It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: A View from the Other Side (with palate cleansers at the end) 2/21/17

Philly76 gave us meaty commentary to chew over yesterday; I’m going in the opposite direction and pulling some political cartoons from Twitter and elsewhere on the interwebs (h/t ccotenj for originally introducing this concept to our Village). But in the interests of being aware what the Trumpsters are seeing and applauding, I’m including some that are meant to appeal to our modern-day Know Nothings.

I think this one falls under the definition of projection.

Destroying the credibility of the media is a critical step to fascism.

This cartoonist decided to go with simplistic and to display his ignorance.

According to this cartoonist, IOKIYAD!

OK, that’s enough digging around in RW world; I need a shower! But first, some cartoons that should help shake off the unreality you’ve just experienced.

It hasn’t even been a week, and the presser seems like old news.

Think of the children…

Did the good doctor say reactionary? Why yes, yes he did!

Chat amongst yourselves. I’ll pop in when I can, but I have a visit to my rep’s office planned for today. He’s one of the 200 or so with no townhall on the schedule (although he may do a useless tele-townhall), so it’s a good day to remind his staff that this is unacceptable.

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  1. I had cross-posted this at the Orange, but it’s now unpublished there. I totally forgot that Jab didn’t need Tuesday coverage until March, not immediately…who knew I could be too efficient?!

    • Good morning, DoReMI!

      Thanks for the ‘toons. My estimation of the good Dr. Seuss just went up several notches. I didn’t know he also created political cartoons.

    • Hang onto it and copy it into a new draft when you need it. These cartoons aren’t going to age out any time soon. sigh.

      • I may settle into a Tuesday ‘Toonsday routine, although with less wading into the RW swamp. What I could find was remarkably unfunny and very hate-filled; the ones I included today were the least offensive. We really do snark and humor so much better on “our side.” I know we’re all experiencing a lot of anger and fear these days, but our hearts haven’t shriveled from it, and I don’t think they will. It’s precisely because we’re driven by concern for all of us, rather than our narrow self-interest, that we’re protected from turning into bitter, hateful people…yet another reason we’re #StrongerTogether.

          • They’ve never understood that attacking the weak and powerless is not funny. I’m not particularly amused by attacking anybody, but if there is humor at all in that, it’s in the bringing down of the rich and powerful by the small and humble.

  2. {{{DoReMI}}} – thanks for the political cartoons and enjoy your visit to your Rep’s office. I think Tom Cotton has a town hall scheduled today – JSappAR was planning to go to it last I remember. It was originally scheduled to be in Springdale but they moved it to Bentonville. Poor little snowflake had to move it out of 80% red territory and into 95% red territory so nobody would ask him mean questions is my bet.

    Soloing today so very in and out, but I will be here as much as i can. moar {{{HUGS}}} to you and all the Moose Pond Village Peeps.

  3. Thanks DoReMI…love the cartoon…crazee used to post them back at orange if I remember right…another one who just disappeared…haven’t seen rugbymom for a while either…tis sad….

    • Oops, I was thinking it was ccotenj, but I do believe you’re correct. I’ll have to see if I can track cazcee down and invite him again to join us.

      I know Rugbymom was trying to pull back her internet presence, because it was becoming such a time suck. I did invite her to join us here, but I suspect the whole DK debacle has just made it easier to follow through on her intentions to unplug.

      • Hope you can track cazcee down. I was looking at the names on my Bus shirt the other day and… well, I hope we can get most of us back together here where we are not under attack.

        I remember a WW2 poster regarding support. I wish I could find it again. It was a picture of Uncle Sam with his hand on the shoulder of a young man wearing “farmer” bib overalls and the caption was, “Son, that is your uniform.” In modern times it takes 10 support personnel for every front-line trooper – and it takes 10 on the Home Front to support every support person. The Village at the Moose Pond is the Home Front – we support each other and we support the ones who go out and do the obvious fighting. And that is why we are only strong but very strong together.

    • Good to see you, shenagig. Also, good to see everyone else here at the Pond. I’m hoping those who ‘disappeared’ will find their way here. The Moose Pond is a accepting and supportive group and we’re all going to need that as time goes on.

      • {{{inkaudlay}}} – me, too. Really hoping to get our banished and vanished Village population back in our new and safer/more supportive Village location. You are absolutely correct that we are going to need the support if only because this situation is wearing.

    • {{{shenagig}}} – rugbymom has stopped posting in the Village diaries, mores the pity. She’s still posting at DK. I have no idea whether or not she’s posting at Chris’ site but so far she hasn’t come to the Moose Pond that I know of. I wish she would. The combination of calm head, caring heart, and legal knowledge is needed as part of the Resistance.

  4. Thanks DoReMI, I like the tradition of the political cartoons, glad you are taking up the mantle. My fav, of course, Dr. Seuss. :)

    With The Drump we have Troubles, and not just a few!
    It’s as bad as trying to get to Solla Sollew!
    • {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – Dr. Seuss did a very good job of using gentle (and not so gentle) humor to teach very serious and dramatic lessons. A blessing indeed.

  5. Morning, gang! I went to my congressman’s town hall last night — at the Islamic Center of San Diego. He’s a Democrat (of course, because the GOP don’t show up) and it was a really interesting event. If you go to Twitter search #PetersTownHall and you’ll see some highlights, also a link to my FB post about it.

    I get pissed off every time I go to DK and see what they’ve done to the village.

    • {{{OtherLisa}}} – how fitting that the town hall be held the the Islamic Center. And of course the R didn’t show up. Glad you were able to make it. What was your overall impression?

      And yeah, what DK did to the Village there is deplorable. (yes, I used that word on purpose.) I hope we can get more of us over here. While it’s true MM will never be as big and get as many views as DK, MM will also never be as acrimonious or divisive as DK. Which means MM is more supportive than DK – which in turn allows us to be more supportive of each other in all our endeavors, personal and political. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  6. OK, late to the party again. Did something to my back and not in a good way. Glad to see everyone and I will try to get here sooner tomorrow

    • {{{kathy from pa}}} – Healing Energy – you are always welcome whenever you get here. It’s been really slow today for some reason or other. Remember ice is good for inflammation and heat is good for aches – if you have both, alternate cool and warm compresses. moar {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy and see you tomorrow.

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