Good morning meese…

This is gonna probably be my last TGIF for the next month since I’m leaving for Colorado on Saturday morning. I might be able to sneak one in but I’m not sure what kind of itinerary my daughter has planned so to be safe lets just say I’m gonna be incognito for a month. I will be posting now and again though…Expect pics of the mountains…I’ll only be able to post any pics I take with my iPad since my Canon won’t interface with the iPad as far as I know, anyway.


Well, on to the fabulous news we got yesterday. Tad is in the house…I mean in the indictment and hopefully that means Bernie is fucked. Whether or not Bernie is actually charged with anything assumptions will abound so the optics will do enough damage to hopefully keep his big mouth shut. The less he says going forward will be to his advantage I believe.




Fuck you Trump








Fuck you Tad…Putin’s got you too!


Sure sounds like Tad had a plan that he got straight from Vladdy.




These are the three traitors that kept Hillary from her rightful place!



Fire away!





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  1. Brilliant, Batch, thanks greatly!

    Gawd, that photo of Her Sovereign Majesty addressing “Melanie” is priceless!

    So now at last I know who Tad is and how he was involved. Faugh! I hope he and St. Bernard go down screaming.

    Have a wonderful vacation in beautiful Colorado! Our son and his family just got back from there last week. Loved it!

  2. {{{Batch}}} – Thanks for the roundup – Both Hillary and Michelle are stellar. They know what’s at stake and how we legally, peacefully hold a revolution every 2 years – as was deliberately written into our constitution. We’ll never need “our revolution” if we can just get people to vote in the peaceful one we’ve had going for over 200 years.

    Have fun in CO. And maybe check out rents while you’re there. 😁 moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Good afternoon, and thanks, Batch. I look forward to seeing your photos from CO; I’ve never been there (well, at least beyond layovers at the airport in Denver), but I doubt I would ever tire of the scenery. I have to admit that I would never want to live there though; I have a flatlanders’ reaction to mountains. They make me feel claustrophobic with them looming over me. I was never aware of it until we moved from PA to MI. Our house in PA was nestled in a glen between two peaks (not mountains by Western standards, but by PA standards they were close). When I was driving up 94 in MI, I found myself having a visceral reaction of relief to the broad, open expanses; The Hubby, who is originally from WA, was having quite the opposite reaction!

    I think it’s pretty clear at this point that the Rs are a fully-owned subsidiary of Russia Inc. and any hope for a one Righteous Wo/Man in their party is delusional. The same with their base, who will justify anything, no matter how contradictory. We just have to hope that occasional voters have been awakened, and do some of the shaking them awake before November. This is something I’m going to look into as a way to help, since I’ve pretty much decided my canvassing days need to end:

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