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Fighting Back: “We believe that Americans should decide American elections.”


The Weekly Democratic Party Address was delivered by Rep. Adam Schiff of California regarding the very real threat of foreign influence in the 2020 election as Russians once again pick Donald Trump as their preferred candidate.

(Chairman Adam Schiff discussed the ongoing threat of foreign interference in our elections and the proactive measures necessary to counter such efforts)

The Russians are once again intent on interfering in our presidential election. They are likely to use some of the same tactics they used in 2016, but we must also be on guard for new efforts to influence the outcome this fall.[…]

As significant as the threat of foreign interference is to our elections, there is something even more dangerous to the health of our democracy. And that is domestic efforts [by the Republican Party] to prevent Americans from voting by closing down polling stations, limiting the days and time for voting, imposing deliberately burdensome voter ID requirements, purging voter rolls and discrediting, in advance, the votes of millions of Americans who must vote-by-mail during a pandemic.[…] [Donald Trump and his political party] may try to tear down our democracy, but we will build it up. And come November, we will make sure of one thing – that Americans decide American elections.

(CSPAN link to Weekly Democratic Address: here)


Tuesday in Mooseville – Voting Rights Potpourri 10/30/18

Lyndon Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965. (Anyone who has the time and inclination to identify those pictured wins my undying gratitude.)

I was going to do this post next week, but since so many people have already voted, I decided not to wait. Consider this your motivation for the day, with a few persuasion points, as you talk to neighbors, friends, and even strangers, and encourage them to vote.