64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


Morning Meese, I got my copy of “What Happened” yesterday. I’ve read the first 30 pages and have gone through all the emotions…Love, hate, compassion, anger, happiness, sadness, optimism..Just in those first pages you can feel Hillary conveying them in her words. Going to be hell getting through this book I can see already. By page 21 I had already had to pull the tissues out. I think it will be cathartic for all of us to read it as I am sure it was for Hillary writing it. I can see by the time I finish I’ll probably be as angry as I’ve ever been by what has been taken from us but hopefully energized to push forward, stronger together.



The insidious bastards on the right will try anything to ram their crap down our throats…I say bullshit.


Go auntie go…The only people that deny your claim are the traitor Repukes.


More underhanded bullshit from the right…


From her mouth to god’s ear…



Fuck the Koch brothers!


Good thread showing Trump’s words are taken as truth by NK and Kim will play them for all they are worth.


I’ll close the thread with a sentiment we can all get behind…


My assistant, Miss Hillary, got all tuckered out helping with TGIF.


That’s all folks…Fire away!

















Morning meese…

What a week…Irma royally fucked up this week. From worrying I was going to end up like Dorothy spinning around in the air and see Fuckin Bernie on his bicycle to having to deal with the aftermath…All is well though, well except that the Donald and Bernie show is still playing to hoards of assholes.

Hillary has brightened up the week by going into her IDGAF mode and it’s glorious…

Looks like Bernie is getting flack from various sources…YAY!




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Morning meese!





Well, I guess we’ll find out come Monday if I will still be around or if my MH blows away which will mean I will be living on the beach. Gonna be an abbreviated missive as I’m not really up to doing much. Been getting bombarded about fucking Irma so much if I never hear the name again I’ll be glad.

Enough of my maudlin crap…Tweet’s is all I got.

Short and to the point thread

Love Verrit…Thanks Peter!

Everyone will love this…Hillary spoke last night at Riverside Church in NYC and Becca took pics and gave commentary…


Great thread…

Didn’t want to break up the Hillary love but saw this…

To hell with some of these damn men…

Yeah bro…We aren’t going anywhere but for the jugular.

Ah man…Fuck you Bernie and same goes for all the 3rd party voters and Trump voters too.


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Morning Meese…

With all this talk about healthcare I thought I’d delve into it a little..

Single payer..

There are a few ways that single-payer can work, but at its core it is the government paying for healthcare services through revenue generated via taxation.

Put another way, people who live in a country pay into a pot of money through their taxes. The government then takes this pot of money and pays drugmakers, healthcare facilities, and doctors.

One of the hallmarks of a single-payer system is the ability for the government to have more control over prices.

For instance, in many single-payer systems, the government can negotiate prices for prescriptions drugs since it controls the purse for much of the spending. This makes sense because in the case of the UK, nearly 80% of the healthcare spending comes from the government. So if a drug is not bought by the government, it almost totally closes off the market to a pharmaceutical company. This gives the government a lot of bargaining power.

Payments to healthcare providers, prescription drugs, and other aspects of the system are all subject to price negotiation with the government in single-payer systems.

Across different countries, however, it can take different forms.


Canada’s single-payer system is mostly run by provincial and territorial governments, but is funded heavily by the federal government. The federal government also sets baselines of standards for care at the provincial level.

Healthcare spending per capita (2014): $4,728

Out-of-pocket spending per capita (2014): $644

Percent of GDP spent on healthcare (2015): 10.1% (11th-highest among OECD)

Percent of healthcare costs from the government: 69.8%


The UK technically has four different national healthcare systems, one for each country that makes up the union, but the general construct is known as the National Health System.

Within the NHS, there is a system of smaller community health boards that help ensure that national standards for care, cost, and efficiency are maintained.

For patients, the NHS is generally “free at the point of use,” meaning that when you go to a hospital or doctor’s office there are no bills or co-pays.

The UK pays for all this using both a specific national insurance tax on people making more than £157 per week and general tax funds to provide 98.8% of the funding for the NHS. The other 1.2% is paid for by out-of-pocket costs for things like prescriptions and dental care. The cost of co-payments for the out of pocket procedures are set by the NHS.

Healthcare spending per capita (2014): $4,094

Out-of-pocket spending per capita (2014): $586

Percent of GDP spent on healthcare (2015): 9.8% (13th-highest among OECD)

Percent of healthcare costs from the government: 79.5%


Taiwan’s healthcare system is run through the National Health Insurance Administration and features a premium-based system different from Canada and the UK.

Instead of money taken out of annual taxes, Taiwanese make monthly premium payments based on their payroll income and nonpayroll income. There are also taxes on tobacco and lottery winnings that add money to the system. Premium payments are split between employers, the government, and individuals with adjusted rates based on income levels.

Put another way, instead of taking a chunk of money from overall taxes into the system, the Taiwanese pay a monthly fee from their paychecks that goes directly into the pot.

