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Morning meese!

What a completely demoralizing week…but we persist. DD(DumDonnie) thinks he can shock us into giving up…He’s got another thing coming..The dipshit works for us even though he seems to think he’s boss and we work for him. Not the way it works in our democracy.








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I’m not going to be here this morning as I have a doctor appointment at 8 AM so you’re on your own.


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The IG report was what we expected it to be, conformation that James Comey used his position indiscriminately to cover his own ass. I’m hoping the report goes the way of the dinosaurs and disappears now that we got confirmation. The longer it sticks around the more we’ll hear the Trump sycophants use it for their own false narrative.

As SBG points out…


My reasoning for wanting the IG report to go away…Cohen and Manafort’s day in court today is more important to take center stage.

Until the additional report that we’ve read about concerning NY FBI and Ghouliani and what was leaked, which is more important by leaps and bounds than the one released Thursday becasue it could very well bring down charges by DOJ against all involved.

I’m inclined to believe that Rod Rosenstein’s appearance at the WH that coincided with the release of the IG Report might have something to do with the additional report that I mentioned above. Reasoning being that I believe the report by the IG in reference to the criminality of Rudy and the NY FBI agents has already been written up and Rod has it in his possession already.


Excellent breakdown of the IG Report…


The morons have finally started to use their hypocritical Christianity in an attempt to legitimize their bullshit policies and try and use it to make way for their idea of theocracy.

Pence tried and got shot down very quickly…

Then lying sack of shit Sarah and the Elf tried and sounded as dumb as hell…



What I was talking about above…The crucial part of the IG Report not yet released.




Panic on social media…Trumpers grasping at straws!


Nice birthday present you got there Dotard… LOL




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Good morning meese!

Everyone is going to start to realize something we came to realize even before the election. That Putin/Russia helped get Dotard elected to cause turmoil everywhere. It will give Putin lots of shits and giggles at what is happening becasue of the fucking mess Dotard is creating. Starting to look like the G7 is going to become the G6. Everything is playing right into Putin’s hands.

Going to be that line in the sand coming soon that Trump is going to cross that I don’t think even the Republican party, or at least the ones not already traitorous, is going to start going against Trump. At least I hope some of them get their heads out of the sand before the economy takes a nosedive. If not it will be the end of the Republican party.

I’m firmly starting to believe that Bobby is taking as long as he has becasue there are 100’s within the Republican party and others like the Mercers that are going down. Everything is so convoluted that Bobby will want to get them all at once and not let any stragglers miss their time in the poop walks.

Gonna be the shit storm to make all other shit storms look like a fart.




Bobby already has a jail cell ready with Hannity’s name on it.



Go away Tulsi!


Hallelujah…NYT is going down…






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Morning meese…

Another week without poop walks…Trump getting more deranged by the day…Imposing tariffs on our ex-allies which in turn is going to make prices of everything go up. Sure seems like the Repukes want to see the prices go up until only the rich can afford anything. Gasoline has gone up here almost $1/gal in the last 3 or 4 months and is hovering around $3.00/gal…Food prices are rising to the point where all we’ll be able to afford is Ramen at the rate Trump is going. Higher fuel prices is going to mean trucking company prices are going to go up which will in turn mean all consumer prices will rise…

We really need to see Bobby get down and dirty with the mobsters and start either poop walking the assholes or leaking strategic info to make Trump and his cabal make some big mistakes so more people see what is happening.

Until the polls open in November we are going to see some bleak times unless we see some movement against Trump…Until then it’s imperative we get out the vote and make sure people with us VOTE.


Fucking Trump…Thread!


Gotta VOTE!


Good to heed what Melissa has to say…Thread!


Why Trump is getting more deranged!


Fuck the Evangelicals and the morons that listen to them.






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Morning meese…

I understood 25 years ago that the conservatives in the country we’re out of their fucking minds with their rhetoric but whoever would have thought it could have gotten to where we are now. I think part of why we ignored their bullshit was becasue Bubba had the country running like a well oiled machine and everyone prospered.

Life was great and then 9/11 happened and changed the whole worldview. It allowed the Republicans to start ranting and raving and do their sword rattling. Then in 2008 Sarah Palin crawled out from under a rock to spearhead with her rhetoric what we are seeing now.

The racism and utter lack of compassion for anyone other than the ultra-conservatives in the country has been an in your face assault on democracy and our way of life. They found the perfect vehicle in Trump, they thought, but never realized he had plans of his own to become a despot. The few sane Republicans have woken up to what is happening while the Trump sycophants have sold their souls.

We will have to GOTV and show up in record numbers in November to right the wrongs we are living through. While I believe Bob Mueller will eventually bring down Trump and his traitorous cabal it is paramount that we as Democrats and sane citizens put a halt to their tearing down the norms by voting them all out in November.


Yeah, what about that small gov’t?


Hell has officially frozen over…Wonder what Ryan and the rest will say to this?


While I applaud Steve for his speechifying, he’s partly complicit for where we are since he should have seen this coming years ago…


This is nepotism at its most ludicrous…


Fuck you Dana…better skedaddle to Russia…No one wants you here.



This ain’t going away and is gonna get worse…NFL owners done fucked up.


You can’t fix stupid!





Have a great Friday and a great 3 day weekend!

Fuck off Bernie!

