Question: This looks like the coolest web site evah! How do I sign up to start commenting?
Answer: Simply submit a comment on the most recent Welcomings Post. Use the name you would like to be known by on the Moose and fill in the email address as requested. Your comment will be put into a moderation queue and you will be added as a Subscriber. If you wish to write posts for the Moose, indicate request in the comment.


    • Howdy! First step, tell me if you want to use the same user name from the original pond “Adept2u” or the one you used here. Then, since the account information on file at the old moose doesn’t match this information, please go to the old moose site and post a reply to a comment there (you can reply to this comment). Then, once we know it is you, Moose Admin will set up an account and email you a temporary password. Voila!

  1. Hey all. I used to hang out at teh Moose a while back and would like to come back home. I went by Hollede then and my email was An unfortunate mishap occurred with gmail and I lost my address. It’s a long and embarrassing story. Heh. Anyway, as you can see I have a new email address and new name that I want to use now, so please make it so…or just tell me what to do, as i am a bit confused by the new site.

    • As soon as you said “I am a bit confused by the new site”, I knew you were a Moose!! :)

      An email with your signup info plus password should arrive shortly — from wordpress at motleymoose dot net.

      NOW … the mess that I created by allowing comments on an FAQ page has to be fixed somehow because I don’t want to miss these signups.

      Please visit this week’s check-in at this link and let the other meeses know you are here!

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