There is some co-payment and co-insurance that fall on citizens, but these levels are capped based on criteria like the type of sickness or the length of stay in a hospital.


There are two types of coverage in Germany: statutory health insurance (SHI), aka sickness funds, and private health insurance (PHI).

As a way to think of it, the SHIs are more like the single-payer government-funded plans like the UK and Canada, while the PHIs operate like the US system. Since there are two groups, this means the country does not qualify as single payer.

SHIs are made up of nonprofit firms that compete to sign up Germans, funded through a premium-based payroll tax split between the worker and their employer and taxes in the German Health Care Fund. SHI insurers are then reimbursed by the government on a risk-adjusted basis (meaning those that have sicker customers get more, while those with a healthier pool get less). There are some co-payments for care under an SHI, but these are fairly low. For instance, co-pays for prescriptions range from five to 10 euros.

Healthcare spending per capita (2014): $5,119

Out-of-pocket spending per capita (2014): $664

Percent of GDP spent on healthcare (2015): 11.1% (4th-highest among OECD)

Percent of healthcare costs from the government: 74%


On cost, here’s an article I found. Most of the articles I have found read a lot like this though some seem to think that single payer will drive down the overall quality of care. Some seem to think it will never happen because of the pressure doctors,for profit hospitals, drug companies and insurance companies that have a vested interest will fight to keep it the same as it is now.

Thanks to a landmark study in 2013 by Gerald Friedman, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, we have a solid financial analysis of the costs and benefits of a single-payer national health plan. With NHI, $592 billion would be saved annually by cutting the administrative waste of some 1,300 private health insurers ($476 billion) and reducing pharmaceutical prices to European levels ($116 billion). These savings would be enough to cover all of the 44 million uninsured (at the time of his study) and upgrade benefits for all other Americans, even including dental and long-term care. A single-payer public financing system would be established, similar to traditional (not privatized) Medicare, coupled with a private delivery system. Instead of having to pay the increasing costs of private health insurance, so often with unaffordable deductibles and other cost-sharing, patients would present their NHI cards at the point of service without cost-sharing or other out-of-pocket costs. Care would be based on medical need, not ability to pay.


They’re kidding right…What qualifies Nikki Haley as Sec State…Of course I could ask what qualifies anyone in the WH circus.


Good thread..



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A moment we can remember and be proud of.



Morning meese..Too all family and friends we have on the Texas gulf coast, find adequate shelter and be safe.



Pretty telling, the confirmation we got that Bernie’s revolution screwed us and the country. Berners are lumped in with the deplorables Hillary labeled as Trump voters.



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“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis”


Read this thread and have to agree with his assessment. With all the turmoil we’ve put up with because of the idiocy of Trump and the Republicans lack of morals for anything other than to destroy people’s lives I can see people moving to a more centrist view. I believe it will move us forward instead of the backward trend that is trying to get shoved down our throat.

The leftist push by Fuckin Bernie will be looked at as bullshit and pipedreams if for no other reason it’s bullshit and pipedreams. Saying the same thing over and over again isn’t going to go over well in the coming months, and isn’t now, while we are seeing out civil liberties disappearing. His surrogates, Turner,DeMoron and their ilk are doing a fine job of showing everyone that they aren’t the answer, but a hindrance.


If only people weren’t so hardheaded(stupid) and actually listened to Hillary…

You reap what you sow…

Great thread…

Another to add to that…

A deplorable mess, this moron…


I miss them…a lot!


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Morning meese…another day, much more assholery we’ve had to pushback against.

Having to sift through and take offense with Trump and his colony of racist, misogynistic bigots every single day is bad enough and something that could have been avoided if people had actually read and or listened to Hillary.
It’s when we have to push back against people(read Republican lite) that claim to be progressive liberals when in fact they are nothing but anarchists with the brains the guy in the sky gave to slugs, sorry slugs.

For the life of me I can’t see that anything Bernie Sanders has to say has much if any value. They’re just slogans that unfortunately the lazy liberals have bought into and are now like the mice to the Pied Piper. He keeps up with his stump speech which might sound different on any given day but is always the same thing just said a little differently.

What we have to muffle is the mouths of his mice that are a little smarter than his average mouse but still just as divisive becasue they won’t drink water(pun intended), they just guzzle the kool-aid. Nomiki Konst, Nina Turner, Roseann DeMoron and their ilk are shoved to the front to take on sane liberals because they give Bernie cover. The morons at Dkos that run their mouths should just be avoided. Don’t answer them at all…Just let them run off at the mouth as trying to reason with them is a waste of breath.

Only thing I can think of to shut them down is something I said in one of earlier threads..March on the DNC with petitions or even a physical march calling to our party officials for an end to the Bernie is a liberal voice for Democrats and nothing but a subversive piece of shit.





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Morning meese…Looks like things are taking a turn for the worse for Mr Trump and I’m loving it..