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Good morning meese…                                                     

I know Bobby is being very meticulous in his investigation but it sure would be nice to get a perp walk every once in a while. So many perps to choose from, from Trump to his mob and lawyers to everyone in his administration to most Republicans, the evilgilicals, Russians, Qatarians, Arabs, Syrians, Bernie, his family and his Bozobots…The number of perps is unlimited, reaching into the thousands. You’d think for the well being of the worlds psyche Bobby could perp walk 2 a week for years and still have Trump and the biggies for a grand finale after getting all the info he would need…. Just a thought…but a damn good one… :)


Kinda nice seeing a Republican saying this…


Love Dee’s take…Always worth reading…




Whoa…This is dynamite just waiting to explode…Great article in the WP. Trump is fucked!


Same article as in the above tweet…Eerily like the Valerie Plame bullshit!








This is shocking coming from Fox News…


Going to close with my champion and I know yours too…


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As always…Fuck you Bernie!


Good morning meese…

I’m pissed off so I’ve got very little of anything constructive to say and since every other word would be fuck or something similar I’ll refrain from venting this morning…



Fuck you Ghoulini…


The grifters keep on grifting…


Fuck off Dotard…


Thread…Ominous in it’s scope…


Short thread…




Our President…



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Since I’m in one of my moods today…

This puts a smile on my face even though it’s missing about 50 deplorables….Can’t happen soon enough.




For Sher!!! To cut a long story short I’ve had another mama cat come up on the porch and since I’m such a pushover I started feeding her. She went into labor late Monday afternoon and here is the result…4 beautiful kittehs and all seem to be doing great.


You don’t say…It’s been obvious for as long as she’s been there.


Hey Rudy, keep talking, you’re doing such a good job and Avenatti is taking you to the cleaners.







Hey Bernie!




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Don’t have much to say this morning so to tweets we go….









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I’ve mentioned my belief, and so have you all for that matter, about the role the xtian fundies have played in bringing Trumpism to life. Their mantra hasn’t really been that different for over a century now.



The rise of Fundamentalism began as a reaction to liberal and progressive views held by Americans in the mid-19th century. One view they reject, held by scholars who employ the methods of biblical criticism¹, is that the first five books of the Bible (Pentateuch) were not composed by Moses.

In addition, the influx of non-Protestant immigrants at the turn of the 19th century alarmed conservative Christian ministers. In the midst of accelerated fragmentation of Christian denominations and attempts to bring “modernism” into American churches and seminaries, Fundamentalists rushed in to combat the swing of the pendulum toward liberalism.


Strong advocates of separatism, modern Fundamentalists are staunchly opposed to communism, while many are also opposed to the United Nations and ecumenical activities, especially by the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches. They are not in favor of working with those of different opinions and beliefs. At the extreme, some hold a theory of international conspiracy in which the world is moving toward a one-world government system that will be led by the “Antichrist.”

Some Fundamentalists advocate a more stringent code of ethics that prohibits even modest consumption of alcohol, dancing, mixed bathing, gambling or such secular cultural activities as watching movies or listening to rock `n roll music. Included in that code is a more conservative dress code that prohibits women from wearing pants and men from having long hair.


This is where the greedy money hungry bastards saw an opening to use xtian fundies as a foil for their dreams of political domination. 


Fundamentalism experienced a re-emergence in popularity during the 1970s and ‘80s. The Christian right wing — comprising segments of conservatism, classical liberalism, and those directly opposite of left-wing politics — gave birth to such organizations as the Moral Majority and others.

In 1979, four writers from The Christian Voice left over issues regarding who should control that publication. Then they recruited televangelist Jerry Falwell and founded the Moral Majority. Promulgating a return to traditional values — specifically Christian values — the Moral Majority became the largest conservative lobbying group in the United States. They also stood for the preservation of individual and corporate rights through constraints on a strong central government, and lobbied both Republicans and Democrats to:

Outlaw abortion,
suppress homosexual rights,
endorse its vision of family life, and
censor media firms that promote what they call an “anti-family” agenda.

Also in 1979, Fundamentalists in the U.S., including the Moral Majority, became strong supporters of Israel, regarding the Jews as important in the fulfillment of their vision of Armageddon, the biblical place where the final battle will be waged between the forces of good and evil.


The Moral Majority was dissolved in 1989 following an exposé written by Memphis reporter Mike Clark, that resulted in suspicion of unethical involvement between the group and the Republican Party. Jerry Falwell, deemed the father of the modern “religious right” movement, organized the Moral Majority Coalition in 2004 and agreed to lead the organization for four years. Dubbed the “21st century resurrection of the Moral Majority” by Falwell, that organization took credit for returning George W. Bush to the presidency and saw the election of many pro-life proponents to national political office.


Perceived by many as fanatical, Fundamentalists failed to garner enough support to fully accomplish its agenda of a return to time-honored values. In order to survive, the movement faces a dilemma between obtaining broader support by moving toward a more moderate viewpoint, and facing the almost certain possibility of losing many conservative backers in the process.


I find Fundamentalists as the antithesis to liberalism and the opposite of moving forward and to get back to where we need to be it’s going to take Christians with common sense to win this fight against the hard movement right. While I have nothing against anyone, Christians included, doing what they believe in, when they try and impose their ideas on others is when I draw the line.


Fucking Rudy is back…These fools, Bernie included, can’t stand to keep their faces out of the limelight.


The grifting is unbelievable with these assholes…They just seem to stop themselves…When is enough money enough??????


Fuck you Lindsey




Great thread!!!








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