It Takes A Village – : We the People – 9/4/17


Resistance News:

Kathy Griffin Is Doubling Down on Her Controversial Approach to Resisting Donald Trump
“I would be abandoning my principles as a comic and a human being if I backed off President Trump or any public person.”

Nicole Brodeur / Columnist: Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina on Trump, Putin: ‘I don’t think you want a future like this’


Activism begins at home for women resisting Trump
Thursday, April 27, 2017 – 01:53
Wine, politics and change – women resist the agenda of President Donald Trump with a new kind of political activism. Jane Ross reports.

Every month since President Donald Trump took office, Melanie Willett has filled her Los Angeles home with like-minded women to engage in a new type of political activism. SOUNDBITE: MELANIE WILLETT, MEETING HOST, (English) SAYING: “We have wine and we talk about politics and we talk about what we can do to change it. And we do it in my home.” The meetings are part of the Solidarity Sunday network of feminist activist groups, whose aim is to resist the policies of the Trump administration. SOUNDBITE: MELANIE WILLETT, MEETING HOST, (English) SAYING: “We write our members of Congress, we write postcards, we take real action. Not just Facebook action…….there’s a lot of people involved and because there’s so many people involved doing the same action it’s powerful. You know, it works.” Solidarity Sundays organizers say there are groups meeting in over 100 cities in the U.S. and over 17,000 online supporters. Although men are welcome at Solidarity Sunday meetings, organizers encourage women to take the lead. SOUNDBITE: DARREN JAMES WILLETT, MELANIE’S HUSBAND, (English) SAYING: “I coordinate the childcare with a lot of my friends, men friends, and Melanie facilitates the activism.” Since Trump’s inauguration on January 20, the number of women who have contacted an elected official has tripled to 20 percent, according to research by media company theSkimm. As Trump marks 100 days in office, the women gathered at Willett’s home recognize there is still a long road ahead. SOUNDBITE: CHRISTINE LAMBERTSON, (English) SAYING: “It’s not like you can send a few postcards and everything’s fixed and we can all go about our lives…. This will be kind of a long slog. So we have to be prepared to continue to call and email and protest and take action for a while.”

Run for Something

will recruit and support talented, passionate young people who will advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years, with the ultimate goal of building a progressive bench.

We’ll take a chance on people the usual “institutions” might never encounter. We’ll help people run for offices like state legislatures, mayorships, city council seats, and more. We’ll do whatever it takes to get more under-35 year-olds on the ballot.

1  We’re going to shout from the rooftops about running for office. Constantly. We won’t shut up about it. We’ll talk to reporters. We’ll talk to friends, strangers, the Starbucks barista — anyone. We’ll run online ads about it. We’ll be annoying. (You’ll love it.)
2  We’ll talk to every single person who expresses interest in running. Maybe over email, or gchat, or on the phone, or (gasp) in real life. This will take some time – but if this is what it takes to find new candidates, this is what we’ll do.
3  We’ll connect people to training organizations. Places like Wellstone, EMILY’s List, Latino Victory Project, She Should Run, Emerge, Higher Heights, and more are already off to the races with incredible conferences and curriculum. We’ll help feed people into these programs.
4  For some of those candidates, we’ll take our support to the next level: $$$ and staff. We’ll raise funds, donate to campaigns directly through state-level PACs, and help these folks hire professional staff who can keep the momentum going.


Musings On The Vagina Grabber In Chief:

National Day of Prayer from the Ant-Christ, Vagina Grabber, Pathological liar, morally bankrupt, all about him, adulterer, sexual pervert and white supremacy, bigot with Nazi DNA Klan loving failed business man and Traitor.

Photo Ops in Houston and Louisiana with People Of color that he would deport in a heart beat.

Texas and Louisiana State Legislatures should be made to pay for damage first before a federal cent is spent since their legislative behavior has led to catastrophic climate change or required to state legislatures to create policies to address climate change.





  1. {{{Philly}}} – thanks for the “We, the People” – we are who will get us out of this mess and absolutely it starts at the bottom. It always has. They took over that way and we’ll take it back that way. I just wish our country didn’t need a “boot to the head” before it notices there’s something wrong – I’ve always preferred prevention to reaction. Unfortunately you don’t get the drama in prevention – it just doesn’t make good movies. sigh

    But I still commend those who’ve woken up and are getting to work. Our duty is before us. We will do it. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Good morning, Meese, and thanks for the musings, Philly. I certainly wish there was a way to stop all this bad sh*t from happening but congress is too damn dysfunctional to get anything decent done. The only way to do what’s right is to vote them out. Let’s hope we get it done.

    My son in law gave my daughter his cold for her birthday. She started coming down with it last night. She has tomorrow off, fortunately, so maybe will be over the worst of it. Of course, there went her birthday celebration with him (he slept all day) so I took her out for dinner last night. I hope the giving stops with her since I don’t want it.

    Only 96 today (predicted high). I will take it. Happy Labor Day everybody!

    • {{{WYgalinCali}}} – Nancy Pelosi is very good at what she does, don’t count our team out yet on DACA. Holding the Good Thought and sending Healing Energy to your household. moar {{{HUGS}}}

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