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VNV Tuesday – Offered Without Comment 11/14/17

When print editions still ruled the day.

Puerto Rico, 1900
Philadelphia North American, Rep. : The present condition of Puerto Rico would have been absolutely incredible and inconceivable to Americans of two years ago. We thought we knew our own hearts, and we should have said with entire confidence that wherever our flag went it would go as a messenger of benediction. Has a year and a half of empire stripped us of all the fine feelings of humanity with which we went into war for Cuban liberty, and turned us into a race of mercenary oppressors?

Ex-Attorney-General Smith, of Indiana
“It is conceded that Puerto Rico constitutes part of the territory of the United States and that our title to it was acquired under the treaty making power of the constitution ; and it follows, therefore, that the moment the title passed from Spain to the United States the constitution extended itself over every part of the island. Any attempt by congress to segregate the constitution and extend a part of its provisions to our island possessions is a violation of the letter and spirit of that instrument, amounting almost, if not quite, to an overt act of treason. We took these people from choice, not compulsion, and by that act we extended to them the protection of our constitution. If we have made a mistake in adding this territory to our country it is not too late to correct it. “

VNV Tuesday – Poetic Justice 11/7/17

An excerpt from the poem The Welder by Cherrie Moraga; the complete poem can be found here: The Welder

…I am now
coming up for air
Yes, I am
picking up the torch.

I am the welder.
I understand the capacity of heat
to change the shape of things.
I am suited to work
within the realm of sparks
out of control.

I am the welder.
I am taking the power
into my own hands.

VNV Tuesday: Another OverVIew

St. Thomas (L or W), St. John (R or W), St. Croix (below or S)

Maybe because of its smaller size in area and population (106,450 per the 2010 census) or maybe because its population is 76% Black, the USVI has received even less media coverage than Puerto Rico after Irma and Maria.  Today’s post is an attempt to rectify some of that and bring a spotlight to the ongoing struggles of our fellow citizens.

First and foremost…

This was a little more than a week ago…

This is now; first case of leptospirosis reported in USVI

Try to imagine…

…and thank your rep if they were one of the “yes” votes in the House.

Noteworthy:  the USVI Department of Tourism has a history of tweeting every two-three days; this is the last tweet posted.

People helping people.

“Our colors will not fade”

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: Puerto Rico Is Us 10/10/17

San Juan, 1901

Today’s post is prompted by this tweet and the accompanying article:

Too many of us were educated in a system that shies away from words like colonialism, imperialism, or racism when talking about our country. And yet, the evidence is readily available if one is willing to look. Today, we’re looking.

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: A PRimer 10/3/17

A useful point of reference.

I’ve never been to Puerto Rico. Up until recently, if you asked me to find it on a map, I would have been able to find the general locale (I’ve heard it’s in a big ocean) but would have meandered around a bit before picking it out. Unfortunately, my ignorance goes beyond geography, so today’s post answers some of the questions that I have had; although I assume just about everyone reading is more knowledgeable than I am, I hope I’ll add to the community knowledge in some small way.

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: The Explainers 9/26/17

Inspired by WYGal’s Friday post at DK which featured the Helpers, today I am going to focus on the Explainers. Unlike WYGal’s theme, this won’t be an ongoing series, but I want to focus on the authors/writers/groups/publications which provide us with information and fresh perspectives, and contribute to one’s growth as an informed citizen and resister. Please feel free to add threads, posts, articles, or recommended follows which you’ve found to be useful Explainers.

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: What Sewing and Politics Have in Common 9/19/18

If only my sewing room were this organized…

 Normally, I write my posts here and then copy and paste them for the DK Village. For whatever reason, today I wrote up my DK post first, and once I was done, I realized I didn’t really want to do the same thing here. So indulge me, even if you don’t sew…

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: Book Release Day

Today’s the day that some have been waiting for and others have been dreading; with all the differences of opinion, one thing that is certain is that very, very few have actually read The Book. Yes, a bookstore in Florida sold some copies early (that’s how some CNN reporters got their copies), and a few more pundits were given advance copies with embargo conditions. And yes, some excerpts were released early; approximately four pages out of 512. We know those excerpts have stirred up controversy in the media and on Twitter, but what’s different this time around is that there has been significant, astute, and articulate pushback. Today I’m posting some of the best.