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The IG report was what we expected it to be, conformation that James Comey used his position indiscriminately to cover his own ass. I’m hoping the report goes the way of the dinosaurs and disappears now that we got confirmation. The longer it sticks around the more we’ll hear the Trump sycophants use it for their own false narrative.

As SBG points out…


My reasoning for wanting the IG report to go away…Cohen and Manafort’s day in court today is more important to take center stage.

Until the additional report that we’ve read about concerning NY FBI and Ghouliani and what was leaked, which is more important by leaps and bounds than the one released Thursday becasue it could very well bring down charges by DOJ against all involved.

I’m inclined to believe that Rod Rosenstein’s appearance at the WH that coincided with the release of the IG Report might have something to do with the additional report that I mentioned above. Reasoning being that I believe the report by the IG in reference to the criminality of Rudy and the NY FBI agents has already been written up and Rod has it in his possession already.


Excellent breakdown of the IG Report…


The morons have finally started to use their hypocritical Christianity in an attempt to legitimize their bullshit policies and try and use it to make way for their idea of theocracy.

Pence tried and got shot down very quickly…

Then lying sack of shit Sarah and the Elf tried and sounded as dumb as hell…



What I was talking about above…The crucial part of the IG Report not yet released.




Panic on social media…Trumpers grasping at straws!


Nice birthday present you got there Dotard… LOL




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  1. Thanks for this excellent post, Batch! WTF is it with Mark Warner? Of COURSE it was politically motivated! Comey hated Hillary and hates her still. Men always hate women who are smarter than they are.

    This is a good roundup of what’s going down. I hope to Goddess we see some action—in our favor, for a change—with regard to these unrepentant, evil crims.

    As for the Evil Elf and Sleazy Sarah throwing Bible quotes yesterday, that was too disgusting for words.

    • Mark Warner always puzzles me. His willingness to vote for the torture-approving CIA director just left me gaping; he really needs to get a clue before he’s up for reelection. Big tent or no, there are some things that all Ds should be able to agree upon; for me, torture is one of those things that – whether conducted by, approved of, or participated in covering up – should result in a big, fat “no.”

  2. Morning meese…For the people that don’t get scared by this…I’ve got no damn use for them…

    Fuck Trump

    • “My people.” And the question is, “What are things said by dictators and kings?”

      • I thought he was talking about his dysfunctional White House staff! They are sitting up, then standing up and leaving. ;)

  3. {{{Batch}}} – good roundup – the legal processes are winding their way through the system. So far, for all the OMGHOF suggestions about process being blocked, it hasn’t been. We won’t be in serious trouble as long as the laws, the process, is still working. It’s slow. Nothing dramatic about legal processes (aside from a few “Perry Mason moments” at the end of the process in the actual courtroom at the actual trial), but they are the foundation our country is built on. We are and have been a rather evil nation but the foundation is strong. We can change, evolve, America into what the original stated goal is on that foundation. We may or may not actually do it, but without the foundation it’s not even possible. So my hope is in progress towards “freedom and justice for all” but my faith is in the foundation. moar {{{HUGS}}}

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