It Takes A Village: TEMPLATE

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Morning Live Blog — A Place for All to Come Together and Discuss the Day’s Events!

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The days and weeks ahead are going to be a nightmare. Trump is going to try to destroy so much of the hard work the Obama Administration accomplished. We can not be passive, we must stand up and Resist. Resist the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Resist the De-funding of Plan Parenthood, Resist everything they want to tear apart… RESIST!

“Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined.Be hopeful. Be empowered. Lead by example with hope; never fear.”
— Michelle Obama

“When you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on”

We are — Stronger Together!


All are welcome!

We shall Resist. We shall Persist. We shall Overcome Hate with the only thing that can – Loving Kindness.


  1. Sorry – really new at this – i didn’t modify the “template” part out when I tried this. Anyway, enjoy the Village by the Moose Pond and add any news and views you might have gathered since yesterday. {{{Village Peeps}}}

    • Hi bfitz! You can edit and update an already published post any time so if you want to spiff it up when you have time, that’s an option. The main thing is, we have the Resistance and we have you. ;)

      • {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – I’ll have to learn how to do that, too. :) But I wish I’d given Philly a little longer before i jumped in. (And thank you. We are only strong together – but we’re very strong together.)

        • Dear bfitz, give yourself a break. There wasn’t a Monday post yet and you stepped up to help. Thank you. Until the vagaries of the posting timer thingie is well and truly understood, it’s good to know there’s a TEMPLATE version to slap up there ;) {{{{{{{{{{bfitz}}}}}}}}}

    • {{{basket}}} – so glad to see you, as always. Had just got back from my meeting and noticed there wasn’t a hangout up. I need to get better at this. :)

    • Hi Reese, it’s warm and raining in MPLS – but snow’s forecast for Friday. Chicago usually gets our weather a day or so later; are they mentioning snow or are you lucking out?

  2. Hopefully JanF will drop in sometime or other and tell me what I did wrong. :) I was following the instructions in the first Village diary on how to clone from a template – but that’s as far as I got. Cloning from the template. LOL

  3. OK – Philly’s got the real one up. I still need to learn how to do this, but I’ve got a reprieve. :)

  4. Ha! It is a good thing that when I set up the template I didn’t put any rude commentary in it!! I am chuckling over all the stage directions being left in … our slip is showing! :)

    Do you want me to unpost this or just leave it, bfitz?

    I am going to guess that this means you no longer have a template. I will make sure you have one when I get back online in the a.m.

    • i cloned your template – so I hope we still have one. Since it’s got comments in it, what do you recommend? unpost or leave it? But definitely i need more instructions on how to do this. I don’t know how much of it was just me being in a hurry and how much due to native gormlessness as far as techie things are concerned… But thanks, as always.

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