It Takes A Village – VNV Saturday: Random Tweets Edition Open Thread 2/25/17

I won’t be able to be around much today, but I wanted to make sure there was a Saturday space for conversation about the consequential and inconsequential. Chat amongst yourselves…

I just love this site; the name is irreverent, but the daily news brief is solid:

From another of my Twitter favorites (Al was described once by a favorite, equality-minded Berner as “pompous and arrogant”); wasn’t Ed one of the purest of the pure?:

It’s likely to be Perez, but this is someone to watch…a home state opinion writer sure likes him!

Can’t do without a daily dose of alt-POTUS 45; it’s worlds better than Dolt-45.

Thread. But this is something we must keep pushing. Call your reps/Senators and tell them an independent commission is a necessity!

And ending this with cuteness and love, because we all need more cuteness and love in our lives.

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  1. I’m quite happy with the Perez/Ellison team but of course the Berbers will stomp and scream. Apparently the two of them had dinner last night; I wonder if they agreed on a unity ticket then. That would be a very good sign for moving forward

  2. Thanks for the chat room, Tom Perez, first Latino Head of DNC and to Cong. Ellison for being chosen to head our party.

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