(Reuters) – Grand jury subpoenas have been issued in connection with a June 2016 meeting that included President Donald Trump’s son, his son-in-law and a Russian lawyer, two sources told Reuters on Thursday, in a sign that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is gathering pace.The sources added that Mueller had convened a grand jury in Washington to help investigate allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

Mueller’s use of a grand jury could give him expansive tools to pursue evidence, including issuing subpoenas and compelling witnesses to testify. The impaneling of the grand jury was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.


“This is yet a further sign that there is a long-term, large-scale series of prosecutions being contemplated and being pursued by the special counsel,” said Stephen I. Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas. “If there was already a grand jury in Alexandria looking at Flynn, there would be no need to reinvent the wheel for the same guy. This suggests that the investigation is bigger and wider than Flynn, perhaps substantially so.”

Another sign the investigation is ramping up: Greg Andres, a top partner in a powerhouse New York law firm, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, has joined Mr. Mueller’s team.

Mr. Andres, a former top Justice Department official who also oversaw the criminal division of the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn, wouldn’t leave his private-sector job for a low-level investigation, Mr. Zeno said.

“People like Greg Andres don’t leave private practice willy-nilly,” Mr. Zeno said. “The fact he is being added after a couple of months shows how serious this is and that it could last a long time.

While Trump is in the toilet his son-in-law is following to be in the next flush.

Hillary tried to tell everyone he was a crook…

His associates are even getting into the act…


Now for the other asshole and his worthless Bobbleheads…This first one really pisses me off.

Love this tweet since we’ve had this attitude as long we’ve all known each other.


Gonna finish up with a few words for Trump that will never get old… :)





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Morning meese…This tweet I posted on Wednesday says all that needs to be said about the Conservatives and their vehicle, the Republicans.


This has been on my mind for decades, the Conservatives and their sanctimonious bullshit they pass off as religion. It’s hard to tell if the Conservatives are using religion as their vehicle to get what they want or if the religious nuts are using conservative money and thinking to push their bullshit.
It’s a big part of why I am an atheist though I guess you could say I’ve been like that since I was forced to go to church when I was a kid and then my parents just all of a sudden dropped church for no apparent reason. I digress though…
Think back to the 1970’s and 1980’s…Pat Robertson, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, and Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart to name a few of the crooked televangelists that prey on peoples faith to enrich themselves. They are all hypocrites when it comes to saving anyone but themselves…Kinda reminds you of Fuckin Bernie…Had to..

Then you take the Council For National Policy mentioned in the above tweet by Ms Cohn. Their “secret membership” is a who’s who of rich
social conservative assholes. CNP was founded in 1981 by fundamental Baptist pastor Tim LaHaye. members include past and present are a list of assholes..Paul Weyrich, co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, Pat Robertson, Phyllis Schlafly,Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway,Elsa Prince the mother of Erik Prince and Betsy DeVos who are both members and others.

The point is that what we are seeing with the Republicans and Trump is a concerted effort of the conservative religious right trying to take over the country and make it into their view of social and economic norms.You can see it in their views towards women and LGBT and the economics they are trying to shove down our throats.

Disclaimer…I in no way am against religion per se…Everyone has faith in something and religion isn’t a bad thing to have faith in if it’s your personal faith.

Here’s another good article along the same lines…


Now for some good Bernie bashing… :)

Short thread..

Great thread by Eric on Fuckin Bernie


Few things on the Health Care fiasco. They don’t know what they are doing so I sure don’t and have given up trying to figure it out.

When I read this tweet I thought how apropos…Seems something the Repukes would do…


Message from AL that seems worthy of mention and probably a good idea.

 WE WON….They failed…


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Morning Meese…A little rant to start the day…:)

It seems like it’s something new every time we turn around. It taxes your psyche when you have everyday problems and then see all the flak we have coming from so many directions regarding this farce of a gov’t that is in the WH and the GOP side of the aisle in Congress. They’ve shown us their disdain for citizens not as affluent as them and I for one am sick and fucking tired of it.

I’m sick of the stupid fucking people in this country that were stupid enough to be taken in by a couple of bombastic assholes. Whether or not they listened to and voted for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump is almost besides the point. It’s that they continue to listen to and believe a couple of morons and the people that they would literally kiss their bared ass and be overjoyed about it.

It’s ludicrous that we have to put up with misogynists, bigots and racists in 2017 when I seem to remember the 1970’s as more enlightened than it is now. I’m sure they were there but they weren’t out in the open like they are now. So up in arms becasue they think their white privileged way of life is disappearing. Maybe it is and maybe it’s about time it did.

That’s enough angst out of me for the day…On to what drives us nucking futz.

Take that Donnie boy!

Something we already knew. Nice to see it being reported.

Jilly is going to be sorry she sold the country out.

Real good thread…

Fuckoff Haberman..

Nice thread for the thought!

Miss the both of them…Terribly!


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