a stroke from eating fast food…plenty of better people than he have been felled like logs.

      Of course, being a robot would explain the lack of sympathy for others.

  6. Good Saturday morning, Moosekind. It’s cloudy and 47 F. at almost 8 a.m., going up to 59 F. later. The winds appear to be normal today so I’m going to get out for a walk or die in the attempt. We did nothing but EAT yesterday and the scales showed it this morning.

    Yesterday I read a story over FaceTime to little Mr. Preschooler, whose mind was on “light sabuhs.” It was not altogether successful. Next time I’ll choose a book more apt to appeal to a four-year-old. The one I read yesterday was about an arrogant Minoan prince whose sense of entitlement caused him to displease the Goddess, who in turn completely destroyed the island of Thera.

    Lacking the opportunity to get a haircut I look like Struwwelpeter. If this continues I’m going to look like Cousin Itt on “The Addams Family.” (First-world problem, I realize.)

    What on earth is going on in Wisconsin? Last word I could get seems to be that they will postpone the election. What a mess life is when Republicans are in office! May the crusty curse of Oliver Cromwell afflict their poxy penises. I read in the WaPo that The Resident intercepted and stole a load of masks that the Germans had already paid for. He’s a criminal! Well, we’ve always known that.

    Letter-writing, exercise, and organizing are on the agenda for today. Hope everyone will have a good day and dear Goddess, let people stop dying!

    • The Republicans in charge of the state legislature are obviously “coronavirus truthers” who believe that election workers don’t need protection from the hoax. From today’s paper, describing why they rejected changing the date and making it all mail-in:

      “Hundreds of thousands of workers are going to their jobs every day, serving in essential roles in our society. There’s no question that an election is just as important as getting take-out food,” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said in a statement.

      They are counting on rural poll workers – and voters – to believe them and deliver a big win for their right-wing anti-democracy Supreme Court candidate while they are gleeful because the City of Milwaukee will be reduced to 5 polling stations for the 50,000 people expected to show up for in-person voting. Cold calculation – putting their own constituents’ lives at risk in service to their political agenda. In other words, typical Republican death cultists.

  7. Got in a 2 mile walk yesterday and yet I slept really badly last night. And it’s cold — upper 40s outside and 67 inside my apartment. Brrr. Ali Velshi is interviewing Rutger Bregman the guy who went to Davos last year & shocked all the rich people by telling them to pay their taxes. Great discussion. Got in as many hours as I could working yesterday & will do some more today because after telling us they didn’t expect us to do 8 hours every day, management said that we’d have to use our vacation leave for anything less than 40, as if this was normal times & we’d decided to come in late or leave early. Grrrr. So here, have some music & remember: when the lights go out, don’t you ever doubt, the light that we can really be: The Blackout.

    • {{{anotherdemocrat}}} I’d bet your own management wanted to give you options of less than 8-hours a day and then were firmly “corrected” by those higher up. That happened to us a couple of times in emergency situations when I was working for the university. Being a state agency as it were, the Chair and even the Dean can be (and regularly are) overridden by the state legislature on things like that. Glad you got your walk in yesterday. Best I can say is set your routine and stick to it as best you can. Healing Energy & moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • Our division director just started in January, and she’s a good, caring person – buy talk about getting thrown into the deep end. I just wish they’d told us from the beginning.

        • She probably thought she had the authority to cut you the slack and was informed otherwise by her “superiors”. After the first time with us, I thanked the Chair for the thought – and did my 40 hours anyway.

  8. It’s 37 and overcast heading for 49 where it will stay until just before dawn tomorrow. The day started clear enough to wake me up at the “usual” time of right at dawn but was clouded up by the time cats were fed and breakfast fixed. sigh. We only got 4.6 KWHs yesterday bringing the m-t-d to 31 – that’s barely on track for 300 and way off track for 477 or even just 400. This is not being a good year on a whole lot of fronts.

    Nothing new on the money front with Amelia. Last night before I logged off she said she’d be doing follow up with her Yale FB friends during the evening and again this morning. If at least 5 more come through with $200 I can cover the rest even if she can’t. And she may be able to as the due date moved to Monday from last Thursday allowed her Social Security check to be deposited. Another thing she was planning to verify last night. Aji still needs sales desperately. (& for people to STAY HOME – NM is a state of 2 million people currently on track to lose up to 3 thousand people to COVID19 & the effen tourists are still coming.) Other folks need, well it always does come down to health or money or both, doesn’t it?

    I have 3 sleeping and 2 antsy/pacing cats. I wish I could sleep in the day time. Oh well. I’ll get some coffee and check things then read the Fighting Back post. Healing/Helping Energy to everybody. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  9. Good morning, 40 and partly sunny in Bellingham. My plans to go outside didn’t happen yesterday and I can already feel inertia setting in today so I’ll try to use my time in a more productive way. I’ve hesitated to sew masks, waiting for more information. But given the new guidelines I’ll see how many the family might need and do some production sewing. I’ve got everything I need except energy and motivation!

    Best wishes to all on this sneezy spring day.

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